Join a community of shooters to learn, grow and most importantly have fun. To the membership, We are experiencing the most unique and unsettling time in our histo Matches are held virtually every weekend of the year. Many ranges will also hold matches during the week. Browse matches and find one near you.

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Join a community of shooters to learn, grow and most importantly have fun. To the membership, We are experiencing the most unique and unsettling time in our histo Matches are held virtually every weekend of the year.

Many ranges will also hold matches during the week. Browse matches and find one near you. Not sure if competitive shooting is right for you? Find a local match and experience it for yourself.

Use the search to find a local classifier. Local IDPA affiliated clubs are the backbone of the sport. These clubs reach over 25, members. Competitors come from the United States and over 70 Foreign countries to compete in matches. Join the comradery of like- minded shooters all over the world.

Compete with friends, and make new ones through your local club. Learn more about IDPA membership. IDPA offers a range of benefits to local clubs. We provide you with a platform to help manage events and members. View our club benefits page to learn more about what you get with IDPA. Our Postal Match final results are posted here, by division.

Congratulations to all our winners. Please sign be sure to login to view the results. We understand that several members have had issues using the code to extend their renewals online. We apologize for any difficulties. We have instead corrected the site to automatically apply the code at checkout so there is no need to copy and paste the code for membership extension.

If you have any questions, please email…. Continue Reading. To the membership, We are experiencing the most unique and unsettling time in our history. As information changes daily and contradictions abound, I know that this will last longer than anyone can predict.

Major matches as well as club level matches have been cancelled and rescheduled many times and this has generated questions as to the status of the National Championship. We are going to postpone the Championship slated for September 23 , to September 22 — 25, This decision was not made lightly as it is the highlight of the IDPA year. Many considerations were given to the level of participation that the State of Colorado would allow along with the health and welfare of the participants.

The damage to the economy caused by the reaction to the COVID pandemic, is currently unmeasurable but real to many of our members. Internationally, the situation is worse in many parts of the world and our members in those countries are even more affected. Many of our sponsors businesses have been deeply hurt by enforced shut-downs or lack of income. Travel bans may still be in place for some members.

We want to provide the best experience possible for our members traveling to a National Championship and I just do not believe we will be able to provide that in We understand members have concerns over point requirements, so we will be extending the points period from June 1, to May 31, , for entry into the match. For those of you fortunate to have been less affected, I would encourage you to get out and support your local clubs and businesses.

We are truly disappointed to make this announcement but feel it is in the best interest of our members and our sport. Thank you all for your patience and understanding and we hope to see you on the range soon!

It is our position that members, club contacts, and match directors should monitor this situation and stay in touch with their host ranges. We are not going to make any formal policy or recommendations as to whether matches should be held or canceled. We feel that it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to compete in any match, sanctioned or local. We also hope that our membership is courteous enough to stay at home and away from match environments if they have any symptoms or feel like they may have been exposed.

It is up to match directors to decide whether or not to hold their matches. Members should continually monitor their preferred sources of information.

We at Headquarters hope that all our members are safe, healthy and prepared. As of Jan. Many of these clubs are going to run the match again. Approximately a third of these scores have issues that are going to take a lot of work to get through. If shooters have received a classification in the division they entered, they need to drop us an email so that can be verified and changed before dropping their scores. We have found several instances where scoring errors on the tablets have resulted in stage scores being omitted in the final results.

They appear incomplete but in the stages that are missing, targets were not all completely scored so the missing information prevents scores from showing up. We do not have the resources to review several thousand entries in the scoring system, but we will take a look at anything someone needs us to review.

Category awards - when we close out the match for scoring, we will break out each division into its own match for reporting purposes.

By doing that, we can post the awards including all of the special categories by division. When scores are posted, each award report will show the special categories which we will make and send out for everyone who provided an email when they signed up.

We have been getting emails and people who talk to us are sharing how they are enjoying shooting this match with their cross country and international friends.

