She made one of the greatest contributions towards the development of Sufism. She was a teacher of women as well as of men; a woman who called no man her master. Her reputation excels that of many Muslim men within the early days of Sufism. After her parents died, she was sold into slavery. It is believed that one night her master saw a light surrounding her which left him captivated and in the morning he freed her.

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Rabia Basri R. A books This application is based on islamic book in urdu Karamat e Aulia. You can read about Hazrat Rabia Basri R. Story book of Rabia Basri R. A complete in urdu. This beautiful application contain different stories about Rabia Basri Life. Islamic Books In Urdu Is application k zariye aap auliya e ikram ki life aur un ki ibadat aur un k mujaidat k bary mein parh sakty hain. Aulia Allah ny kis tarh Namaz ki pabandi ki logon ko kis tarh Islam ki dawat di aur kis tarha islam pehla.

Auliya Allah ki karamat Is Islamic book library k zariye app ko mill skti hain. Rabia basri Allah ki naik majzooba then Ap is book mein un ki karamat urdu mein parh sakty hain. App features Easy to install and uninstall Hd Images quality Eye catching interface Entertainment section added Other features You can get some extra content through this beautiful application which is urdu poetry for status,urdu jokes urdu kahani urdu general knowledge and much more I hope you will be happy playing with this beautiful application!

Adam Sy Muhammad S. Lailatul Qadar Ki Fazilat. Seerat un nabi urdu.


Rabia of Basra

In depth: She was born between 95 and 99 Hijri in Basra, Iraq. Much of her early life is narrated by Farid al-Din Attar. Many spiritual stories are associated with her and it is sometimes difficult to separate reality from legend. These traditions come from Farid al-Din Attar, a later Sufi saint and poet, who used earlier sources.


Was Rabi’a Basri – The Single Most Influential Sufi Woman – A Feminist?

She herself left no written works about her life. Her mother asked her husband to borrow some oil from a neighbor, but he had resolved in his life never to ask for anything from anyone except God. He pretended to go to the neighbor's door and returned home empty-handed. At night Muhammad appeared to him in a dream and told him,. You should approach the Amir of Basra and present him with a letter in which should be written this message: 'You offer Durood to the Holy Prophet one hundred times every night and four hundred times every Thursday night. However, since you failed to observe the rule last Thursday, as a penalty you must pay the bearer four hundred dinars'".

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