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En una realidad la gran demanda actual de fusiones de la columna lumbar. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Recurrent back pain after diskectomy: MRI findings MR of the postoperative lumbar spine; Recurrencia del dolor lumbar en la columna operada: Hallazgos en Resonancia Magnetica. Purpose: To show the morphological changes in postoperative lumbar spine. All patients complained of low back pain and had a previous lumbar surgery 1 month to 8 years.

All the examinations include axial and sagittal Gadopentate-dimeglumine enhanced T1 weighted imaging. Other findings included arachnoiditis, pseudomeningoceles and seromas. Conclusions: MRI is a useful method to study the postoperative lumbar spine, specially when enhanced with gadopentate-dimeglumine.

Enhanced images can differentiate two of the major complication like epidural fibrosis, and recurrent disc herniation. Spondylodiscitis are important and frequent too.

Therefore, the interrelation is important with the surgeon to determine which abnormalities are clinically significant. Material y metodos: Se evaluaron retrospectivamente estudios de RM de columna lumbar. Todos los pacientes consultaron por dolor lumbar y tenian antecedentes quirurgicos de un tiempo de evolucion que variaba entre 1 mes y 8 anos. En todos los casos el protocolo de estudio incluyo secuencias axiales y sagitales T1 con gadolinio, ademas del protocolo habitual.

With the determination and evaluation of the governing mechanisms of transport processes between two phases, is possible to predict multiphase system behavior and to establish strategies to design and operate the equipment with the highest performance. To study transport processes is necessary to get the combination of theoretical and experimental methodologies with the necessary numerical analysis.

The main objective of this study is to build an experimental installation in order to study the characteristics of water air multiphase flows. Results about the influence of gas fraction and Reynolds number in the shape of the biphasic column are presented. Las disfunciones de la columna vertebral que producen incapacidad laboral, son de alta prevalencia en el mundo.

Estos datos experimentales se dividiero La importancia del reciclado del papel ha aumentado con el aumento de su demanda. En el reciclado, la calidad del destintado es determinante para el uso que se le Introduction: A way to demonstrate the limitation in mobility of the lumbar spine is implementing the Schober maneuver; in which the increase of the distance between two defined points in the lower part of the spine is measured, with excellent reliability.

Objective: To assess lumbar flexion in an adult population sample from. Changes in lumbar flexion range in a sample healthy school children of Caldas Colombia.

AbstractIntroduction: range of motion on the lumbar region involves various morphological structures, although there are many others dependent limitations on their health that varies during the life cycle. Objective: to measure the movility ranges of the lumbar spine flexion achieved by implementing Schober maneuver in a school population in the department of Caldas Colombia. Hernia discal lumbar : Tratamiento conservador.

Se detallan las modernas pautas de To study transport processes isnecessary to get the combination of theoretical and experimental methodologies with thenecessary numerical analysis. The main objective of this study is to build an experimentalinstallation in order to study the characteristics of water air multiphase flows.

Results about theinfluence of gas fraction and Reynolds number in the shape of the biphasic column are presented. Key words: two phase flow, multiphase flows, hydrodynamic, fluid mechanic. However, in spite of the numerous papers seen in relevant scientific publications, there are very few references to an eventual disc height variation in the instrumented segment.

Homenaje a la columna vertebral. Determinar si el tipo del entrenamiento del cirujano, experiencia y edad sirve como factores predictivos en la toma de decisiones de cada caso. Las variables moderadoras de los estudios fueron codificadas por dos de los autores.

Conclusiones: La prevalencia de la lumbalgia aumenta con la edad. El sexo influye en las tasas de prevalencia. One patient was excluded because we considered that TLIF was not the most important technique used.

The indications were 9 lumbar disc herniations, 7 spondylolistheses, 4 revision surgeries of which 2 were for pseudoarthroses and 2 for low back pain, and finally, 4 lumbar spinal stenoses. Only five patients continued using analgesics. Five patients presented some complication, but only two of them were related to the procedure. Realizamos una revis Comportamiento de columnas en guadua. A bibliographic review on painful syndrome was made selecting the articles published from to related to this syndrome.

No podemos pasar entonces indiferentes frente a los vestigios de la arquitectura republicana repartida por la ciudad. En este art. Normalmente tiene una forma redondeada con bordes lisos y bien delimitados. Hidroterapia en el embarazo. Dolor lumbar. El objetivo primordial de la seguridad industrial no debe ser otro que minimizar los riesgos en la industria, ya que toda actividad industrial tiene unos peligros inherentes Traumatismo de columna , pelvis y extremidades.