Good luck! Recently we have had some inquiries regarding high capacity magazines to be used at the event in Grand Junction, Colorado. A few years ago, the state of Colorado passed a law that regulated the sale, possession and use of large capacity magazines Colorado Revised Statute and Prior to the selection of Grand Junction as the Nationals site for , we investigated this issue to ascertain if this would affect our shooters coming to join us at the National Championship.

The information we received in the communication from Matt Lewis, Mesa County Sheriff, convinced us that Colorado was an appropriate choice. If you have further concerns, you may wish to investigate this on your own by reading the statute; by contacting the range, Cameo Shooting and Educational Complex, to confirm their general practice; or by using reduced capacity magazines if that makes you more comfortable.

We look forward to shooting with you in September! Some CSOs may have filled out the old application previously, but please fill out the new application so that HQ can attach it to your profile electronically. The applicant will get 2 opportunities to pass the exam; if, after 2 attempt the applicant has not passed the test, they must wait until the next calendar year to try again.

The member must wait at least 24 hours between attempts. After passing the test, the system will update the 2 year SO expiration date. HQ will periodically review CSO eligibility based on the needs of the sport. CSO candidates not following this process will be disallowed from the testing system for 1 year and considered ineligible for CSO status.

CSOs for Tiers 1 and 2 matches are appointed by the Match Director of a particular event for that match. We wish you a successful testing experience! The Democrats have managed to take control of that government and are pushing for the most insane, hypocritical gun control laws that this country has ever seen.

These laws will make all our IDPA members in that state criminals. They will shut down all the ranges where members and all other individuals shoot. And, they will strip law abiding citizens of their ability for self-protection.

Northham of Virginia purports that he is proposing this legislation for the protection of the citizens, but in fact, by making illegal nearly every semi-automatic pistol and rifle, this is more about control than about a compromise for public safety. If Virginia falls, other states will follow like dominoes. Through the establishment of Sanctuary Counties, VA Law Enforcement spread the word that they would not enforce these unconstitutional laws.

In the past two days, the state government there has threatened law enforcement with unemployment, loss of benefits and pensions, so that they will be forced to confiscate firearms and enforce this legislation. Why am I writing to you? I am asking you to join me in supporting our friends in the southeast. Monday, Jan. If you can, please join this effort. Donate to the organizations that are fighting this fight.

Contact the elected officials in your state as well as in VA. Share this information with our friends who care about freedom. This is not just an issue for Virginians — it is an issue for all law-abiding gun owners in every state in the US. Joyce Wilson. Go check out the just added LoProfile Hoodie! Click here to start shopping. There has been a huge interest in shooting the IDPA Postal Match with over 84 clubs requesting the match information.

We are very excited to have so much interest and participation in the match. To help things run smoothly, here are a few reminders. Please read and follow the match instructions. If you are unsure or have a questions, email PostalMD gmail. We are having trouble with clubs directly uploading the file in to Practiscore, which then overwrites the master copy.

Email postalmd gmail.


Old ( Historical ) IDPA Rule Books

CDP — Night. If you want to shoot your to see how you do against other shooters, bring your John Browning special pistol and your. Shooters that do not have a can still shoot their normal division. We conduct our match in accordance to the Rule Book under the terms of a Tier 1 non-sanctioned match. We shoot the match every Tuesday excluding holidays with setup starting at pm all help is greatly appreciated and first shot is as close to pm as possible. If it is your first time ever shooting IDPA, we conduct a mandatory new-shooter briefing at pm more details below.


IDPA Rulebook

The final edition of the IDPA Rulebook has been released early, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of work that went into it. Predictably, there are quite a few changes from the draft rulebook that was released and the final version. The finalized version of the rulebook will go into effect October 1st, after the IDPA Nationals and will affect all future matches. First, is the potentially disastrous safety officer rule.


IDPA Match Rules



IDPA Rulebook released


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