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My windows software is Windows 7 professional. I couldn't upgrade firmware. I'm very glad for your help. Could you tell me maximum value of Input bias current about LMV? My circuit uses a XTR to translate a voltage signal from V to mA, using the basic circuits from its datasheets, with a P-MOS at the output to drive the load. I need that the output current be 0mA when a fail is detected in other sections of the system. The switch would be implemented with a small signal MOS transistor, with its gate controlled by the fail signal previuosly mentioned.

My concern is about the 3k resistor in the gate of the Qext transistor, how it will affect the control loop from the XTR The input signal range can be modified if needed. Hi all, Would you mind if we ask OPA? So, how much of value are good for C1, C2 to prevent oscillation? If you have some advice, could you let know us? Kind regards, Hirotaka Matsumoto. But it always stops, and gives an error message:.

Is it possible, that this causes the problem? If yes, how can I fix this? My circuit is a differential input gain of one using K ohm resistors. Circuit is shown below. The inputs are sinewaves of about 9Vp and 4Vp for an output of about 5Vp. I have captured the positive input and output in the waveforms below. My customer is considering OPA However, the gain is 4 only. Is there something wrong with my design? I have been told that G4 means Green-RoHs compliant, but I wonder if this could mean a special gain of 4 instead: my design is rather simple because the PCB must be as small as possible I am thinking to use XTR for a 3-wire mA system as follow, will it be all right?

Our customer is looking for the solution of low-side sensing for 3 phase motor. Then please let me ask following question. I have a INAU connected to an light detector. The detector is reading a pulse from an LED emitter. I'm attempting to amplify the signal Schematic is attached, Rg is labeled incorrectly as a 15K so please ignore that.

I have tried several different gain resistors and I don't get much if any change in the Output. I have also tried 3 different Amplifiers, all hand soldered.

I have verified the Rg traces connect to the INA , but it behaves as if they don't. I have a very similar circuit using a INAu that is working properly.

The only difference is the sleep pin and the link for the Precision reference. I would use the INA but I don't have any boards to mount it on yet. Scope trace of the INAU at a gain of But it is typical value and any maximum value is not shown in the table.

A histogram of offset voltage drift production distribution is shown on page 4 of the datasheet. According to the histogram, the maximum offset voltage drift is 4. Is this the maximum value in all production of OPA? If it is not correct, could you tell me what the maximum value of offset drift by temperature is.

I have an application for a 0 to 5 V signal output buffer for industrial control. Load is about 1 k to ground. In this industrial control application, power is a 24 V single supply. What amp can anyone recommend that has the lowest output-low voltage for this kind of application?

I've checked out a couple of the rail-to-rail precision amps like OPA but they mostly have 5. Each is running at about 23db gain closed loop so there wouldn't seem to be a stability issue although my circuit is somewhat different than the simple example circuits in the spec sheet for the part.

The problem is that each of them are dissipating about an amp internally under these conditions and the customer is rejecting this lack of efficiency.

This extremely high current remains constant even with no load which appears extremely strange and wasteful for an amplifier claimed to have a 70 Khz power bandwidth, which is how I am operating it. When with no output level or at much lower frequencies, the LM appears to be in spec current wise.

Is the LM actually this inefficient? Btw, it appears likely that the 1 ohm, 0. In the lack of margin of stability characteristics in the product spec, what might TI suggest as an alternative stabilization approach to allow the LM to meet its claimed performance as a ''70 khz full power bandwidth amplifier' while maintaining a reasonable level of efficiency up to 3A?

Does OPA support flow soldering or not? Best Regards Takanori Yuzawa. If so, could you tell me how they are connected and how current they are able to carry please? Latest Popular Top Rated Trending. Amplifiers forum - Recent Threads. Browsing All Articles Latest Live. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. But, Output in not amplification. And VCC increase is same problem.

Please review of schematic and send me your comment. From Eddy. Hi all. The reference data is no problem. Please tell me this background. Best Regard, Sho Ogane.

Best regards, Mr. So is there any other alternative to this mosfet. It's urgent Please help! Thanks, John Gray. He want to know the deviation of current noise.

According to the datasheet, It is 0. But max and min value is not described. How much is it over temperature range deg to deg What percent is apart from the typical value? Best regards, Shinichi. Thanks and Regards, Etienne Please visit the site to view this file. Hi All, Our customer is looking for the solution of low-side sensing for 3 phase motor. Do you have recommended device for 1ch, analog output and following configuration?

Your help would be appreciated. I can supply a schematic to show exactly how I'm operating them. You can reach me at tom. Thanks Tom Dawson. My questions are: 1. What will be resolution is? Any comments? Please visit the site to view this file. What is the best product solution for this?


APA2308 Datasheet

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