Epistaxis Epistaxis. Esta es dada mediante las ramas de la facial, coronarias superiores, arteria del subtabique, palatina mayor, esfenopalatina, maxilar interna, para la carotida externa. El plexo anterior , famoso, conocido como Plexo de Kiesselbach o de Little , es donde confluyen las ramas de las etmoidales anterior y posterior, arteria del subtabique, ramas de la esfenopalatina. Epistaxis Superior : En un sangrado masivo, antes de pensar en una epistaxis posterior, siempre debe sospechar una epistaxis superior. Ante la imposibilidad de identificar el vaso sangrante, debe realizarse un taponamiento superior, es decir hacia la zona del cornete superior, o encima del cornete medio, ya que es la zona de emergencia de las arterias etmoidales. En muchas ocasiones se realiza el taponamiento posterior y persiste el sangrado porque no se ha identificado el origen superior de la epsitaxis.

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Impact of restaurant hygiene grade cards on foodborne-disease hospitalizations in Los Angeles County. Although health departments routinely inspect restaurants to assess compliance with established hygienic standards, few data are available on the effectiveness of these efforts in preventing foodborne disease.

The study reported here assessed the impact on foodborne-disease hospitalizations in Los Angeles County of a restaurant hygiene grading system that utilized publicly posted grade cards. The grading systm was introduced in January Hospital discharge data on foodborne-disease hospitalizations were analyzed for Los Angeles County and, as a control, for the rest of California during the period Ordinary least-squares regression analysis was done to measure the effect of the grading progam on these hospitalizations.

After baseline temporal and geographic trends were adjusted for, the restaurant hygiene grading program was associated with a The Los Angeles basin. In the early s, Edward L Doheny, a mining prospector down on his luck, observed residents of Los Angeles gathering brea from the area's tar pits for use as fuel in coal-scarce California.

This paper reports that drilling wells in the Los Angeles City field posed the problem of making oil production compatible with urban living. Residents had to deal with noise, dirt, traffic, odors, and waste disposal.

At least one solution to the waste disposal problem proved unique. A homeowner with a rig in his backyard had no place for a sump in which to run waste water and mud. However, his house had a basement, and that's where the mud went. Los Angeles and Its Mistress Machine. Los Angeles city has acute air pollution problems because of lack of an adequate mass transit system and the type of local industries. Air pollution in Los Angeles has affected agricultural production, vegetation, and public health in nearby areas.

Hangar con alas, Los Angeles. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Molecular characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates obtained from two hospital outbreaks in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Antibiotic resistant strains of Acinetobacter baumannii have been responsible for an increasing number of nosocomial infections including bacteremia and ventilator-associated pneumonia.

In this study, we analyzed 38 isolates of A. Pulsed field gel electrophoresis, tri-locus multiplex PCR and multi-locus sequence typing Pasteur scheme were used to examine clonal relationships of the outbreak isolates. Broth microdilution method was used to determine antimicrobial susceptibility of these isolates. PCR and subsequent DNA sequencing were employed to characterize antibiotic resistance genetic determinants. Pulsed field gel electrophoresis analysis identified two clonal clusters, one with 20 isolates Global Clone I and the other with nine Global Clone II , which dominated the two outbreaks.

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing using 14 antibiotics indicated that all isolates were resistant to antibiotics belonging to four or more categories of antimicrobial agents.

In particular, over three fourth of 38 isolates were found to be resistant to both imipenem and meropenem. Additionally, all isolates were found to be resistant to piperacillin, four cephalosporin antibiotics, ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin. Resistance phenotypes of these strains to fluoroquinolones were correlated with point mutations in gyrA and parC genes that render reduced affinity to target proteins. ISAba1 was detected immediately upstream of the bla OXA gene present in those isolates that were found to be resistant to both carbapenems.

Class 1 integron-associated resistance gene cassettes appear to contribute to resistance to aminoglycoside antibiotics. The two outbreaks were. Trouble Brewing in Los Angeles. Policy Brief. The city of Los Angeles will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. We determined that residents and medical students in the internal medicine residency program who are rotating through these clinics did not receive enough teaching during their rotation.

We decided to create and implement an urgent care curriculum and lectures to help achieve structure for the rotation. The goal of this series was to educate and assist residents in the primary care setting to comfortably manage subspecialty conditions, help reduce the already-overwhelmed county subspecialty referral system, and promote learning.

We used core curriculum topics as provided by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to design the curriculum. We sent e-mails to the stakeholders whom we identified as the residents and the attending physicians working in urgent care, inquiring after topics they wanted to discuss during the rotation. Using these responses we compiled a list of all of the topics that could be discussed and reviewed during the rotation.

These topics were broken down into short to minute-long lectures. During the lectures, we provided a retrospective post- then prequestionnaire to the residents for evaluation of the program and the lectures. A benefit of the post-then-pre design is that participants answer the postquestions and the prequestions together after the lecture, thereby reducing the possibility of response shift bias. Aeropuerto internacional de Los Angeles : Edificio "Theme". Glyoxal contribution to aerosols over Los Angeles.

