First of all, a side note. The sudden switch to the crazy release schedule GW has going is ravaging the rumour mills. This was the case with the new Codex: Space Wolves. Many of the rumours, even days before the codex went out, were contradictory, either due to hurried translation or just bad posting.

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First of all, a side note. The sudden switch to the crazy release schedule GW has going is ravaging the rumour mills. This was the case with the new Codex: Space Wolves.

Many of the rumours, even days before the codex went out, were contradictory, either due to hurried translation or just bad posting. This has been a GOOD thing. Up until the Orks release you had a broad idea of what was coming in the next codex. With Space Wolves, no one really did. Will probably still be the mainstay Warlord of my army. Still great with Blood or Skyclaws. Rune Priest — Easily the biggest changes in HQ go on this guy. Nearly halved in cost, cheap level 2 upgrade, Adamantium Will for him and his unit by default.

Special Characters — Most now have a relic that is better than a weapon of the equivalent type. Most got a points decrease. Njal can re-roll Deny the Witch and has a Psychic Hood. Perhaps the weirdest one here is Canis Wolfborn, who has the same points cost and similar abilities to the previous codex.

Like Murderfang he can get 10 attacks on the charge if lucky with Rampage. No invulnerable save makes him a risk though. Blood Claws — Cheaper, lost Headstrong, gained a flying transport and will outflank half the time if taken in the Force Org chart in the book.

Probably the biggest switch in terms of power at first glance. Grey Hunters — Arguably more expensive, dropped by one point but lost their close combat weapon.

Again, a big switch in terms of overall power here. Lukas the Trickster — Once a troll, always a troll. In terms of a single model drop in points he has the biggest at Was never worth it, despite the lulz, in the previous codex, but is now an independent character and thus counts when determining which units can outflank in the new Force Org chart.

Is cheaper than a Wolf Lord, much better than a Wolf Guard Battle Leader and can still take his challenger rather than just any model in base to base with him using his stasis heart. Possibly the most efficient use of points in the codex now. Iron Priest — Space Wolf armies tend to have better options than vehicles in various slots. They also have better choices in the elites section. However, has the potential to be a nasty Alpha strike unit if combined with cheap multi-melta equipped servitors in a drop pod.

Is probably not my first choice for this section though. Wolf Scouts — Lost the ability to ambush from behind enemy lines. Did get cheaper, and can now take camo-cloaks. As they give away potentially both a kill point and an easy First Blood opportunity, I would avoid them like the plague. Dreadnought — Cheaper, start with a Multi-Melta rather than an Assault Cannon, can take a Great Wolf Claw, which is a Dreadnought CC Weapon that re-rolls to wound so, you should really kill something if you hit it for very low cost.

In short, is MUCH better, as 6th edition was making Dreadnoughts disappear very quickly considering their high cost. Tis a big investment at 50 points though. Murderfang — The beastliest beast of all beastliness. This guy is mental, properly mental. He is a Dreadnought, so will be outnumbered nearly all the time. Wolf Guard Not Terminator — Still an ok, but not great choice.

Otherwise, better stuff around me thinks. Cheaper weaponry across the board, can get a flying transport and can now teleport on the battlefield in units of Arjac Rockfist — Got a drop in points close to Lukas. Like Lukas, in that he is an independent character now who is only not as a good as a Wolf Lord by virtue of his lower wounds count.

Instead killed a Wraithknight single handed. Given that Krakens are now the size of hive cities judging by the art, that is at least slightly more believable if less awesome though not by much. Again, given the change to the Force Org chart, this guy can be a nasty surprise if he comes in from the side of the field. Can still throw his hammer, and his shield gives him Eternal Warrior. Like Lukas, went from silly fun but not competitive, to being a totally viable competitive choice.

Swiftclaws — Cheaper, but given the other choices in Fast Attack also got much cheaper this is kind of a moot point. They make a great assault choice, as they get lots of attacks but lack being a Troops choice so are unlikely to outflank. Expensive when compared to other units in the codex, but they are VERY fast, so probably a good choice against fast moving armies that you just need to pin down. They got added to the Fast Attack slot, meaning you no longer have to take them attached to a unit.

