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Art Direction: Aileen E. Jess Heinig, for reading a message sent on a sleepless In the crossfire, we lost a friend of outy. On October night, and giving me the opportunity to write this book, 20, , Kraig Blackwelder died in a hail of bullets as And Jennifer Booth, for keeping me safe in the cold he left the Watershed.

Please send no flowers; we prefer Peterborough winter. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank character sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only.

All characters, names, places and text herein are copyrighted by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.

This book uses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. All mystical and supernatural elements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. This book contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised. I was greatly mistaken in accusing and judging God. Smoke Tiger: Bangkok, Thailand They say every drop of rain that strikes the earth was once part of a living being; blood, piss, sap and bile rot their way through the Wheel, burn out of the earth and fall from the sky, purified.

At the end of our lives, our bodies will boil to the heavens and erode into the earth, and all that will be left is earth, water and wind. I have been a man, a woman, a corpse and a cloud far too many times, I think. Bored girls smoke cigarettes under metal eaves that ring with the rain. I huddle beside a cluster of them. My own composure is fraying. He is here, his presence skirting the very edge of my awareness, teasing me with visions of his new face and his pale arms.

With every breath of mine, a tiger stirs. My legs stretch as he awakens, my stomach trembles with his pacing and his growling rises to the back of my throat. Let me stalk him, and we will exact vengeance together.

I can see him pacing. With all of your shouting my Bodhicitta can barely be heard. The pattern becomes the city streets; no crevice or alley in a hundred feet is hidden to me. In this mandala of corrugated tin and bam- boo, I see a stream of red.

In the hidden places, corpses wait for me. Peter: Lhasa, Tibet. His student rubbed his hands together, shivering in the stone courtyard. I thought you might want to be there. It binds hands that should be free to act. By contrast, Raging Eagle never seemed to get the same sidelong glances from the Tibetans, despite the fact that he looked just as Caucasian and all the more bizarre with his shaved head and his thin red robes.

And how the hell could he stand the cold? Tumo yoga? Peter made a mental note to ask about it later. I can get used to things around here. But be dangerous.

Follow my instructions and how could he know? In an to leave immediately. Peter had to jog to keep up lives, could never learn. Where are we going? They want power to sate a Awakened fugitives. It blinds the Sangha for five years now. There, You are coming with me to learn as you work.

We have a plane to catch. The quote above describes the problems one the subtlest intentions of an enemy. You search for bedrock, a solid spirit out of balance, where long manicured fingernails direct foundation to rest a thousand layers of belief about streams of black power. Reality is more than the laws laid down by the Consensus. Even Discipline and Change paradigms bow to the cycle of karma, growing, changing, and The Akashic path is perhaps the most demanding of dying in an endless dance of passion and misery.

For the Akashic any Tradition. While others may separate their personal and Brotherhood, the trick is to see through the illusion of fixed ideas, magical lives, the Brotherhood demands a discipline that because beyond the Great Wheel of actions and consequences, affects everything from speech, to breathing, to diet.

Many miracles can occur. Others turn their back of the fury — or to step out of the cycle completely and on magic and close the door on destinies that might have detach themselves from the karmic chains that bind her to been a thousand lifetimes in the making. Aside from this problem, Akashic discipline also has the So Akashayana the Sanskrit name for the Brotherhood potential to turn against the very ideals that the Harmonious and its members dance the Great Wheel in a variety of guises.

Brothers stand for. A routine of constant training and ritual turns a vigor-. When they strong. In the real world, there is always a them from the vicissitudes of the Great Wheel and strike an new challenge.

The for fewer and fewer disciples. Perhaps the solution is to act Akashayana have fought bloody wars and then withdrawn at instead of practice? The Brotherhood has always seen the value the eve of victory. War, poverty, and famine or contradictory.

Akashics believe that everyone has his own rip through many of the nations where the Akashayana is path to travel, and that the validity of an ideal, even peace,. Lexicon Akasha: 1. An honorific given to the Ascended of the Akashic philosophy. Brotherhood, who are considered to have merged with this Lung-ta: Also called the Kai-lin, or Windhorse.

A spirit element. Ascension, the union with Akasha, the energy of aligned with the Li-Hai and some hengeyokai, associated with impermanence and interconnectedness. Sometimes a until the Himalayan Wars, when they changed it to emphasize euphemism for a Brotherhood assassin.

Akashakarma: 1. The impressions all beings make upon mudra: A hand gesture used to invoke and direct spiritual the fabric of the Tapestry with their actions; magic makes these energy. Among the Akashic Brotherhood, it also serves as a tangible to the Akashayana. Called the Akashic Record by sophisticated sign language. Western Brothers.

Stasis in the Metaphysic Trinity. Associated with Heaven. Also called a tulku. Bodhicitta: The Avatar. Not an indestructible soul, but a The Metaphysic Trinity, both as an internal cycle and as the concept and feeling of enlightenment that speaks to the mage.

A independent existence. Sifu: A Master. Chi: Quintessence. Sigung: An Archmage. Dharma: 1. In Hindu belief, a set of social mores and ritual behaviors that one must follow to live a good life.

Dynamism in the Metaphysic Trinity. Associated with Yang. Warring Fist: 1. Associated with Yin. A derogatory nickname for the Vajrapani and the dragon nest: A Node. Brotherhood as a whole. Contrary to the appears herein to immerse Akashic characters and stereotype of cloistered, repressed monks, many Brothers visitors in a vivid environment that brings home their deliberately seek out the things that turn life upside down and importance to the Traditions and to the world at large.

Unlike the Cult of Ecstasy, Akashayana This book gives you a place to start. Combine such as the Himalayan War, their modern relationship with the these life-shaping experiences with the comfortable prowess other Traditions, and their place in Eastern and Western societies.

At its core, their new alliance with the proud and powerful Wu Lung. Storytellers might research the beliefs that game. Famous Brothers and ancient legends provide story hooks influenced the Brotherhood, and elaborate and modify what for your Mage chronicle. A sword was in his hand.


Akashic Brotherhood

Warriors and sages, the mages of the Akashic Brotherhood bring thousands of years of martial prowess and philosophy to the Traditions. The Warring Fists discipline their minds and hone their bodies to perfection. As the Akashic Record tells, however, one must fight for true virtue without being consumed by violence. How can young mages battle for a world free from technological rule while maintaining peaceful enlightenment? There is a puzzle worthy of a true master.


Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Revised)

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. It is mildly annoying that all Asian culture seems to have been forced together. However, such is the limits of creating a role-playing game and trying to keep everyone happy. List of Mage: The Ascension books.


Tradition Book #4 - Akashic Brotherhood (Revised Edition)

The Akashic Brotherhood , also known as the Akashayana Sangha "Order of the Vehicle of Akasha" or just the Akashayana , is a Tradition of mages masters of mind, body, and spirit pursuing the arts of personal discipline. They believe that mind, body and spirit are all part of the larger whole of the person, just like at the same time that person is part of the whole of the universe. In other words, conflict, is an illusion, and the same can be said of identity and dispute, so when mind and body harmonize, the soul follow them. By honing their bodies, these mages make a temple for the mind that ultimately brings the comprehension of the spirit. The Brotherhood uses simple tools — exercise, meditation, practice and study — to refine the simple man into a brother of knowledge. The Akashayana consider that their magic do not come from True Will but from eternal truths that manifest as side effect of the way to enlightenment. This means that Akashics fall less often to the hubristic trap of valuing their own magical prowess more than Ascension.

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