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Remember The Whole Earth Catalog? Self-sufficiency, personal growth, utopian visions, innovative technology? Not all that different in many of its listings but very different in point of view is the Main Catalog of Loompanics Unlimited, the dark side of the Power.

Somewhere in this catalog there must be a cookbook with a recipe for Hobbit Tartare. The distinction was always an elusive one. Loompanics is visionary, almost mystical in its own way, but not tunnel -visionary. The Catalog pushes pragmatism past the point of fantasy to a place where its archetypal user, the soul of Rimbaud in the body of Rambo, struts unobtrusively — a Road Warrior with outside interests. On paper at least, Loompanics and its customers are not too particular about what it takes to get what they want.

Many of the books available in this page catalog and in precious few other places tell how to do the sort of things best left undone in a better world, and even in this one.

There are books on home-made guns and ammo — and home-made money in the vulgate, counterfeiting. Pretty scary stuff, eh? Not to worry — too much, anyway. Then again, the mischief-minded might have bought Ninja: The Invisible Assassins so how are we to know? Admittedly this book no longer appears, as it did in past years, in the catalog or is it still there but nobody can see it?

Avowedly egoist and amoralist, Loompanics has a reputation as more reliable than many mail-order outfits, much the way atheists usually lead more ethical lives than Christians. Self-interest is the reason. Bookstores and distributors will not carry our publications. Periodicals refuse to review our books. Even Soldier of Fortune bans most Loompanics advertising. The cheap and cheesy covers common on early Loompanics publication recall the days when nearly all its books were bought, sight unseen, by mail.

To compensate, Loompanics cultivates its customers shipments within 24 hours in order to keep them. Who then are Loompanics customers? You can rent the mailing list to find out, but any of them to worry about are surely among those who checked the box to opt out. They are probably not the well-armed, high-tech, drug-taking, survivalist, martial-arts, black-marketeering, tax-dodging, life-extensionist, freethinking, paper-tripping Discordian master criminals that a composite of catalog cullings would suggest.

I think they are mostly spiritually restless materialists: macho contemplatives locked into day jobs. They long for the big score. They take hope from books which parade their contempt for normal life as they portray fantastic possibilities always presented according to a patented formula of tough-minded realism.

The typical Loompanics reader is, I conjecture, a surrealist trapped in the body of an engineer. So I doubt the crime rate is much affected by the self-help burglary books or the crime prevention texts. Loompanics is neither pro- nor anti-crime, neither right nor left. Loompanics lore is not so much neutral as double-edged. Is such rhetoric too facile to excuse a torture manual? Other titles raise real credentials challenges. Libertarianism is no longer the Loompanics reference point it once was.

While self-empowerment is the primal product — 54 titles begin with the words How to — Loompanics is doing increasingly good service as an original and reprint publisher of pure ideas.

More often the heretics who scale the soapbox are contemporary. No need for planned obsolescence: the better they sell, the sooner they evoke counter-measures which compel their frequent revision or replacement. Act now before Congress finally mandates a national ID!

New ID in America is one of the best more realistic, less boosteristic. The tax loophole books wear out even faster. How to Find Missing Persons , an eye-opening introduction to the methods of private investigators, has an aura of authenticity, although it grossly overestimates the number of states where arrest records are open to the public.

If a lot of these books promise more than they deliver, that may be their most important message: to accept no authority at face value, not even their own. Take two of the more notorious recent releases. For Loompanics, victimization is voluntary insofar as it is avoidable. You can survive and even prosper during the bad times while awaiting utopian salvation whether or not it ever comes to pass. How does it all cash out? Surely not in martial-arts marauding. A goodly share of homicides are committed by the police.

Having read they originals, they have no need for the Loompanics reprints. Its important self-defense books are the ones, not about throwing knives or razor-fighting, but about how to stay out of kill-or-be-killed situations in the first place. To these, no one should object, and I know of no other source for so many of them. If Loompanics readers are attuned to its wavelength as I receive it, they pursue liberty through privacy, more by avoidance than approach. That is what relates a book on how to hide stuff to a book on how to live year-round in an RV.

Since authority is too strong to resist, the Vonuan becomes invisible to it by removing to the wilderness, alone or with his mate. Finally Rayo, who was rigorously logical, acted on his own logic. In he vanished. He might have come to believe that this required that he become invisible to everyone. But if this is madness it is also the stuff of romance.

Who would have thought so mundane an American tradition as do-it-yourself has such tragic and transcendent power?

Everyman his own ninja! If everybody minded his own business, it would revolutionize the world. For the details, consult the Loompanics Catalog. Of course something might go wrong. If it does, Loompanics has a back-up book: Surviving in Prison. Toggle navigation. Close Table of Contents. Topic: right libertarian. Author: Bob Black. Date: Source: Retrieved on 1 January from www.



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Loompanics 2003 Catalog

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Loompanics Unlimited

Loompanics Unlimited was an American book seller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics. The topics in their title list included drugs, weapons, anarchism, sex, conspiracy theories , and so on. Many of their titles describe some kind of illicit or extralegal actions, such as Counterfeit I. Made Easy , [1] while others are purely informative, like Opium for the Masses. Loompanics was in business for nearly 30 years. The publisher and editor was Michael Hoy.

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