In quantum field theory , the Casimir effect and the Casimir—Polder force are physical forces arising from a quantized field. They are named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir , who predicted them in The Casimir effect can be understood by the idea that the presence of conducting metals and dielectrics alters the vacuum expectation value of the energy of the second quantized electromagnetic field. Any medium supporting oscillations has an analogue of the Casimir effect.

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The show is curated by Valentina Gregori. A sculpture project realized at the workshop and research center in Assisi where both sculptors live and work. In this place, a former pink marble cave, sculpture almost becomes science, changing continually the point of view inherited from the tradition. The recovery of antique techniques for marble processing along with a parallel scientific research on the subject, has seen the Affiliati as holders of lost and innovative knowledge at the same time.

Editions English. Eduardo Secci Contemporary. Eduardo Secci has for mission the research of new trends in contemporary art, sins opening its doors it has been home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres. Gallery profile. Effetto Casimir. Courtesy of Eduardo Secci Gallery.

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A classical treatment of dispersion forces

We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. A heuristic connection has been obtained between classical radiative reaction, calculated according to the Lorentz electron theory, and the vacuum field of quantum electrodynamics. In this treatment the electromagnetic field quantities, instead of being treated as operators in Hilbert space, are considered as a multivariate stochastic process. It was shown previously that such a field gives a correct result for the attraction between two perfectly conducting plates due to dispersion forces Casimir effect. The calculation is now extended to treat the attraction between two dielectric plates. In questo trattamento le grandezze del campo elettromagnetico, invece di essere trattate come operatori nello spazio hilbertiano, sono considerate come un processo stocastico multivariato.


Casimir effect

The last great fundamental discovery in quantum mechanics was made in by Hendrik B. Casimir [1]. This discovery, the so-called Casimir effect, is the theoretical prediction that two closely spaced plane-parallel mirrors will be mutually attracted due to the modification of the electromagnetic mode structure between the mirrors. This attractive force comes about from the zero-point energy associated with the modes; the total energy decreases as the plates are brought together. As this force is due to zero-point energy, the force persists even at absolute zero temperature. This effect has been experimentally demonstrated many times, and the fundamental theory appears sound, at least for the simple systems that have been studied. Now, in a paper published in Physical Review Letters [2] , Chan et al.


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Effetto Casimir


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