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The representation of work among irregular construction workers. The social representation of work among irregular construction workers is analyzed. The Social Representation Theory has been employed as a theoretical framework for current investigation. Due to the complexity of the research problem, multiple techniques of data collection were used, comprising in-depth interviews with eight workers and participants' observation.

Results show that work is a main factor within the worker's life, basic to social and material survival. Although, construction labor was described as heavy and downgrading, it seems to be the "latest resource" for survival. The workers recognize the precariousness generated by irregularity since they feel inferior to formal workers.

This situation denotes that construction workers experience a kind of violence that leaves them out of assured constitutional rights and full citizenship. Key words: Social representation, informal job, construction.

Apesar de alguns autores, como Offe Mediante esse mote, Filgueiras et al. Identificaram-se nove trabalhadores, dentre os quais um trabalhador se recusou a participar da pesquisa. Neste sentido, o trabalho, como colocam Salanova et al.

Corroborando esse pensamento, o representante do sindicato entrevistado afirmou que:. Foi o que eu achei. Eu peguei e fui pra isso " Alberto, 19 anos. A impossibilidade de se aposentar foi apontada como uma importante perda resultante do trabalho sem carteira assinada. No entanto, os outros trabalhadores foram incisivos em afirmar que, apesar de acharem que o trabalhador informal pode vir a ganhar mais, preferem trabalhar com carteira assinada.

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Sawaia Org. Sorj, B. Spink, M. Spink Org. Wagner, W. Oliveira Orgs. Zaluar, A. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. Corroborando esse pensamento, o representante do sindicato entrevistado afirmou que: " A gente tinha que ir, entendeu?

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The Trauma of Daedalus: The Labyrinth of Labor in Brazilian Cinema


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