Posted: Jul 18, pm. Favorites DVD Roberto Giobbi One of card magic's best scholars teaches routines from three greats Overview Roberto Giobbi is a well known name in the world of card magic, especially because of his much respected Card College series of books. Most experts will agree that these influential volumes are among the best tools available to develop sound technique and to master the essentials of card magic. Besides being appreciated for his written work, Mr Giobbi is also well regarded for his ability in teaching magic, and has appeared in several videos made for this purpose.

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Roberto Giobbi is one of the finest card technicians on the planet. He is also one of the greatest teachers of our time and in this fantastic hour-long download, he guides you in detail through three routines of Dai Vernon which he has hand picked as his Favorites.

In this first Dai Vernon is, arguably, the most influential magician of the 20th century. Yet the man and his material remain largely misunderstood. In this unprecedented two-disc, three-hour seminar, Roberto Giobbi explores what makes Dai Vernon's magic so special.

Recorded live in the UK, Giobbi Note: Slipcase is no longer included with this item. Introducing THE best way to build a card magic foundation. Twenty years ago Roberto Giobbi, card magic's most distinguished author, wrote Card College, a series of books now considered THE Bibles on card magic. This video series is the next That Roberto Giobbi is one of the preeminent authors in magic is well established. The Card College series secured Mr.

Giobbi's place in magic's history. But for many, his boldest and most fascinating book is Secret Agenda, a collection filled with wisdom, advice, secrets, and fantastic tricks, What happens when the foremost scholar on card magic is asked about his favorite magicians? You get Favorites, a collection of magic that assembles separate, serious studies on three of the greatest card magicians of all time: Alex Elmsley, Frank Garcia, and Dai Vernon.

In each case, Books devoted to card magic number in the thousands, and those books have offered hundreds of thousands of card tricks, most of them designed for the close-up magician. But what about the magician who wishes to perform for larger audiences and higher fees?

Card tricks suitable for The strongest card tricks most often depend on a stack or special deck. Unfortunately, if you start with a gaffed deck, as soon as you have accomplished the impossible feat, its very strength causes audiences to say, "Let me see those cards!

Welcome to the second instalment of Roberto Giobbi's "Favorites" series! In this download, Roberto explores three trick from the legendary Alex Elmsley.

Roberto describes him in the introduction as an "inspired amateur and a genius thinker". When you see what this download has in store for you, we You also receive all of the individual This is the first of two books in the "Light" series. It's a collection of card tricks that require absolutely no sleight of hand. Instead they rely in clever structure, subtleties and routining. The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten Roberto Giobbi is one of the finest teachers in magic and to conclude this "Favorites" series, he has curated three wonderful tricks from Frank Garcia and pieced them together into a flowing routine.

Begin by watching a full performance, and then settle in for an hour of masterful Roberto Giobbi has already written himself into magic history with his Card College series of books. What does he do next? Secret Agenda is a lovely idea. You gotta love that Swiss The last of the Card College Light trilogy which is lucky because I think they've run out of catchy "light" titles , Card College Lightest is a collection of easy card magic given the Roberto Giobbi treatment.

If you've been in magic for a period, it's easy to dismiss this Roberto Giobbi's wrote five classic card magic tuition books Essentially, what Giobbi has done here is tweaked, routined and given presentations for 21 slightless card tricks from magicians such as Dai Vernon, Theodore Annemann, Al Leech, Max Maven, Roberto Giobbi, recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts' Literary Fellowship of , is known worldwide as the preeminent teacher of card magic.

He is also one of Europe's most sought-after performers of close-up magic. Reading Confidences is like having an ear next to Giobbi's lips as Ask Roberto is a magic book unlike any you have ever read before by him, or anyone else. The concept is great: Roberto invited 52 fans via the internet to submit a question, and he answered all 52 of them. In some cases, he added to or clarified answers later. This is the complete file of The performer shows an envelope he says contains a prediction.

The spectator shuffles and cuts his own deck and with obvious freedom selects a card. Upon looking in the envelope, you show a picture of a '52 on 1' card and point to their card This DVD teaches a full collection of false shuffles and cuts, all curated by Roberto Not very many? The same with us. This DVD concentrates on controls and will open your eyes to the plethora of techniques This DVD concentrates on forces and gives you an encyclopaedic look at one of the most With Roberto's expert tuition, you will soon have an arsenal of palms which you can use This e-book is to my knowledge the first of its kind not just for magic literature but in general.

The inclusion of several dozens of video clips extends and completes the description of moves and techniques and allows the student a deeper and quicker learning. Altogether 89 video clips are On this DVD, you will be guided through the very best card switches that exist. Don't miss the chance to learn from the very best! Roberto Giobbi is respected by magicians worldwide as one of the leading experts on card magic, he's also famous among them as author of the 'Card College' series of books. On this DVD, he lectures for a studious audience of magicians, performing The word is out about this great video- "I am so impressed.

First, for a lecture video it is extremely well filmed and quite clear. Second, the magic and the thinking involved is absolutely phenomenal. I added three ideas to my performing repertoire. I cannot tell you how much material I typically Magic shop. But, every single member of the team is a skilled magician. Vanishing Inc. UK Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number All prices include VAT number: We accept:. Prices in GBP. Privacy policy.

All profits from orders placed on Friday 5 th June will be donated to charities to encourage diversity within magic and also the broader community. Magic by Roberto Giobbi Roberto Giobbi is the guy to learn card magic from. He is a scholar, lecturer, and performer, and with is Card College brand of books and videos, he has created the best curriculum for learning card magic.

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Roberto Giobbi

Roberto Giobbi is one of the finest card technicians on the planet. He is also one of the greatest teachers of our time and in this fantastic hour-long download, he guides you in detail through three routines of Dai Vernon which he has hand picked as his Favorites. In this first Dai Vernon is, arguably, the most influential magician of the 20th century.


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Roberto Giobbi born May 1, in Basel is a professional magician from Switzerland, noted for his many contributions in teaching card magic, such as his five volume Card College series. After studying literature and linguistics at the University of Basel, Roberto Giobbi first worked as an interpreter and translator, with a fluency in German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish. He has since been working as an author and lecturer, and has developed an international reputation as a teacher. Giobbi has written 18 books, and his works have appeared in eight languages. His best-selling five-volume Card College series is considered to be a standard modern textbook for card magic, and is the most widely translated series of books in the history of magic. Since he has been one of the contributors for the Magic Circle of Austria's magazine Aladin. He gives educational lectures in all the five languages which he speaks fluently.


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This is the officiale webshop of Roberto Giobbi, where you can find latest news and products. If you want Roberto to sign your book, please mention it and to what name in the comment field of the order form, otherwise we will not sign the book, since we never know who the ultimate recipient is going to be. Please understand that we are not able to answer lengthy questions. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will be advised of lectures, seminars and coaching in your neighborhood, where you will be able to ask your questions.

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