Sri Vysasa Madhva Samshodhana Pratishtha. Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya. Date: 15 January , 2. Purpose of this document.

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Sri Vysasa Madhva Samshodhana Pratishtha. Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya. Date: 15 January , 2. Purpose of this document. The purpose of this document is to bring out summary points from the lecture delivered by Dr. The purpose of the workshop was to bring out the relevance and meaning of the prayers that one needs to offer for overall upliftment.

This document is not a comprehensive account or accurate assimilation of the lecture delivered, but seeks to capture some salient points from the same.

Any error in the process is seriously regretted. Summary Points. Relevance of daily rituals and good conduct achara. This is true even in our modern lives. The importance of a scholar or knowledge worker is greater than the richest of men. However if this knowledge is not supplemented and supported by good conduct, this knowledge can be harmful and perverted. To illustrate this, the most heinous crimes are committed by the most brilliant of men, but who have employed the intelligence for a bad cause.

So, it is clear that knowledge has to be channeled in the right direction by good conduct. Our conduct achara is like the vessel and our knowledge vichara is like the milk. Timing of rituals. Hence we need to use the time available in an optimal manner, that is, we need to maximize the benefit that we get in the limited time.

Even in our modern times, the concept of time is sacrosanct. In our student as well as our official lives, performance of activities has to be done in a time-bound manner, else the relevance is lost. The mind is pure and devoid of any stress and confusions. As the day progresses the mind looses the purity as there is a lot of overlap amongst the different things. In the early morning the mind is pure and is fresh to grasp anything. Hence one should wake up early in the morning and pray to God during that time.

Then one should perform Dhyana or recollection of what one has studied the previous day. Sandhyavandane- The Vedic Prayer. The purpose is to activate our mind and brain and then drive away the evil spirits that are active during that period with an intention to harm us.

The yogic pose of Padmasana is recommended for this purpose. Against each action is mentioned the meaning and significance. Drinking a small quantity of water equal to size of urad dal. Lubricates the entire food pipe and cleans it. Takes in pure air and lets out impure air.

Gets us the control of the entire body. Recollecting the date, time and place in which the activity is being performed. Develops the willpower required for a successful mindset. Completes the bathing ritual with the mantras. Drinking the sacred water. Purification of the body. Re-cleaning the body. Offering the sacred water to Lord Narayana residing in the sun god.

Solar energy is recognized as having enormous powers in purification, ripening of fruits, medicinal powers in curing skin and other related diseases. Sharpens the mind, leads to clear and sharp thinking, memory and leads to personal upliftment. Prayer to the presiding deities of all the directions. To get protection and success in all the 10 directions. Offering the actions at the feet of Lord Krishna. This completes the activity and gives it all the relevance.

An action which is not offered on the feet of the Lord is useless and meaning less. Word in the Gayatri Mantra. Lord Narayana, who is complete in all respects. One who is superior in all respects to Goddess Mahalakshmi. One who is filled with all the auspicious qualities. One who is omnipresent. One who has created the universe. One who is prayed by all. One who sustains the universe. One who has great qualities.

One who is filled with knowledge and light. We pray to him. Dheeyo yonaha prachodayat. May he, Lord Narayana, lead us to the right path. Benefits of performing rituals.


trikala sandhyavandhanam - madhva sampradaya

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Trikala Sandhyavandhanam - Madhva Sampradaya

Sandhya vandanam — means a prayer to Surya Mandala madhya Sri Laxmi NarayanaSandhyavandam is a daily ritual to be done 3 times a day, during sunrise, noon and sunset. There are many instances in the shastra where Surya Mandala madhya Sri Laxmi Narayana is invoked for example a. Aditya Hridayam b. Akshaya Patre for Yudishtira during vanvas. Giving argya to surya and doing Gayatri Japa with the above context gives all the results as described above and many more. Surya gives health, wealth, fame, etc when given argya regularly.


Namaste Suresh, Sorry for the delay, I was trying to verify the information, I have not got any confirmation from anybody regarding using sugarcane juice for abhisheka end product Sugar is used. I don't think there is any restriction in keeping it for naivedya though. Following are the abhisheka items, I am familiar with a. Milk b.



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