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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. The contents of this document may not be disclosed to third parties, copied, or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Silicon Graphics, Inc. Unpublished rights reserved under the Copyright Laws of the United States. Shoreline Blvd. FrameMaker is a registered trademark of Frame Technology Corporation.

PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. Contents cleartool Subcommands Use a VOB-extended name to access any specific branch or version of any element. Create build hosts file in your home directory 3. December Jan It matches the most recent version on the specified branch. If no branch is specified, it matches a most recent version on any branch. Values shorter than the specified minimum width are right justified.

Values longer than the specified maximum width are truncated from the right. Arguments lines include argument name, set of possible values, and default if any. Is set by A specific instance of a file or directory element. The combining of the contents of two or more files into a single new file. Typically, all the files involved are versions of a single file element. Versioned Object Base. Required to access a VOB. A view is a lens, or filter, which makes visible a version of each VOB element, yielding a work environment for a single developer or a closely coordinated group.

Each view has a unique name, its viewtag. A set of rules that specify which VOB element versions are visible in the view. Every view has a config spec. A file created in a ClearCase build. An audit of the software build process. A configuration record uniquely identifies a derived object; it stores the file versions and build flags necessary to create the derived object. The build audit happens transparently. To import, into a view, a derived object that was built in another view by the current user or a different one.

Data associated with VOB-resident objects-for example, event records, attributes, hyperlinks, labels, and triggers. A meta-data prototype object created with mkattype, mkbrtype, mkeltype, mkhltype, mklbtype, or mktrtype. A user-defined procedure that fires before or after a specific ClearCase operation. Triggers are used primarily to define and control the software engineering process. They help us to better understand your needs and to improve the quality of our documentation.

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Clear Case Concepts and Terminology. ClearCase Quick Reference [Unix]. Introduction to ClearCase Administration v 1. Gregory Nelson. Introduction To ClearCase. Terrorism - David Malet. New Hampshire Educational Theater Guild. Suppose that a real estate developer is interested in determining the. Download advertisement. Add this document to collection s.

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CASEVision/ClearCase: SGI's Configuration Management System

This tutorial is designed for developers with no previous experience with ClearCase software. You will not explore every product feature—just the ones most commonly used and most characteristic of ClearCase's special capabilities. Many of the commands you'll be using are subcommands of a single program, called cleartool. Each subcommand has its own manual page, accessible through cleartool itself. For example, to display the manual page for the lshistory subcommand, enter this command. Installation instructions, release notes, and supplementary technical notes are also provided in the ClearCase.


CASEVision™/ClearCase Quick Reference Guide

Rational ClearCase is a family of computer software tools that supports software configuration management SCM of source code and other software development assets. It also supports design-data management of electronic design artifacts, thus enabling hardware and software co-development. ClearCase includes revision control and forms the basis for configuration management at large and medium-sized businesses, accommodating projects with hundreds or thousands of developers. It is developed by IBM.


Manual 22010254

Manual zz. I'll analyze each problem, describe the sort of data we collect in order to fix the problem, and explain how you can avoid the problem in the first place. Time and again, customers run into the following problem related to the admin VOB: When they try to unlock a client VOB, they get the error messages "Trouble opening VOB database," "Unable to search for process guards," and "Unable to unlock versioned object base. Listing 1 shows the results of one such query. As you'll see at the bottom, there are two errors, both returning the pathname of an admin VOB. This told us that what happened is that the client VOB was locked and then the admin VOB was removed, resulting in a situation where the client VOB couldn't be unlocked due to a hyperlink pointing to the nonexistent admin VOB. Running checkvob won't work in a situation like this because the client VOB is locked.

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