A lot of people think that cooking is just throwing a bunch of ingredients together and getting them all hot. Here are a few of our favorites. We recommend you spend a lot of money on them. Air, Surfaces, and Space. Hands are the two things that hang off the ends of your arms. You get them for free when you are born.

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An Excerpt From ‘FUDS: A Complete Encyclofoodia’

Although the organizers promised a merry weekend of food, drink and music Hall and Oates played , many of the festival-goers were left dissatisfied. But their frustration was at least temporarily quelled by some very funny fake menus that were handed out near the exits. Taking aim at some of the more, let's say, inaccessible and highbrow dining options that Brooklyn is known for, the menu for the made-up restaurant Fuds pronounced "foods" is a truly hilarious take on the confusing jargon that trendy "fusion" restaurants often use. The blog Fucked in Park Slope first brought the menus to the attention of the Internet, saying that they "can't read one thing on this menu without peeing a little. If the seamless mix of non-sequtiurs and satire seems like it could be from the pages of The Onion , you're not crazy -- it was written by Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson and Arthur Meyer. After meeting through the expanded Onion universe, Klein is currently a writer for the site's videos, Hudson is an editor at CollegeHumor and Meyer is a writer for Jimmy Fallon's show.


Fake Menu For 'Fuds' Parodies Foodies, Delights GoogaMooga Festival Goers (PICTURE)


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