This seller has not set a shipping cost for Germany. Please contact them to ask about shipping. The A Cinema Surround Speaker offers high power handling, high sensitivity, and extended bass response in a very compact enclosure. The A features a mm 8 in low frequency driver for smooth, extended bass response, a mm 5 in midrange transducer for the critical midrange, and a 25 mm 1 in titanium-laminate dome tweeter to provide wide, even high frequency coverage. The watt continuous power rating watt peaks provides wide dynamic range with reliability. Built to traditional JBL quality standards, the A will stand up to long-term use under adverse conditions while delivering excellent performance.

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David E. I ask because I need to buy 6 of these. I rarely see the older box style being listed for sale, but everyone carries the plastic ones. This is good if you are lifting them up a ladder. I do think they are different. I often removed old ones from a room to use as spares for the rest of the plex and then put all new into one room.

For certain the tweeter is different. If you only need a few of the wooden ones, I have 9 or 10 brand new still in cartons, purchased just for this use. Buy QSC Surrounds instead! Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!! I like the A and the Personally, I prefer the Plastic ones and I never thought that would be the case. I was VERY skeptical about them when they came out and staid with the wooden ones while one could get both.

But to each their own when it comes to sound JBL no longer makes either of them. A supply of new or used wooden case would match up and solve his problem.

The and are completely different from the fossilized and are more respectable but they are also a lot more speaker and a lot more money per speaker.

But hey, you want to stick with that 30 year old technology! Ditto for their screen speakers. My findings are just the opposite of yours in that the QSC's actually require very little tuning if you use enough of them. They are much easier to hang.

And to your favor Steve "I will never buy anything Chinese" Guttag they are made here in the States inside the old Series 1 amplifier building! Oddly enough, there were s, s and As. It wasn't even a close call. The As required almost no tuning and sounded just fine The A's weak point is its midrange. It is very easy to overheat its voice coil and have it bubble up the VC former. Last I checked Mark, I go with what works and what works best. I call em like I see em. I agree that QSC has the best stage speaker out there.

I love the SC and Their subs are fine too though they are inferior to the JBL C if you want flat response, deep bass and power handling. For surrounds, nope Mind you, I've used current QSC models too I'm NOT a fan of the It is a clear case that JBL was using the reputation of its larger siblings to sell the "economy" model The exception being that the being superior to As for "old technology" Akin to comparing an A-7 to an A Compare apples to apples here!

As for using old stuff, it's fine as long as there is a parts source. If you want to base a huge installation around some old Altec's be sure you can support them for a minimum of 25 years. I love old Altec's too, but I've also found the practicality on using them is extremely slim.

You will ultimately be relying on parts made in dreaded China!! I compared A to the as well as the and the A was superior to either the or the As for Altec Of all of it Again, you speak from ignorance because you speculated rather than know. As Gordon mentioned Great Plains Audio, bought the tooling from Altec when they closed the Oklahoma plant The result are new LF drivers, diaphragms. The Mantaray horns are also new via Audio Associates in Oklahoma they bought the horn molds.

Specify if you want 3-hole or 4-hole horns. In fact the variety of drivers is larger than ever. Great Plains is making Alnico drivers as well as ferrite. The is available with a variety of horns too. Companies don't know if they will be in business that long and those that are may not have access to the component parts to support them.

Who is to say that the needs will be the same in years that will make what is in use now less desirable. I wonder how long they will last?? All times are Central GMT Printer-friendly view of this topic.


JBL 8330A 2008 Black



JBL Professional 8330A Cinema Surround Speaker 1 PC


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