StormWolf — Love the model, love the StormWolf. Can Skyfire in an army that lacks anti-air and overall is a great addition to the codex. Also the silhouette looks like a puppy and is therefore automatically awesome. ThunderWolves — My favourite unit of the whole of 5th decided that it had clearly had enough of the jokes and got cheaper and more ridiculous than ever. Can take up to 6 in a unit now, can take Storm Shields for HALF what they used to and gain a character to issue challenges.

Combine with Harald for awesome outflanking fun times. Fenrisian Wolves — Nope. Avoid except as wargear, where they act as ablative wounds. Skyclaws — Got cheaper, makeup for their lack of outflanking potential by being able to deep strike anyway. Looking like a great CC unit that is brilliant when combined with a Wolf Priest. Was the best way to take Blood Claws last edition, and is a good way to take them now.

Land Speeders — Never a bad choice, Land Speeders are great at being that really annoying bastard that can wreck well-made plans in seconds. Good mainstay of many Space Wolf armies, and still a good unit. Can dish out a metric butt-ton of firepower, loads of anti-vehicle and anti-troop options and a small transport capacity that might actually make an Iron Priest a useful choice to pop inside.

Long Fangs — Possibly the one unit that was bound to be disappointing following last editions utter craziness. Still the best Heavy Support choice in the codex. Can only fire at a separate unit with one model as they got the Split Fire USR , but thats not too big a deal.

All good choices, though not as good perhaps as other things. The Vindicator is never, ever a bad choice though. Can very reliably transport the eager initiates to the front line with an independent character where they can wreak face without the enemy getting any more than overwatch shots at them. Redeemer is great if it gets outflank, I used to use it with Wolf Guard Terminators and a Wolf Priest with Saga of the Wolf this way and it stood me in good stead in 6th.

The normal Land Raider is kinda meh in comparison. Still good though, and a great way to keep Grey Hunters or Blood Claws safe without sacrificing anti-tank potential. Seriously though I cannot see a reason to take Logan at all in the new codex beyond his sheer badassery and fluff. I love you Logan, I really do, but for more points than 3 Wolf Lords base, you need to be better, even with your chariot of Wolfy awesomeness.

Honestly, this is the one place the codex loses out. He goes from fighting off swarms of giant sea beasts to a Wraithknight. But the biggest disappointment is to do with the lack of fluff attention given the flaw of the Canis Helix. Mark of the Wulfen is gone, leaving only Murderfang with the Wulfen curse in the codex.

The interactive codex is awesome. It really genuinely is, especially if you enjoy just flicking through the book occasionally at your leisure. The Grand Annulus does a similar thing, as pressing on individual stones will bring up information on that company.

It also has the degree pictures of the models that you can find on the GW website, as well as zoomable pictures of pretty every model in the codex.

It also contains links to the website in the unit info, which is very dangerous to ones wallet. The Army builder…. It also, in rather hilarious fashion, once loaded up a Grey Knights Army Builder.

Overall, loving the new codex. Want to see more on the Wulfen though so get on a Thirteenth company supplement GW! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Close Menu Home About.

So, my initial thoughts thus far, broken down by unit type, are as follows: My Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour.


Ork Leaks: Releases Finally Revealed for This Week: Codex is in There

No cost for the limited edition codex that's meant to contain the supplement? I missed that one. Are you saying the Limited Edition was to have the supplement included? Would the price still be the same as a regular LE codex?


Codex Orkos 2018 Español.pdf

Tutte le informazioni dettagliate sono fornite dal produttore. Codex Libro dell'esercito - Demoni del Caos. Rilegatura Brossurata. Riceverete tutti i dati in merito entro un giorno dall'acquisto mediante e-mail. In caso di mancata consegna es.

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Disclaimer: This was published a long time ago, years before GW released the Genestealer Cults models. So, I don't actually need all the bits now, but Ok, this post will be in english , so if you are from UK or any other place in Europe, have a chance to sell some nice models to me people frome the States are welcome too, but I suppose the postage fees will rise a lot for me in that case. Ork Codex from GW. As you may know, those armies gave you the opportunity to deploy some weird units to the battlefield, like Warpheads, Khorne Stormboyz, Ork-genestealer hybrids, and so on. I'm not in a hurry, so I won't pay a stupid amount for them. But I know, plastic bits aside, that those OOP models aren't cheap, so I want to choose carefully before spending my money more if you think in those new plastic kits GW is releasing this summer.

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