Ya puedes agendar tu cita, teniendo en cuenta que:. Si quieres una cita escribe a dramantellini gmail. Nos han permitido Lo mismo pasa si aumentamos mucho de peso, pero por un mecanismo diferente. Espero tus comentarios.

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Ya puedes agendar tu cita, teniendo en cuenta que:. Si quieres una cita escribe a dramantellini gmail. Nos han permitido Lo mismo pasa si aumentamos mucho de peso, pero por un mecanismo diferente.

Espero tus comentarios. O bien estoy sangrando entre mis reglas, sea manchas obscuras o sangrado abundante, lo que debes saber, es que no es normal. No dejes de preguntar y comentar. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Dra. Carmen C. Mantellini on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Mantellini Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Something that has been taking importance lately is the role of eye protection in reducing the risk of infection or transmission of SARS-Cov 2. The use of this modality confers a more level of protection not only to health personnel, but also to the general public, which has not been considered in the general recommendations.

However, none of the interventions alone offers complete protection against SARS-Cov2 infection or transmission, so we must consider implementing them all along with frequent hand washing with water and soap until therapeutic or prevention alternatives arise by vaccines for this disease. Yesterday a meta analysis was published in The Lancet magazine with support from the World Health Organization, according to which the use of plugs protects not only health staff, but also the exposed general public.

N95 respirators or similar were superior in protection. Surgical masks also conferred protection regarding the non-use of plugs. Avoid touching it while you're wearing it, even when you feel uncomfortable, as you can contaminate yourself.

I love you so much. According to an online meta-analysis published in The Lancet magazine yesterday, the most effective tool to reduce the likelihood of infection is social distancing. This decrease was significant at least a meter away, but distances equal to or greater than 2 meters are more effective. Along with wearing masks and eye protection significantly improves risk, without completely eliminating it.

During this quarantine these disorders may be more frequent or notorious causing a little concern in those who suffer from them. We show a snippet of the interview offered by the dramantellini Belonging to the tuclinicamvo team who provides us with a very useful and timely information on this topic.

With the easing of quarantine, this week consultations are allowed on restricted hours from 7 am to 2 pm. As you can see, medical clinics have low probability of contagion, especially those where we don't see respiratory patients. However we do not let our guard down and in the office we maintain measures of social distancing, personal protection, frequent hand washing and disinfection of the area.

You can schedule your appointment now, considering that:. If you want an appointment write to dramantellini gmail. Since , this day has been celebrated in order to raise awareness about menstruation. What girls and women can we talk freely about her. Let's talk about menstruation! Menstruation is a normal thing and doesn't stop during the pandemic. While it is not a menstrual cycle disorder, it often happens in women who do not know what are already in menopause and therefore is a symptom of alarm and mandatory consultation.

Usually, a menstruation failure of at least 12 months, in a woman over the age of 40, is considered menopause, so any bleeding after this break should be studied immediately. The most frequent causes are uterine polyps, mostly benign injuries, but require their removal and final diagnosis. Do you know your menstrual click? Have you presented any abnormality in these quarantine times? Gynaecological infections can cause alterations of genital bleeding and are almost never accompanied by fever or chills.

Sometimes we bleed outside the days of menstruation or sometimes menstruation gets very painful and abundant. In some cases it is even accompanied by painful sex or pain after the relationship. A frequent background is the genital flow with bad smell that we let it pass or what despite the treatment persists and we do not go to the consultation on time.

In all these cases we must rule out a deep gynaecological infection, also called Pelviana Inflammatory Disease. The good news is that with timely treatment symptoms improve. While we have been talking about menstrual cycle disorders, among so many changes of habits, whether to eat or sleep, we could be in the presence of a pregnancy, which manifests itself as an abnormal genital bleeding. In many cases what the patient refers is that her last menstruation was scarce and unpainful, and in these times of change, it is normal to think that there was nothing to worry about.

Bleeding from the first trimester of pregnancy requires immediate medical care, so it is very important to consult. Do you have any contraceptive method? Have you stopped taking it, you had unprotected relationships and have abnormal bleeding? So call us abundant genital bleeding, sometimes with clots that accompanies menstruation, also when this bleeding lasts at least 8 days. The causes are many, it may be due to hormonal alterations, clotting alterations or injuries along what we call the genital device.

Fortunately the most common injuries are benign, such as miomas or polyps, but require you to go to the gynaecological consultation to rule them out. In some cases bleeding is so severe that it produces acute anemia, in others, for not consulting in time, chronic anemia is developing, the patient does not realize, but if you ask her feel tired, difficulty remembering things and palpitations to small efforts.

How is your menstruation? Do you easily stain your clothes? Do you bleed with clots? What better time to understand the impact telecommunications have had on our lives. We have been allowed:. If you have covid and have a gynaecological doubt you can check me through coronafirewall. You can also get me at aliv. Whether we're eating more, whether we're eating less than usual, or because we're eating different, weight changes can cause menstruation failures.

When we stop eating, or when we lose weight below critical weight, ovulation stops, and therefore the rule stops coming. The same happens if we gain a lot of weight, but by a different mechanism. Hence the importance of taking control of what we do and eat, and from the hand of specialists, maintaining a healthy diet that does not affect health. Sleep is a vital function as important to health as it could be to breathe.

That's why we insist so much on caring and preserving a deep and restful sleep, and very important even, that it is overnight. Insomnia negatively affects not only our mood, we become irritable and sad, it also affects appetite, concentration, memory and among other functions, affects the menstrual cycle. Patients with chronic insomnia consult for menstrual disorders ranging from intermenstrual stain to prolonged menstruation failure.

And how are you sleeping? Has your rhythm changed sleep? Do you wake up with the feeling of rested? I wait for your comments. Very long cycles are often referred to more than 35 days between one menstruation and the next.

This excess, also called clinical hyperandrogenism, also favors the appearance of hair in the abdomen, face and in severe cases even in the glutes.

If we diagnose and try in time we can regularize cycles again, improve the appearance of hair and especially prevent the formation of secondary scars to acne out of control. If you have acne, lots of hair or menstruations that are delayed, it's important that you consult, and from the hand of specialists in dermatology and endocrinology, we can help you. We have all heard that just after development, it is common for girls and adolescents to present 2 years, irregular cycles.

How to be sure if it's normal? The most important thing is that from the beginning they learn to keep the record of your bleeding days, so we can know not only their frequency but also the amount and how many days last. I love you so much This is important because once cycles are regular, any alteration already warns us that something is happening.

The most common thing in adolescents are hormonal alterations of development such as increased androgens, and if we treat it in time we avoid symptoms as annoying as exaggerated hair and acne.

That's why we wish you a happy day International of the Family! What's going on? Either because it takes me to arrive menstruation, or on the contrary, it arrived before the date. Either I'm bleeding between my rules, dark spots or abundant bleeding, what you should know, is that it's not normal.

I'll be posting some of their most frequent causes. Don't stop asking and commenting. See More. Congratulations to our colleagues and allies in health care. There was no year in my training that weren't there, with so much love and delivery.



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O ciclo menstrual dunha muller pode ser regular ou non. Cara aos 45 a 55 anos media O ciclo menstrual vai de regra a regra. O magnesio presente na carne , marisco , leite etc.





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