Para una me Variables a controlar y II. Full Text Available The growth process via electrodeposition technique, of zinc oxide ZnO columns, on a glass substrate coated with conductor tin oxide and fluorine FTO, is analysed.

An exponential law of columns growth is determined to relate the columns height with exposition time in electrolytic mean. The specimen photoluminescence spectra at room temperature K and at low temperature 19 K are analysed too. We also notice the photoluminescence spectra are related to the columns growing and branching. Se analizan los espectros de fotoluminiscencia de las muestras a la temperatura ambiente K y a baja temperatura 19K. Muhovatov, V. L'auteur examine les causes possibles de cette divergence et celles qui provoquent l'apparition d'une forte tension entre les segments.

En una memoria anterior se demostro la concordancia cualitativa de los resultados experimentales con la hipotesis de que la columna de plasma es mantenida en equilibrio por la camara de cobre. En la presente memoria se muestra que, en la mayoria de los regimenes de descarga se tiene buena concordancia cualitativa entre los datos experimentales y la teorfa del equilibrio de la columna del plasma dentro de una camara conductora.

Se asume que el problema puede ser descrito por las ecuaciones de cantidad de movimiento y continuidad para un fluido incompresible.

Se estudia el comportamiento de dos fluidos de diferente viscosidad. The simulation of the collapse of a liquid column problem is presented in this work. The numerical analysis is done using a finite volume technique, where the well-known VOF technique is applied to describe the free surface motion. The adopted mathematical model is given by the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flows. These equations are solved in the whole domain occupied by both fluids liquid and air together with the interface motion equation.

The study focuses on the analysis of two liquids with different viscosities. The response is assessed by considering various spatial discretizations when a turbulent model is applied. The computed numerical results are compared with those obtained using a fixed-mesh finite element technique and with experimental measurements reported in the literature. Mejoran la capacidad portante y la estabilidad al deslizamiento y reducen el valor del asiento y el tiempo que tarda en producirse.

Las columnas acortan el camino de drenaje de una forma similar a los drenes verticales. Sin embargo, las column Los resultados obtenidos demostraron una alta especificidad de las columnas.

This paper proposes an anatomical parameter, the pelvic incidence, as the key factor for managing the spinal balance. There is a close relationship for both normal individuals and those with spinal deformities between the anatomical parameter of pelvic incidence and the sacral slope, which determine lumbar lordosis.

The Cobb angle and the apical vertebral rotation serve as a tool for understanding the three. Con el fin de establecer si el tiempo de inicio y tipo del trat Variables a controlar I. Full Text Available In the present paper, the electroplating process to obtain columns of zinc oxide ZnO on a glass substrate covered with a conductive oxide layer of tin and fluorine FTO or SnO2; F, has been described. The following parameters have been controlled: current density, time of substrate exposure to the electrolyte and the process temperature.

Los resultados muestran que la densidad de corriente y el tiempo de exposici. En ocasiones este dolor se debe a enfermedades o The adjacent cranial segment IVS did not collapse. Activity levels ODI and pain symptoms VAS of the patients showed significant improvement at follow-up, comparable to that reported in the literature for conventional rigid spinal fusions. Los segmentos.

The etiology of lumbar spondylosis is multifactorial. Patients with lumbar spondylosis complain of a broad variety of symptoms including discomfort in the low back lesion, whereas some of them have radiating leg pain or neurologenic intermittent claudication lumbar spinal stenosis.

The majority of patients with spondylosis and stenosis of the lumbosacral spine can be treated nonsurgically. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and COX-2 inhibitors are helpful in controlling symptoms. Prostaglandin, epidural injection, and transforaminal injection are also helpful for leg pain and intermittent claudication.

Operative therapy for spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis is reserved for patients who are totally incapacitated by their condition. Fuerza lumbar en jugadores de hockey hierba. Localizaciones: rodilla, cadera, manos, columna , otras localizaciones. La artrosis de columna afecta a las articulaciones interapofisarias y a los cuerpos vertebrales. Otras artrosis menos frecuentes son las del pie, codo y hombro, que generalmente son secundarias.


M├ętodo de tratamiento de las escoliosis, cifosis y lordosis

Su columna soporta muchas exigencias. Le da apoyo para permanecer de pie y le da flexibilidad para doblarse y girar su cuerpo. Cuando se la ve lateralmente, estos segmentos forman tres curvas naturales. Las curvas "en forma de c" del cuello columna cervical y de la parte baja de la espalda columna lumbar se llaman lordosis. Estos tipos de condiciones incluyen la cifosis de la columna dorsal joroba de espalda y la lordosis de la columna lumbar hundimiento de espalda. La escoliosis es otro tipo de deformidad espinal.


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