He was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from until his death in According to French political scientist Gilles Kepel, Baz was a "figurehead" whose "immense religious erudition and his reputation for intransigence" gave him prestige among the population of Saudi Arabia and he "could reinforce the Saud family's policies through his influence with the masses of believers", and his death left the government without a comparable figure from within the Salafi clergy to "fill his shoes". Bin Baz issued a fatwa authorizing a wealth tax to support the Mujahideen during the anti-Soviet jihad. It is said to be the first official call for jihad by a nation state against another nation state in modern times.

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A booklet containing a collection of messages and questions by Sheikh Ibn Baz -may God have mercy on him that related to the Tawheed on the slaves, and the warning of the largest and smallest polytheism and its means. This permission was granted in response to the requests of many people, hoping that Allah Exalted be He extends its great academic benefit to all. We implore Allah Exalted be He to add it to the record of his good deeds and make it a disperser of doubts.

Many Muslims inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attempted to collect and distribute the works of his Eminence driven by their love and trust in his knowledge. These are some questions, concerning the rites of Hajj and Umrah asked by some of our brothers. The answers to these questions are as follow. This is an advice from the previous Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia in regard to Riba usury transactions that have proliferated in the recent times through the numerous financial institutions that have been established throughout the world.

This is a small booklet which has Islamic teachings for the Muslim Ummah. So the writer of this message said in the introduction:"This is a brief about the manner of praying of the prophet introduced to each muslim to try hard to follow him for the saying of the prophet "Pray as you have seen me praying. Uncorrect creeds nullify deeds and sayings branched out of them. Inspite of its small size but it includes rulings of major and minor jurisprudence in addition to islamic manners and etiquettes and ended with warning of polytheism and kinds of disobedience.

The protection of tawhid English. Author : Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz. Ibn Baz 2nd Edition English. Important Lessons to the General Nation Chinese. Virtues of Fasting Chinese. A brief of performing rituals of Hajj,Umra and Visiting.

Description of Prayer of the Prophet —peace be upon him- Bengali. The Three Fundamental Principles Arabic. Matters of Hajj, Umrah, and the Visit French. Description of Prayer of the Prophet —peace be upon him- Maranao.


Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz



Books by Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz


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