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The latest version of the form was released by the Air Force AF in January with all previous editions obsolete. An up-to-date fillable AF Form is available for digital filing and download below or can be found through the Air Force E-Publishing website. The AF Form can also be supplied through the chain of command.

Before departure, the AF member is required to have the AF leave authorization approved and enough funds for expenses, including costs for travel, in case it is not possible to return on time by military air transportation. If the AF member needs to request an extension of leave, they must obtain approval from the right individual.

The official AF site does not offer any instructions for the form. It is the AF member responsibility to return to their permanent duty station before the expiration date of their leave, or, alternatively, to obtain a leave extension from their supervisor. Before departing on leave, the AF member may complete the DD Form at the Postal Service Center, so that their mail is directed to the address where they will be staying for the duration of their leave.

The AF Form has three parts, all of which must be completed in order to request the leave and to have it authorized. The form must be typed or completed in ink, in the following way:.

Once all of this information has been provided on the first page, which is Part I. You must provide the same information on each of the other two pages of the form, which are copies of the form. The second page, or Part II, is the member's copy. The third page, or Part III, of the form, is to be used at the end of your leave. The top section, which requires the same information as the first page, must be filled out and submitted at the time of leave. The form will be returned to the member on leave and they must fill out Part III in order to report on their leave upon return.

Download the document to your desktop, tablet or smartphone to be able to print it out in full. Table of Contents. What Is AF Form ? AF Form Instructions. Rate 4. Show Pagination. Blocks 1 thru 5, 9, 12 thru 21, and 23 thru 25 are self-explanatory. Block 6, current Leave Balance. Verify that the member has enough leave balance to cover the period of leave requested.

This may be done by checking the. Complete 6a when member requests leave with a planned return date within 30 days of DOS. Block 7. This block will be completed, signed, and stamped by the appropriate medical authority if convalescent leave is recommended.

Block 8. For example: base baseball team. Block Leave Authorization Number. Supervisor or designee obtains a leave authorization number immediately before signing a. Do not get leave number earlier than 30 days before effective date. This is the earliest time a member can depart or sign up for space available transportation. If planned departure is on a. NOTE: Leave status is not necessarily chargeable leave.

Date cannot be. Blocks Complete only to authorize advance or excess leave. Blocks are self-explanatory except for blocks 27, 28, and If the requested leave exceeds the current balance but does not exceed the balance to ETS, the leave is advance leave. Complete Blocks and forward the form all parts to the unit commander for approval. If a member requesting leave has a cumulative advance balance. If the requested leave exceeds the balance to ETS, the leave is excess leave.

Complete Blocks 26 and 28 and forward the form. Separate Part I immediately after getting a leave authorization number and signing the form. Forward to the FSO using normal distribution unless the leave is. Forward these requests all parts to the unit for approval. Separate Part II and give to member. Your leave is normally effective on the date you include in your leave request as "first day of chargeable leave. If you want to change your starting or projected return date before departing on leave, you must notify the leave-approving authority.

If you are hospitalized in a military medical treatment facility, ensure that your organization of assignment is notified as soon as possible. If you are hospitalized in a civilian facility, notify the nearest Air Force medical treatment facility Patient Affairs Office as soon as possible.

Observe all traffic rules if you travel by automobile. If you plan to travel by commercial air at reduced rates, contact the airline to learn what documents you need. It is your responsibility to return to your permanent duty station or obtain a leave extension from your supervisor before expiration date of your leave. Proof of use may be required. You must meet all appointments while on leave or reschedule the appointments before departure. Last, First, Middle Initial Last day should be corrected Complete subsections B thru E.

If Space A transportation was used, it was signed up for on. The following examples use a normal work schedule of Monday through Friday, to Video Instructions for AF Form Featured Tags Bill of Sale U.

Please read before printing. Url of this page:.


AF Form 988 "Leave Request/Authorization"

You will find that this form has three sections. All sections must be completed in order to make your request and have your leave authorized. The first section of the form must be completed by the requesting member of the Air Force. You must provide all information in boxes one through six to include, your social security number, name, grade, date of request,leave balance and the type of transaction you are requesting. Complete all remaining information and any detailed information that may be required. You will then sign this section of the form in box This will need to be signed with your supervising officer available to sign and approve your leave.


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