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Date uploaded Dec 03, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Guide FF8. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Balamb Garden Fire Cavern SeeD Field Exam. Dollet See Field Exam. Forest Dream Galbadia Garden. Deling Cit mb of the Unknown King. Deling City After Tomb. D-Distriet Prison. Galbadia Mi Balamb Garden.

After the Transf je Base Fisherman's Horizon Trabia Garden. Great Salt Lake Esthar Ultimecia Awaits. Oven wba iad ors ciple of sea. We're now roa to beable fring ll his formation to youn what we fees our Des pie ver. Bestiary: You wont believe tis seton unl you seit. This map section wl guide you trough and ake casi id en ra pots and sce ons So, what ae yo sil reading his for? Because talking to people will help you to better understand the ing on around you. When on the World Map, make sure you save before entering any new location.

Most people have more than one thing to soy. Never assume that someone has fold you everything they hove fo tell. You should periodically return and speck with various people to see if heir reactions have changed. There may be a time when you want to return to a part in the game to get something that you missed orto relive a porticlary cool scene.

Use an entire memory card just for Final Fontasy Vl, if you ean swing i. However, now all Ua srequted to go up a levels experience points, repardless of the level you're trying to achieve. By Tunctioning, you can quickly raise a character's sas, but what you raise and by how much is determined largely by the GFs you have and the magic you've stocked.

This also means that you must decide which sta and charac ters you want to give peiority 1, and which ones you'll choose to ignore. One ofthe est ways to find these items isto collect cards, which you can do by paying Triple Tid with v people in the game, Then after collecting some card, you can use the Card Mod ability to transform the cards into the necessary items, However, some items you'll have to find seal, or get by defeating enemies.

Sir Up, Spr Up] con raise a specific stat by one point. You can even vse the Devaur ciliy to slowly raise some stats by eating just the right enemies. You should avoid ling a single choracter get too far behind everyone else. All you need is the proper items in your inventory, and the option fo remedel will oppear whether or not you've seen the weapon in a magazine. In battles, you can draw magic fr immediate se oF completely stock up on powerful spells that you can later Junction with a Guardian Force Before you get started, you should learn about Draw Points.

A character Junctioned with a Draw command can stock magi from a Draw Point fo later use. Each Draw Point is unigue. Some have weak magic. They are typically the hardest kind to find, Hidden Draw Poiats are usually out in the open, but they're invisible tothe naked eye. Draw Point tend to provide anywhere from to 15 ofa spell. This is often deter mined by the Draw Points refill ate an by the length of time since you last drew magic from it Refining magic from items requires special Guardian Force abilities.

T Mag-RF enables you to refine Thunder mapc ftom some items. Overall this isthe most efficient way to buildup your magic stock because it often enables you to get spells way before you could dav ther frm am ener The most common way to build up your magic stock is 10 caw them from enemies. The number draven from an enemy varies from as much as 9 Wo as ile a 1 es posible that an attempt at drawing may fi. Tis i usually due toa character's low magic skill, but can sometimes be caused by the type of magic.

Higher level magic is much tougher to draw than lower level magic. Higher level monsters carry beter magic than their lower level cohorts. Check places like tran tunnels, bends along an island coast, ips of peninsulas, and bridges. Ths is very rare occurrence, bu! I's also possible for a stock of a spell to be completly blown away.

A character can carry of single spell ond 32 diferent spells. Ifyou start to get overloaded, give some of your weaker magic to inactive characters, or refine it into stronger mogie. You can also throw spells away by simply using the button. There area ton—and I do mean a ton—of items in Final Fantisy VII, Items come in all sont of forms, and can be sed in many ways, However, the most significant change is imo other items.

Defeated enemies wil often drop one or more of an item. The item an enemy drops depends on its level and pure luck. Eveawally, you" Also lear how to steal items from your enemies wsing the Mu ability. Using the Card Mod sbiliy, you can quickly acquire hard-to-find items. The items an enemy drops depends on is level. To determine its eve, simply Sean the enemy in batle to check its level. Using this infor- mation, you can then refer to the Bestiary to determine which item the enemy will drop at that posticular level.

Basics of Batti Battles play a huge role in all Final Fantasy games. The fi an entire world often relies upon the outcome of a single batle against a scemingly unstop able foe.

In the erly stages ofthe game, youl have a good chance to lear how battles work and how to develop a routine you use for you delve deeper ito the game, you should work on your speed and setup. By the end of the game, you should be able to fy through mer locate any item, spell or ability.

Itmay not seem like much, but the speed at which you act can make a huge difference in some cases erain situations. AS sand quickly At the beginning of a battle there are several things that can happen: First Strike Your pany has the jump on the chery and can stack fist.

Any atack against a character's hackside causes twice the normal damage, All ofthese situations are random oceurrences, but you can increase or decrease the ois with ertain Guardian Force abilities. Obviously, catching an enemy in citer of these situations isa great advantage, but being caught in sch situations ean be deadly When a character's HPs have been reduced to fourth of hisber normal amount, the gauge will tum yellow asa warning that you desperatcly need to heal that character More impertanly it alboindicates tht the character in question is set to perform a Limit Break.

So how do you beat the system? However, you cannot esca from all bottles. Each Written Tes is asigned a level. Squall can ake tests up 10 the level he is curently at himself, For example, if Squall is at Level 15 be can take Writen Tests of Level 15 or lower. This number does nor includ mies defeated by Guardian Forces.

Even if an enemy's HP reaches zero tore than once during abate i. When you reach the screen withthe downvard slope, press the bution to walk. There is 0 cone point deduction per conversation. This includes talking to people in Balomb. Ifyou tlk to Biggs, you will lose two points. During a bate, hold the Select button to make all of the bate display boxes disappear. When you release the button, the boxes will reappear. You can view the other abnormal eects by pressing the button, which causes the window to cycle through the abnormal statuses.

Ths rare weapon wes many, many years master ant therefore ely used, Cuenly there sony oe otter Gunblase user in Balun Garden—Seier Almas. The timing is icky at fist, tut soon twill Become second nature. As the light moves across the bar, press RI when the light enters the small box nea the end.

Pressing RI atthe right time reals in a much stronger stack.


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