My name is Chris Parks AKA Pale Horse I am a freelance graphic designer and digital illustrator with a small studio where I create my work and have been hosting gallery exhibits for the past 3 years. Pale Horse design originally started under a different name with myself and a partner who is a tattoo artist. We mixed tattooing with a graphic design studio and hosted gallery exhibits with artists that we were into. The aesthetic you can achieve with the control and precision of the vector pen tool is like nothing else. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS Sometimes I bust out Corel Painter when I want to experiment with more painterly imagery.

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Vector Brigade. Please introduce yourself and tell us little bit about your background. Where are you from? Could you share with us the history behind www. What does it mean? It started as a personal project,kind of a online showcase of experimentations with illustrations and motion graphics, collaborations with other artists, etc. Later evolved and became a creative studio operating in several fields of design.

You know it makes sense ;. What do you think about vektor graphik? What do you love about it? I always draw stuff with pencil and paper before redrawing.

Never got round using a pen though. What kind of vektor softwares do you currently use? Illustrator and freehand. How would you describe your style? Crazy ass punk post modern victorian shit. How do you work from concept to the final artwerk? Could you tell us the creative process? Always start with research.

Find a good and original approach. Develop some sketches. Improve them. Start final artwork. Get it approved by client. Get paid. Or not :. What are the projekts you are currently working on? Any future projekts you can share with us? Official clothing line, the DVD, bunch of new shit coming your way. Stay tuned. Who are your favourite artists or designers?

Phunkstudio, Jeremy Fish, Flying Fortress. The list goes on. What inspires you? Could you list the 8 things that inspiring you in your creative process?

Everything nowhere and nothing everywhere. Keep it real. Try to develop your own style. It will pay on the long run. What do you think of vektorjunkie. Hate it. Eh eh busted ; cool project always smack down on the vector tip. Thank you so much for doing this interview. Any last words. Thank YOU and everyone who supported vectorbrigade so far! Sorry haters. Phedot B. From the heart of europe, Austria. It is like a platform where we can show our creative outcome, but soon it became more then this.

What did you think about vektor graphic? Theres many ways of how vector graphics can bee seen and used, just as a tool or as an artform. I preffer illustrator CS2. I describe my style as a kind of self-discovery, I always try. I dont want to stick with one style all the time maybe the link between my works is complexity, I like to look at images for some time and still discover new details.

I collect samples and images. To me its important to know already in the beginning how complex and how detailed the work is goin to be, otherwise it can happen that in the end it looks slightly. My biggest project at the moment is to get started with my own design bureau.

Any favorites projekt? I also liked the Skateboard Design exhibition here in vienna , product design is defenitly something i want to get into more. Some of my favourite artists are god, adobe, limkis fancy vektor , juni at work, freaky facets, the VJ artists there are wonderful talents , pamzylove with vectorpeeps and many many more. Music is the biggest inspiration for me, the outcome and the style is very much connected to what im listening to, also nature and the place where i work inspires me,.

I just love to work with you guys, whatever is comin, im down with u guys! Thanks to Scel for translating and may the vektor with you vektorjunkie. I work with clients from all over the world, mainly Brazil and US, from the editorial and advertising areas and now expanding my ambitious tentacles to motion design, animation and fashion. Did some comics here and there, but nothing special. High expectations. The kakofonia. People seems to like it, but today I need. Too many.

But I hope I can get my things together and do something about. Total control. I work like a mean dictator, nothing must be left unchecked, each line must be perfect in place, every single part of my illustrations is very well planned.

If I need to get. And all of this is possible due to the vektors. Dark and Dirty :o. To get the work done I read and study a lot for each job. My work is two parts research, one part illustration. I believe that as an illustrator I must give the reader the best image that will represent that particular article, I mean, somebody may use it on a paperwork for school or use it as a reference for another illustration, who knows?

So the beginning is very important for me and the briefing meeting is almost sacred. Everytime that happens we have major problems in the whole process. And even after that I continue studying. Heaven for me is when I can get. And you only achieve that if you know what you are talking about and more important, what the other is talking about.

I worked as a graphic designer before so I also like to design the pages along with the designer before it all begins,. And from there we start developing the concepts for that job. The goal is always time management, the designer can work on the pages knowing that everything will fit when.

If there are any tweaks, they are minor tweaks. Trust me. So from there I get back to work, and I keep researching. Mostly pictures at this point, to construct the scenes, to use as references, whatever. That done, I start illustrating.

The good thing about continuous research is that you can put on your work visual references that cannot be shown to the reader by words. The right medals on the chest of the officers, the correct names on maps and so on.

And there is something that I love to do that is put subliminal messages on the illos, but always related to the article. Visual memory can be powerful if you give the reader the right illustration. Visual information is a must, and anyone who works with vektors knows that references are very important for us. A simple image can be the spark for a huge project or can be the answer for something you are working on. You are feeding your mind. I believe.


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Please introduce yourself and tell us little bit about your background.. Vectorbrigade, a creative studio created by Nuno Baltazar. Where are you from? Could you share with us the history behind www. What does it mean?







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