He was raised in and later ordained by the Evangelical and Reformed Church a predecessor of the United Church of Christ in , and he officially left that church in He incorporated as The Way Incorporated in , maintaining that this was the name that early Christians used for themselves basing his assertion on several uses of "the way" or "this way" in Acts of the Apostles. Later the official name became The Way International. Wierwille authored several books which are printed by The Way International's American Christian Press publishing organization. Wierwille became associated in [4] with Aramaic Bible scholar George Lamsa who finished his translation work for the Lamsa Bible in Wierwille's home.

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I am the copyright holder for the page in qustion. Most Biblical scholars teach the original NT was Greek. He died of liver cancer - this is what his death report says. What's so anti-Wierwille about that? I will remove the NPOV stub in 48 hours unless someone objects. Deckiller , 9 December UTC.

This article uses the religioustolerance. That there's a difference of opinion and there's discussion is not the same as giving tacit permission to delete usages of that site as a resource. They document their statements, and wikipedia readers can read them and other sites, including the pro-TWI sites and form their OWN opinions as to whether any site is incorrect on a subject. This is contrary to Wikipedia's naming conventions. If it were established that he did in fact have a doctorate from an accredited institution, then we could note that, but we still don't put "Dr.

If we agree there needs to be a credible source in order to include this statement, then why is it still in the article? I don't know if there is anyway to every prove it was his most "famous" book. I think it was the one that might have shocked say people on the bus while you are reading it etc. But, that is just my opinion. Wierwille himself was proud of his work in Receiving The Holy Spirit Today and many Way believers talked about it being a "landmark" book yet that is not a NPOV unless someone outside of the way says so..

I just felt that well 1st that this thing I am writing is probably too long for my stupid small point but The foremost rationale that I can discern for making Jesus Christ is Not God the first book mentioned is a journalistic "principle" so much as such animals exist. The what we used to call "shock value," of just the title alone, is a great hook for the reader to read on. I understand this, because seeing the book lying on a coffee table at a Way "Twig" in , I was both shocked and intrigued by its title.

I find it hard to believe that "shock value" is not the motive here But let's be honest about it, okay? The statement -- "One of the books was [ JCNG ]," as the article stood previous to my edit -- from my perspective, is loaded with irony. JCNG was the work that, in the early s during the seminal years of the anti-cult movement and of so-called "deprogrammers" such as Ted Patrick , propelled the so-called "orthodox" into I won't say "insanity" naming and defaming The Way International as a so-called "cult.

But I'm not married to it. I'm sentient enough to realize that my own NPOV on the matter is rightfully suspect. Are we trying to save Wikipedia's bandwidth, or what? On JCNG, Wierwille himself carried his status as an outsider with pride, and he himself went out and deliberately started his own controversy with this book. At the end of the Rock of Ages , he went with a bus of people with big signs and copies of this book. Claiming it was similar to what Martin Luther did, he went to local churches, and affixed copies of his signs, which read "Jesus Christ is not God-never was, never will be!

Mind you, what he had told the people at Rock of Ages , was that they'd be attaching a list of all the anti-Trinitarian verses in the Bible, and affixing them to the church doors, a la Martin Luther's 95 Theses at Wittenberg Cathedral.

He specifically set out to be controversial with it. That will always include JCNG. Finally, the organization's name is on the page.

You can read the name clearly. Abbreviating it saves space on the page, saves typing, and is the same for ALL groups, not just this one. TWI will not get special treatment on its page despite your beliefs that it should. It is a matter of public record. That which comprises an official government document, complete with the seal of the Ohio Department of Health, by definition is neutral in and of itself.

The public record stands. According to VPW, positive believing will counteract any physical problems or "challenges.

Some people on grounds knew, but the vast majority heard "he just stopped believing. When he was beginning to suffer from cancer and had to lose his eye, he himself told his congregation that he got cancer in his eye from the bright lights used in 2 weeks of filming a class in the previous decade. Mind you, he was a chain-smoker while announcing that bright lights gave him cancer.

As a former member of "the Way" i can tell you that the "way"today is not what it used to be. Sod what the "way" says, their version of events was tainted as soon as vPW died. His cause of death was not as the way put it, "lack of believing". It was, plain and simple, cancer. He knew it and never kept it secret. If anyone says his cause of death should be removed, take it from me, he would turn in his grave!