Laboratory and field studies have indicated that glyoxal chemical formula OCHCHO , an atmospheric oxidation product of isoprene and aromatic compounds, may contribute to secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere, which can block sunlight and affect atmospheric chemistry. Some aerosols are primary aerosols, emitted directly into the atmosphere, while others are secondary, formed through chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

Washenfelder et al. They used three different methods to calculate the contribution of glyoxal to secondary atmospheric aerosol and found that it is responsible for The researchers also compared their results to those of a previous study that calculated the glyoxal contribution to aerosol for Mexico City.

Mexico City had higher levels of organic aerosol mass from glyoxal. They suggest that the lower contribution of glyoxal to aerosol concentrations for Los Angeles may be due to differences in the composition or water content of the aerosols above the two cities. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, doi The Fund enables the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles to build upon the successful relationship it has developed in the Hispanic community and maximizes the effectiveness of existing student support programs by directing needy….

Intriguing sand It was during the World War II conflict, the Statoments of Mr. Ralph Bandinl, Palo Verdes. Edificio de archivos en Los Angeles. Full Text Available The 80th birthday of Richard Neutra coincides with the completion of this building, a special feature of which is that it has 13 half-floor levels, thus saving space and making it easier to reach the documents.

They are controlled automatically by electronic devices, motivated by the solar action, and are thus correctly orientated at any time to provide protection against sun glare. They close altogether when the wind speed is such that they might be damaged. On the main facade looking towards Temple Street, the plastic arts organisation has contributed a large mosaic by Joseph Young, showing a map of the district. This archives building in Los Angeles is a fine exponent of what technology can do for man, and it is a characteristic example of contemporary organic architecture at its best.

Predicting Los Angeles abrasion loss of rock aggregates from For this reason, to investigate the possibility of predicting the Los Angeles Different rocks have extensively been used as an aggregate Million trees Los Angeles canopy cover and benefit assessment.

High-resolution QuickBird remote sensing data Assessing urban forest effects and values, Los Angeles ' urban forest. An analysis of trees in Los Angeles , CA, reveals that this area has about 6 million trees with tree and shrub canopies that cover The most common tree species are Italian cypress, scrub oak, laurel sumac, Mexican fan palm, and Indian laurel, Trees in Los Angeles currently store about 1.

Environmental Protection Agency — The Los Angeles River has been designated as an impaired waterbody due to the large volume of trash it receives from the watershed.

To address this problem a Total The objective of this article is to describe chiropractic professional identity as espoused by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Professional identity is a construct that begins formation prior to career selection, can be considered the backbone of health care education, and has been linked to career success.

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic's professional identity is shaped by a philosophy of health care that is focused on vitalism, holism, naturalism, therapeutic conservatism, critical rationalism, phenomenology, humanism, and interprofessionalism.

Other distinguishing aspects include portal-of-entry professionals with broad diagnostic skills; a focus on spine care; promotion of public-health; and delivery of manual treatments.

The chiropractic professional identity at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic focuses on serving the needs of the people who entrust their health to its graduates and will continue to evolve on the basis of many factors, such as politics, social perceptions, and economic conditions.

Cancer risk among Los Angeles women with cosmetic breast implants. As the first generation of women who received cosmetic breast implants ages, questions remain about cancer risk. This study is an update of the Los Angeles Augmentation Mammaplasty Study and examines cancer risk among women with long-term exposure to breast implants.

The authors conducted a record linkage cohort study of patients with cosmetic breast implants by abstracting from records of the private practices of 35 board-certified plastic surgeons in Los Angeles County, California.

They included Caucasian women who received cosmetic breast implants between and Spanish-surnamed women, nonresidents of Los Angeles County, and patients with prior subcutaneous mastectomy or breast cancer were excluded.

Cancer outcomes through were ascertained through record linkage with the Los Angeles County Cancer Surveillance Program. With a mean follow-up period of Significant increases were observed for cancer of the lung and bronchus standardized incidence ratio, 2. The breast cancer results of this study are consistent with the previous reports of the Los Angeles study as well as with several other long-term cohort studies.

Lung cancer has previously been found to be increased in this cohort and also in some, but not most, other studies. The increased risk of vulva cancer has previously been observed in this cohort and just one other. Los Angeles 1-Million tree canopy cover assessment. The Million Trees LA initiative intends to chart a course for sustainable growth through planting and stewardship of trees. The purpose of this study was to measure Los Angeles 's existing tree canopy cover TCC , determine if space exists for 1 million additional trees, and estimate future benefits from the planting.

High resolution QuickBird remote sensing data, Modeling smog along the Los Angeles -Palm Springs trajectory. Observations of smog concentrations and wind patterns during the summer of in Los Angeles , Pomona, Riverside, Banning, and Palm Springs, California are presented which show that high oxidant concentrations at Banning and Palm Springs are often due to advection of smog from source regions in the more densely populated western part of the Los Angeles basin.



Oral lesions associated with human immunodeficiency virus disease in adult patients, a clinical perspective. Francisca Donoso-Hofer. Universidad de Chile. Correspondencia a :. Key words: Human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, oral manifestations, diagnosis. Tabla 1.


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