The Abloy Eff Eff U80 12v dc Fire Lock is perfect to be used on fire exit doors as it will release under side load pressure. The locking prism is kept in the locking position through a spring force. When the door closes, the prism works with the striking plate. As the electric strike is energised, the prism is locked into position which then locks the door. In models with integrated door contact, locking actuation to "door closed" status, operated by the door contact, can be permitted. System requirements: Swing door closer with adjustable closing pressure and closing speed which securely positions the door leaf ready for locking.

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Abloy Door Cylinders. Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd - www. The Abloy U80 electric lock for use with single or double action doors, including escape doors. Abloy U80 enables remote locking and unlocking.

Fail unlocked; the locking bolt is held in the locked position by means of spring power. When closing the door, the bolt latches into the striking plate. When power is applied to the strike, with the door in the closed position, the bolt will deadlock.

The distance between the strike and the striking plate can be adjusted by the use of spacers placed under the strike plate. The U80 is equipped with an armature and a trigger contact which are both potential-free switch over contacts.

The armature contact can be used for monitoring the locking status. Electric Locks. Industrial Locks. Key Platforms. Abloy Padlocks. Abloy Euro Profile Cylinders. Abloy Rim Cylinders. Abloy UK Oval Cylinders. Abloy Mortice Screw-in Cylinders. Electric Lock Accessories. Electric Lock Kits. Motor Locks Narrow Style. Motor Locks Standard Style. Solenoid Locks Narrow Style. Solenoid Locks Standard Style. Cam Locks. Furniture Locks. Push Button Locks. Safe Deposit Locks. Switch Locks. T Handle Locks.

Abloy Rim Locks. Abloy Mortice Lock Cases. List Group. Tradesmen Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd - www. Write a review. All UK Regions Covered. Description Specification The Abloy U80 electric lock for use with single or double action doors, including escape doors.

Includes a choice of Strike Plate Up to 44mm or mm. Important Note:. Please Select Strike Plate. For Doors Upto 44mm Standard mm. Click to review this product. Our Customers. Newsletter Signup.


351U80 Electric Lock



Abloy Eff Eff 351U80 12v dc Electric Fire Lock


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