Teknomancer live. I'd like to submit that the following are acceptable sources for quotation on Victor Paul Wierwille, as they are each written and published BY The Way International, and by definition that organization has "vetted" each of them as accurate by their standards: "The Way:Living in Love", by Elena Whiteside. It was written in the early s as a booklong advertisement, and includes much of Victor Paul Wierwille's life as spoken by himself and his brother.

It was written in the late s by his widow and documents her own perspective-as edited by TWI-on its early days, covering, in fact, much the same timespan as the previous book. It was written in the early-to-middle s by VPW's hand-picked successor as a documentation of the "loving instruction" he received from VPW.

Although it was probably meant to cement his own pedigree as President-as the man who stood closest to VPW- it does so by including many accounts of VPW as reported by LCM, who had an interesting interpretation of many of the things VPW said and did.

Do the posters here those who actually participate in the discussions agree that these are acceptable for the purpose of quotation? Check for my edit made today. I removed the Bible Bulliten page link. It really offers nothing to show why it should be a link to this page. I know it says a lot more.. One could argue that anything Way related is VPW related, but there is a reason we have seperate pages for seperate parts of this TWI entity.

Prob too much writing for the removal of one link but still Lsjzl , 11 September UTC. Therefore they should not be included in this article. I pulled "which was used by early Christians. Also, why isnt there anything about his plagiarism on this article? It is factual and seems more at home here than on the TWI article. I killed the verse. Wierwille said that this was a name that early Christians used for themselves, but the verse as quoted doesn't really demonstrate that.

I removed that sentence mainly because it didn't seem to flow with the rest. I have no problem with mentioning either, but the way it was worded makes it sound like a huge accomplishment Ten of Swords.

Is the link for Pike's Peak a link to a successor organization to the one Wierwille recieved his "doctorate" from? It doesn't appear to be the same organization. On reflection, I'm yanking the link, since even if it is a successor organization, there is no information linking it to Wierwille's doctorate Ten of Swords , 24 August UTC. I removed the link "waybeliever" added to this and another entry.

However, HIS page and it's a personal page falls short of the guidelines in several areas. The following are all direct quotes from Wikipedia's guidelines on what to avoid, and illustrate how this link falls short:. It can be tempting to write about yourself or projects in which you have a strong personal involvement. However, do remember that the standards for encyclopedic articles apply to such pages just like any other, including the requirement to maintain a neutral point of view, which is difficult when writing about yourself or about projects close to you.

Creating overly abundant links and references to autobiographical articles is unacceptable. Per our policy on original research, please do not use Wikipedia for any of the following: 1. Primary original research such as proposing theories and solutions, original ideas, defining terms, coining new words, et cetera.

If you have done primary research on a topic, publish your results in other venues such as peer-reviewed journals, other printed forms, or respected online sites, and Wikipeia will report about your work once it becomes part of accepted knowledge.

Citations of such reliable sources are needed to demonstrate that material is verifiable, and not merely the editor's opinion. Except for a link to an official page of the article's subject—and not prohibited by restrictions on linking—one should avoid: 2. Any site that misleads the reader by use of factually inaccurate material or unverifiable research. See Reliable sources for explanations of the terms "factually inaccurate material" or "unverifiable research".

Links to social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Advertising and conflicts of interest It is true that a link from Wikipedia to an external site may drive Web traffic to that site. But in line with Wikipedia policies, you should avoid linking to a site that you own, maintain, or represent — even if WP guidelines seem to imply that it may otherwise be linked. When in doubt, you may go to the talk page and let another editor decide.

This suggestion is in line with WP's conflict-of-interest guidelines. Now, the link itself TWI has no connection to that MySpace page whatsoever. The editor claimed it was of "historical" value-but its content entirely consists of an advertisement for another organization composed of ex-TWI members.

The site itself claims that there's "results" of some sort of "research", but gives no indication of actual research, as if they made up the "research" and the "results" completely and just continued with their advertisement. That is more in keeping with what Wikipedia is about- not making up claims, disguising advertisements, then claiming they're "official" sites for groups they're not even about.

This article definitely needs a section on controversy.


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Whatever Happened to The Way International?

I am the copyright holder for the page in qustion. Most Biblical scholars teach the original NT was Greek. He died of liver cancer - this is what his death report says. What's so anti-Wierwille about that?


Victor Paul Wierwille


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