Devi Khdgamala storam The prayer of garland of swords to the goddess Translated by P. Ramachander Here is a great prayer addressed to the great Goddess which protects us from all enemies and dangers like a garland of swords. Sri Devi refers to Shakti, the Divine Mother. Khadga means Sword, Mala means Garland, Stotram means a hymn or song of praise. The KS takes us mentally through the Sri Chakra ; i.

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Each and every name within the stotram corresponds to a unique divine energy contained within the Sri Chakra, the sacred design which transmits the energy of the highest divine consciousness. Amma has said that chanting this stotram every day will definitely lead to enlightenment, and that the same peak experience gained from ten hours of meditation can be attained from this highly energetic stotram.

It is a very special hymn in praise of the the Most Powerful Shakti,the savior,the preservator,the Ultimate Protector for all mankind! Shakti, the Divine Mother in a distinctive way, each of the names uttered has a unique meaning and purpose,The Word 'Khadga' means Sword, 'Mala' means Garland,Stotram means a hymn or song of praise.

So the Devi Khadgamala Stotram is a hymn sung in praise of Divine Mother,who is said to bestow a protective garland of mystical weapons from all Calamities upon those who recite it. Meaning Divine mother decked with jewels and in a red saree,One who is fairer than milk and the rays of the moon, one with three eyes, holding a book, a noose, a goad, and a garland of letters in the four hands. Shakti is the personification of all the above and is purest form of beauty, aesthetic, harmonious,peaceful, melodiuosly singing,joyful, vibrantly moving around in the Sri Chakra.

The names mentioned below are the Saints who have worshipped Divine Mother and attained liberation Moksha. Lopamudramayi - Lopamudra - She offered herself for worship Agastyamayi - Agastya - he drank the water of the oceans, drying them up Kalatapanamayi - Kalatana - he set time on fire Dharmacharyamayi - Dharmacharya - he preached the nature of good and evil Muktakesisvaramayi - Muktakaleisvara - not worrying about his appearace he let the hair flow loose Dipakalanathamayi - Depakalanada - he gazed on eternal light Visnudevamayi - Vishnudeva - he expanded himself, took up the whole of space Prabhakara devamayi - Prabhaharadeva - he became a star called the sun Tejodevamayi - Tejodeva - he became the light witch was speeding over all space creating space itself Manojadevamayi - Manojadeva - he was desire Kalyanadevamayi - Kalyanadeva - he was ever auspicious Vasudevamayi - Vasudeva - the world grew out of his memory Ratnadevamayi - Ratnadeva - concentrated like jewels Sri Ramanandamayi - Sri Ramananda - he enjoyed the Goddess Sri Rama Blissfully.

Trilokya mohana chakra swamini Prakata yogini. The passions called : lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil. The procedure to control these passions and obtain the powers of: agitating all Negativities , liquefying all orgasmic ally , attracting all, controlling all, maddening all, directing all, moving in all space, be the information of all, be the source of all womb , be tri-fold division of all the known, the knowing, and the will know.

The wheel of the three worlds of waking, dreaming and sleeping, expressing Herself openly without inhibitions. Follow are the sixteen attractive powers identified with the sixteen days of the lunar calendar: the Gods of the second enclosure. Kamakarshini - Attractive powers of desire Buddhyakarshini - Attractive powers of discrimination Ahamkarakarshini - Attractive powers of ego Sabdhakarshini - Attractive powers of sound Sparsakarshini - Attractive powers of touch Rupakarhsini - Attractive powers of form Rasakarshini - Attractive powers of taste Gandhakarshini - Attractive powers of odor Chittakarshini - Attractive powers of mind Dharyakarshini - Attractive powers of valor Smrityikarshini - Attractive powers of memory Namakarshini - Attractive powers of name Bijakarshini - Attractive powers of image Atmakarshini - Attractive powers of self Amrtakarshini - Attractive powers of immortality Sarirakarshini - Attractive powers of morality Sarvasa paripuraka chakra swamini Gupta Yogini - The wheel which fulfills all directions and all desires, the secret Yogini.

Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of flowering Ananga Mekhale - The sentiment of marking Ananga Madane - The sentiment of love Ananga Madananture - The sentiment of desire Ananga Rekhe - The sentiment of outlining Ananga Vegini - The sentiment of desire for life net Ananga Kusume - The sentiment of the insistence on feminity Ananga Malini - The sentiment of indulgence Sarva sanksoghana sadhaka chakra swamini Gupta tara Yogini - The wheel that agitates everyone, the inner yogini.

Following are the eight forms of Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, Gods of the seventh Enclosure. Baanini - The five flowered arrows of Manmatha God of love, Kaamdev representing the five senses of sound music , touch feel , form beauty , taste sweetness , smell fragrance. Chapini - The sugar cane bow the mind which likes sweet things of life.

Pasini - The attractive power of love. Ankusini - The repulsive power to controling evil. The wheel of all bliss, the transcendental secret Yogini. Tripure - Three states of Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Amma Sri Karunamayi on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Recent Post by Page. Amma Sri Karunamayi. Because of the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have been asked on a global scale to stop in our tracks and radically shift the way we go about our days.

For some that means losing work, or working in environments that may not be safe. For others, it means having children at home, working to juggle a new structure to family life, or not being able to see loved ones at all. For many of us it means canceling plans and social activities and staying at home until further notice.

No matter what these changes look like on a personal level, most of us would agree that life has just become increasingly uncertain as we see so much suffering, untimely death, sickness and unemployment.

With the uncertainty that arises when our usual structures and routines fall away, it is natural to feel ungrounded, anxious, and thrown off center. These uncertainties are manifested by Kala Sarpa Doshams which our beloved Amma has spoken about in Her previous Divine message. We have recently entered the third of four doshams. Click the link below to read Amma's latest Divine message and learn how you can sponsor the special homas during this 9 day auspicious event.

Trilokya mohana chakra swamini Prakata yogini The passions called : lust, anger, possessiveness, obsession, pride, jealousy, good, and evil. Following are the eight forms of different sentiments: - the third enclosure. Follow the descriptions of the fourteen worlds of the fourth enclosure. Below is the list of Gods of the fifth Chakra. Follow the Gods of the sixth Enclosure. Follow are the powerful weapons of the Divine Mother Baanini - The five flowered arrows of Manmatha God of love, Kaamdev representing the five senses of sound music , touch feel , form beauty , taste sweetness , smell fragrance.


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