Mar 27, 1. Jan 23, woburn. I saw this on Music Does any one own this or has tried it?

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The Hartke VX is a powerful, well-matched combo amp for any bassist. With the classic Hartke tone and 4 10 inch speakers, the VX is a real asset. Thank you. Your vote has been counted. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful? While our competitors might offer house credit cards that require you to fill out an application and pass a credit check, our payment plans are easy to get, simple to use, and, best of all, accrue zero interest.

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What do you think? Rate and Review This Product. Product Details. See all Hartke Products. See all Bass Guitar Combo Amps. Musical Background: semi pro. Music Style: rock and jazz. Sound: i use it with a musicman stingray. Theres not a great deal of difference in sound between the valve preamp and the solid state though the depth of the cab usually means im trying to cut low end rather than boost it, an extremely bassy amp, but it cuts through too.

Ease of Use: i love the amp and its a breeze to setup and use. Quality: it gets carried around in a van with the rest of the bands gear, a couple of the eq sliders are bent but more due to carelessness when carrying. Manufacturer Support: not needed yet.

The Wow Factor: looks and sounds great. Overall: its the weight thing, a hernia inducing amp and probably the heaviest amp i have ever owned in 20 years of gigging apart from the dreaded valve matamp im going to sell and buy the same kit but as a separate amp and cab.

Did you? Musical Background: Hobbyist. Music Style: Reggae, ska, rock, classic rock. Sound: Easy to find your sound on this amp head. Feature: i love the fact that you can turn the eq on or off, blend the tube or solid state preamp.

Ease of Use: plug in your bass and jam away Quality: it would get a 10 if it were not for the fact that a screw came loose inside and shorted out the tube side of the preamp, so i have to run solid state all the time. Value: you get more than what you pay for thats for sure.

Manufacturer Support: i have to send my amp 3 hours away for repair, its cheaper to drive it out there myself then to have it shipped over there, been procrastinating myself tho.

The Wow Factor: the casters make it easy to move around which is what i needed, its was louder then all the other amps that were there when we would jam, my brother could hear it clearly a block away at the fire station we work at. Overall: a great great buy, i understand that mine came with a loose screw or something, but the warranty covers that, just a hassle to ship the entire amp instead of just the head.

Music Style: Symphonic Extreme Metal. Sound: The amount of control you have over the sound on this amp is amazing.. I use a Zoom mutli-effects pedal and a Morley dual bass wah.. I've already played several shows with this amp.. The amp inside of the combo can be removed to be used with a different set of speakers if you prefer.. Ease of Use: I've actually read the manual it explains everything in great detail.. Quality: it's VERY sturdy..

I've dragged this thing in the bed of my truck with the rest of my band's equipment pa speakers, monitors, guitar amps, keyboard.. This is a Steal.. They could sell this combo for so much more.. Manufacturer Support: I have not dealt with the company yet.. I don't even think they would need customer service.. I really like the way it looks actually..

I'll probably make some additions to this amplifier later on.. Musical Background: Active Musician in Arizona since Sound: I play a Nu Wave 4 design stand-up bass through this amp and really get's down and allows you to get the deep low end sound. Rather than going to a BIG cabinet that would weight a bunch, this little amp does it all. Highly recommend it.

Feature: Everything that you could as for and then plus more. I wouldn't have a clue what else to add to 'try' and make this amp sound better. Ease of Use: Super great sound, very easy to work with. Very well constructed and easy to move around. Manufacturer Support: Have had no reason to contact the company regarding this amp. The Wow Factor: I just couldn't see this amp in any other color than black. Overall: I have been playing bass guitar for over 30 years and this is by far the best amp that I have ever had.

Highly recommend it to any and everybody. Musical Background: Bass, Keys, Guitar. Overall: Great sounding amp for any venus or any music situation. Musical Background: Bassist in Alternative rock band. Sound: This amp has a huge range of variety in tones.

The eq is very effective and can also be turned off if you like to let your active pickups shine. The compression knob lets your bass go from extremely grungy to clean as can be. The choice between solid state and tubes, and the ability to mix them gives you the exact tone you want. The high pass and low pass also work exceptionally well. To top it all off, if you dont like an amp with bells and whistles, you can turn off the eq and compression.

Its just an amp that can fit the whole spectrum, and does a great job of it Feature: The only feature this doesnt have is distortion. I dont use it anyways, but i know it is becoming more common.

The compression feature can make the bass sound really raw though, but its not true distortion. Ease of Use: You do have to know what your doing to get the best sound, and you are going to want to spend some time alone in your room finding the tone you want.

If you are just guessing with each knob chances are you arent going to get the sound you need. Then again, if you havent learned that far in music, you shouldnt be buying and dollar amp Quality: This amp is very sturdy and if it is hit or dropped it is designed to only hit the frame, which is very durable, which in turn does make the amp pretty heavy.

My amp is from and one of the handles has cracked but it still works The Wow Factor: It is not an ampeg with an eight speaker cab, but it is of higher quality, looks very sleek and proffesional, and lights on the eq! And when it comes to bass, the Hartke brand name always looks pretty. Overall: Ill keep this amp until the repair cost exceed its own value, which i dont expect for a long time.

Music Style: Classic rock.


Hartke VX3500 Combo Bass Amp ???

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Rating and Reviews: Hartke VX3500 Bass Amp


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