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J-M, Marie P. Ciechanover A, Brundin P. The ubiquitin proteasome system in neurodegenerative diseases: sometimes the chicken, someti- mes the egg. En- dosomal compartments serve multiple hippocampal dendritic spines from a widespread rather than a local store of recycling membrane.

Heterogeneous distribution of the cAMP receptor protein RII in the nervous system: evidence for its intracellular accumulation on microtubules, microtubule-organizing centers, and in the area of the Golgi complex. Heterogeneous affe- rents to the inferior parietal lobule of the rhesus monkey revea- led by the retrograde transport method. RNA interference: a practical ap- proach. London: Arnold. Gallo V, Chittajallu R.

Unwrapping glial cells from the synapse: what lies inside? Goldberg AL. Protein degradation and protection against mis- folded or damaged proteins. Nucleocytoplasmic transport. Three-dimensional organization of neuronal and glial processes: high voltage electron microscopy. Three-dimensional structure of dendritic spines and synapses in rat hippocampus CA1 at postnatal day 15 and adult ages: implications for the maturation of synaptic physiology and long-term potentiation.

Dendritic spines of CA1 pyramidal cells in the rat hippocampus: serial electron microscopy with reference to their biophysical characteristics. Hirokawa N. The mechanisms of fast and slow transport in neu- rons: identification and characterization of the new Kinesin super- family motors. Submolecular domains of bovine brain kinesin iden- tified by electron microscopy and monoclonal antibody decora- tion. The slow component of axonal trans- port: identification of major structural polypeptides of the axon and their generality among mammalian neurons.

Lemke G. Glial control of neuronal development. Molecular genetics and neuropa- thology of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A. The targeting and assembly of peroxisomal proteins: some old rules do not apply. Aging and dementia. Ochs S. Fast transport of materials in mammalian nerve fi- bers. Peles E, Salzer JL. Molecular domains of myelinated axons. The Fine Structure of the Nervous System, 3rd ed.

New York: Oxford University Press. Raine CS. Morphology of myelin and myelination. In Myelin, Morell P ed. New York: Plenum Press. Studies on the human cerebral cortex. Structure of the olfactory cerebral cortex of man and mammals.

New York: Oxford Univ. Histology of the Nervous System of Man and Vertebrates. N Swanson, LW Swanson transl. Expression of a myelin basic protein gene in transgenic Shiverer mice: correction of the dysmyelina- ting phenotype. Molecular genetics of Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy. Cytoplasmic structure in rapid-frozen axons. Kandel, James H. Schwartz, Thomas M. Jessell, Steven A. Occurrence and three-dimensional structure of multiple synapses between individual radiatum axons and their target pyramidal cells in hippocampal area CA1.

Sossin W. Mechanisms for the generation of synapse speci- ficity long-term memory: the implications of a requirement for transcription. The synaptic ve- sicle cycle: a single vesicle budding step involving clathrin and dynamin. Ventura R, Harris KM. Three-dimensional relationships between hippocampal synapses and astrocytes.

Weiss P, Hiscoe HB. Experiments on the mechanism of nerve growth. Molecular mechanisms for activity-regulated protein synthesis in the synapto-dendritic compartment. Edinburgh: Churchill Li- vingstone. Direction of transneuronal transport of herpes simplex virus 1 in the primate motor system is strain-dependent.


Princípios de Neurociências - Kandel - 5ª Ed. (PORTUGUÊS) (PDF)(COMPLETO)



Principios de Neurociências Resumo do Livro ERIC R. KANDEL (2014, McGraw Hill)


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