Handbook of Vacuum Technology. A comprehensive standard work and important resource for both students and professionals in research and industry who need detailed knowledge of the theory and applications. Many numerical examples and numerous illustrations visualize the theoretical issues, backed by many useful tables and charts, plus over illustrations. The Handbook discusses the latest developments in vacuum measurement techniques and leak detection in vacuum systems, as well as the connection of vacuum systems to computerized control systems. Sorption and Diffusion.

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Handbook of Vacuum Technology, 2nd Edition. Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. This comprehensive, standard work has been updated to remain an important resource for all those needing detailed knowledge of the theory and applications of vacuum technology.

The text covers the existing knowledge on all aspects of vacuum science and technology, ranging from fundamentals to components and operating systems. It features many numerical examples and illustrations to help visualize the theoretical issues, while the chapters are carefully cross-linked and coherent symbols and notations are used throughout the book.

The whole is rounded off by a user-friendly appendix of conversion tables, mathematical tools, material related data, overviews of processes and techniques, equipment-related data, national and international standards, guidelines, and much more. As a result, engineers, technicians, and scientists will be able to develop and work successfully with the equipment and environment found in a vacuum.

He obtained his masters and Ph. He has authored many scientific articles in the field as well as contributions to textbooks and edits the German edition of this book, "Wutz Handbuch Vakuumtechnik". Since he chairs the international working group for low and very low pressures of the respective committee CCM of the Meter Convention. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

There will be new content which has not been published before. Several chapters have been significantly revised. There are two new sections on the calculation of operating vacuum systems, and pressure control.


Handbook of Vacuum Technology, 2nd Edition




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