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Holy Alliance - test of institutionalization of Viennese order 1. Alexander I and the Holy Alliance Idea. European revolutions 1. Internal origin and international revolution in the Netherlandses. July revolution and changes of international part of France in years - Part of Turkey and Egypt in policy and strategy of European powers 2.

Transregional Policy of powers. Eastern crises in I. Crimean war and fall of Holy system Alliances: origin, course. Parisian congress and its decision. Internal reform in Piemont XIX c. XIX in. Origins elements of unification. Polarization of European equilibrium -"Realpolitik".

Subregionalism as changing European equilibrium. Balkan war and them consequences: territorial, political etc. Latin America in XIX c. Social divisions of population of colony of European states in Latin America. Businesses and privileges as well as contribution of individual social groups. Into course of independences' processes. Hispanoamerykanizm in international relations. Relations of new states with abroad: matters of acknowledgement of governments.

Place and part of European states in international relations region of Western Hemisphere Colonial ideology as component world policies of powers 2. Colonial conflicts XIX c. Administrative system of colony 4. Armed working and territorial change in Africa and Asia in years Origin of conflict. War aims and strategic plans of Ententa and the Triple Alliances 3. Course of armed workings of period I world wars and transformation of war strategy on European eastern, western, Balkan fronts.

USA as patron of neutral countries. Peaceful initiative 6. Truce Conventions Narodziny-rozkwit-upadek , Warszawa 6. Zmierzch dawnej Europy, Warszawa 9. Warszawa Geneza , Warszawa Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classes , might be available in the USOSweb system:.

On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. Conducted in terms: Z, Z. Origin of Viennese congress. Decision of final Act of congress. Metternich and alternative vision of Holy Alliance. Act of Holy Alliance. Congresses of Holy Alliance - test of his effectiveness. Rule of intervention. Recapitulation of part of Holy Alliance as international institution.

Unification Italian and unification of Germans and functioning of concert of European powers 1. Origins elements of unification 2. Italian Integration: chronology, course, results. German Integration chronology, course, results. Europe under takings Triple Alliances and Triple Agreement 1. New European equilibrium after unification Italian and Germans. West Hemisphery in XIX c. Tenet and rule of foreign policy of USA from presidency G.

Washington to T. War in policy of USA: ; ; ; ; Rise and emancipation of Canadian Confederation. Federacjonism, unitarism, monarchism and caudillismo. Cooperation and Rivalisation: Europa - America Relationships 1. Colonialism 1. And world war 1. Parisian conference 1. Conceptions, projects, proposals, conditioning and contents. Peaceful treaties with Cen. On-line services of the University of Warsaw.

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Historia Powszechna 1871-1918



Wydział Historii Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu


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