Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual. Table of Contents. Memory card camera-recorder model no. Panasonic memory card camera-recorder operating instructions pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual. Table of Contents. Memory card camera-recorder model no. Panasonic memory card camera-recorder operating instructions pages. For Operating Instructions details, see page 5.

Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual for future use. Page 5 Details about user registration and the extended warranty: Please note, this is a site that is not maintained by Panasonic Canada Inc. The Panasonic Canada Inc. This link is provided to you for convenience. The miniSD logo is a trademark. This product has been manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Page 8 Contents continued Specifying the time code Page 10 Operating precautions continued What to remember when throwing memory cards away or transferring them to others Formatting memory cards or deleting data using the functions of the unit or a computer will merely change the file management information: it will not completely erase the data on the cards.

Page Precaution For Use Panasonic makes no guarantees for your recordings. SDHC-compatible device The default setting for this item is OFF. Page 1 EXT. Page Recharging The Battery Recharging the battery Recharging The battery does not come ready charged when the camera is purchased. Charge the battery before use. It is recommended that you keep one extra battery as a spare. Page Power Sources U. Please contact either a local or foreign Panasonic authorized service center for assistance in selecting an alternate AC plug.

Open the cover and adjust the length. Close the cover. Attaching the shoulder strap Attach the shoulder strap and use it as a precaution against dropping the camera. When the handle is not attached When the handle is attached 20 mm or Page Attaching The Handle Attaching the handle The handle comes in handy for taking low-angle Coin screw shots or carrying the camera-recorder around.

Pull the viewfinder towards you. Slide the handle into place. Tighten the coin screw to secure the handle firmly.

You can navigate setting menus and other displays Touch this to return from a function or setting by touching items in the LCD monitor directly. Example: Using the touch panel Icons are selected when you release your finger Page Viewfinder Viewfinder This camera has two viewfinders; one is a Adjust the diopter adjustment lever until miniature LCD in the viewfinder and the other is a text display in the viewfinder is clear.

Use the viewfinder that best suits the application and shooting conditions. Page 26 thumbnails. Press the MENU button. The last two seconds of video and audio will be played, and the camera returns to recording standby mode.

For details on how to install it, refer to contents being accidentally erased from the card. For details on how to use it, read the operating instructions PDF file. By setting D. Page Shooting In Manual Mode Shooting in manual mode Set the unit to manual mode when manually When switching from auto mode to manual adjusting the focus, shutter speed, iris, gain and mode: white balance. These displays make aligning the focus easier and are particularly useful in manual focus mode.

Page 40 black balance adjustments are performed at the same time. Only black balance can be adjusted. Function Navi. Doing so This function allows you to create short videos of may damage recorded image data or result in scenes that move slowly over long periods of time data loss.

Touch to display the operation menu. Touch SHTR. Page Adjusting The Mic Input Level Adjusting the mic input level You can adjust the input level for the built-in microphone or external microphones during recording.

Page Initializing Scene Files Initializing scene files You can return current setting values to their factory default settings. Touch If necessary, make preparations prior to ON to set metadata recording.

With this unit, the time code value is adjusted in accordance with the format and frame rate. For this reason, bear in mind that making a change in the format or frame rate may result in discontinuity from the last time code value of the previous When you enter PB mode, thumbnail images of clips or photos appear on the LCD monitor The thumbnails may take longer to display with higher quantities of clips and photos.

You can also set more precisely how you want the Touch [Select date]. Touch the screen to display them again. Keep the operation icons displayed. Repeat playback Set playback format Use this setting to repeatedly play back all available clips. Set format for playback. Touch [Playback format selection] in the Menu operation Page 95 thumbnail screen. This function selects only photos shot on a specified date for playback.

Touch [Select date]. Be sure to check carefully before deleting them. Press the button while the clip or photo thumbnail screen is displayed. Page Setting Protection Videos And Photos Setting protection videos and photos You can set protection for clips and photos to Protecting photos prevent accidental deletion. Select the print size. Cards can be performed by connecting the camera The contents of the SD Memory Card will via the USB connection cable to a computer for appear as a removable disk icon within My editing.

Page Screen Displays Screen displays Regular displays For details on information display, mode check information display, and safety zone, see page Page 46 no indication. Page 88 Screen displays continued 7 Remaining battery capacity display 9 Media information display When using Panasonic-manufactured batteries Displays basic information about inserted SD compatible with this product, the remaining Memory Card.

If a warning display is not listed, check carefully the message displayed. The card is full. The card cannot be formatted. Video recording has been stopped. Data is now being written to the card. Do you wish to repair clips now? The following messages are displayed when an error has occurred in the camera or the SD Memory Card.

Page 98 : Displayed x : Not displayed — You can set the following items in Quick Menu. Press the Q. MENU button. Touch the item. To initialize menu settings, set this item to YES. SAVE: Saves changed scene file settings. AUTO: Sets the level automatically according to the received signals. LOW: Low setting Compression starts at approx.

OFF: Precise stop. YES: Displays the card status. Check the connections again. The card cannot be recorded to if the switch is in the Card is inserted correctly.

Page The changeover between clips may not always be smooth when playing back multiple clips in succession. Video may momentarily pause when playing back multiple clips in succession in circumstances such as those detailed below.

Page Updating The Firmware Updating the firmware For the latest information on firmware updates, visit the support page at the following Web site.

Both a Windows version and a Mac version are available. If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.

This manual is also suitable for: Ag-hmc40pj Aghmc40pju Avccam ag-hmc40p.


Panasonic AG-HMC40 Operating Instructions Manual

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Panasonic AG-HMC40 User Guide



Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC40 - camcorder - flash card Series Specs


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Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC40 Series Specs


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