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Images of PS Form NOTE: The person signing this form states that he or she is the person, executor, guardian, authorized officer, or agent of the person for whom mail would be forwarded under this order. Anyone submitting false or inaccurate information on this form is subject to punishment by fine or imprisonment or both under Sections 2, , and of Title 18, United States Code. Collection is authorized by 39 USC Filing this form is voluntary, but we cannot forward your mail without it.

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Did you know that one in seven people in the United States change their address each year? Naturally, this creates a tremendous challenge for the Postal Service, which strives to maintain a high-quality repository of current addresses. They can even be made over the telephone. Although Postal Service employees should reject and return orders with no signature, in some cases change-of-address orders without a proper signature slipped through.

We also saw signature mismatches and occasions when Postal Service employees rather than customers signed or initialed the forms. Is there a better way? We think there is. Our audit also examined the Internet and telephone change request systems. We found that these electronic alternatives are not only much more convenient for the customer, they are also far more effective in ensuring that only authorized and validated change-of-address requests are processed.

There has to be a catch, you say. Well, there is. To change your address online, go to moversguide. To change your address by telephone, call You should know the Postal Service does have systems in place to protect customers against unauthorized address changes.

If a change of address has been submitted for you, the Postal Service will follow up with a Move Validation Letter. This letter is sent to your current address and notifies you that a request has been made to forward your mail to a new address. If you did not request to change your address, you should inform your local Post Office immediately as a potentially fraudulent situation may exist. In our audit, we found that the Postal Service generally sends these letters in a timely manner.

Recently, the Postal Service has taken steps to further improve the timeliness of these letters, ensuring that they are processed within 3 to 10 days. My son is a college student who doesn't have a credit card, so your new validation system wouldn't work for someone like him.

He now has to find a way to get to the post office and hope they have a form there. Why can't he just print a form and give it to his mail carrier? I want to change my address. The whole system has become a joke. They forward your mail to a proccessing center hundreds of miles away. Can't change address on bank accounts until the USPeiceS of crap gets around to doing their job.

Tracking numbers don't track anything,Talk to someone in person and they stare at you like your stupid. I just want my mail delivered in a timley manner. Instead i have to wait weeks because they aren't even sure my address exists.

But if they realize they are paying for convenience then maybe they'll be more relaxed about it. I tried to fill in the form online but we are Canadians and the online system will not let us enter a Canadian Province or Postal Code in order to get our mail forwarded until we rweturn in the late fall.

This is not a very impressive system. The post office can't give us a date as to when the new form will be in they have been out for a week now. They are probably sending the forms by USPS so who knowswhen or if they will ever arrive.

Can't believe this system!! We want to print one out and give it to our father who's moving to a nursing home. Your present system forces us to go to the post office to get the form, bring it back to our father's house and fill it out, then go back to the post office with it. Please post a PDF on your website with all the other forms. Thank you! It seems that some Districts may be taking the new directive on pushing electronic COA a little too seriously.

Within the last month I've had five manual COAs disappear into the ethers without a trace. One or two? Maybe, but when it happens continually one has to wonder if there isn't a pattern to lose manual changes and then encourage the customer to go online. Nothing better as a carrier than to have someone hand me someone's mail and telling me "they filled out a change online a few weeks ago Who cares about the bad service Please remove "Service" from our company name.

Another thing I don't like about the online address change is that we don't get to see them-the same goes for the fact that the paper forms are now barcoded. If there is a problem, we might not know about it for a long time. If we had the filled out forms to look at, then we may be able to spot a potential problem before it becomes a real one.

First of all, it isn't your property to "charge for". Secondly, it is charged for in hundreds of thousdands of dollars in license fees to access it.

On related issues. I've tried to use the hold mail option which I can do on line. If I need to extend the hold mail I'm required to visit the local post office in my home town to make the extension. Makes no sense. If I were home I would not need an extension. If I'm out of town I can't visit the local office. The last time I did a change of address notice I was covered up with junk mail from vendors that could have ONLY received the new address from the post office.

Odd point the junk mail folk seem to get the information instantly but my legitimate senders are months late in receiving the data.

Why does management make us hide the COA forms behind the counter? People come to the P. We have even longer lines to accommodate them. This is another ignorant rule created by a totally clueless management that has no idea what goes on at the customer level! I was going to tweet this, but i thought my pc 10 yr ole would suffice. So, tell me What did the Subcommittee on intelligence and information sharing Is the usefulness of this asset across the web critical?

Or is it simply another resource for free access by officials, or authorities? Why don't we charge for this service? One day a private company will take it over and make a profit. Lots of revenue producing options out there that USPS will continue to ignore As a 24 year carrier, I have always informed all senders of my new address weeks before moving.

I agree with Mr. Hammond, the current system is worse-than awful and has been since forwarding was taken out of the carrier's hands. Good to know. I'm moving in about 6 months. Was wondering what I should do. I guess I'll be going online, although it'd be better if it were free :. To Observer: I applaud you for mot using our change of address system. I would much rather prefer that you the customer makes sure all your mail is sent to the correct address.

This would make for a much easier job for me!!! Thank you so much for your kindness.. The credit card companies didn't want the USPS using their databases without a charge.

The never ending rush to automate everything As a carrier for 29 yrs, I can say for certain that the worst way to submit a change of address is online. Who in the Postal Service needs to know if you move?

Thats right your mail carrier! Who is the last person in the Postal Service to know that you move if you file online? Thats right your mail carrier. This system flat out sucks! Weeks have gone by from a customer moving and the carrier remember the only one who needs to know if you moved being informed. The hard copy change of address handed to the carrier is the most efficient and you are delusional if you think otherwise.

My mail carrier is not the only person who needs to know if I move. The sorting infrastructure needs to know which post office to send my mail to, long before my mail carrier ever sees it. Free is a much better bargain!!!! Now quit ruining my Post Office It is not "change of address. We should be returning a lot more mail, rather than fixing addresses for customers who haven't lived there for years, or senders just don't have the right town or whatever.

Way too much manual handling of letters at the destination offices.


Download USPS Change Of Address Form PDF

Anyone who will changing their USPS address should do this as soon as possible after the new address is secured. Form is used to change your mailing address—the place where you receive your mail—which can be different than the address of your permanent home. October The IRS may send you notices, refunds paid with a paper check and other correspondence relating to your personal, gift and estate taxes. If you don't let the IRS know that you moved, it sends all correspondence to your last known address, the one listed on your most recent tax return. February


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