Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Place the graphic directly on the page, do not care about. System telephones for md communication system 98 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Place the graphic directly on the page, do not care about. System telephones for md communication system 98 pages. Telephone Ericsson User Manual 7 pages. System telephones for md communication system d4 mode 1 page. Operator terminal for ericsson mx-one telephony system and ericsson md pages. Page 5: Declaration Of Conformity No parts of this publication may be subject to alteration, modification or commercial use.

Ericsson will not be liable for any damages arising from use of an illegal modified or altered publication. Page 7 To switch the loudspeaker on or off. Volume control To adjust the volume. Loudspeaker Handset with hearing aid function Please note: The handset may attract and retain small metal objects in the earcap region.

The Economyplus telephone is not equipped with a display. Page 10 Mute To switch the microphone on or off. Page 11 To disconnect calls or to clear the display in programming. In this user guide you will only find illustrations of the Dialog keys. Page Lamp Indications Slowly flashing lamp The line or function is put on hold. The display assists your actions on the phone with step-by-step instructions. When your phone is idle, the upper line shows general information.

Page Status Information The called extension has text info stored. Page 17 External ringing signal - repeated after 4 s Automatic Callback signal Note: The tones and ringing signals in this guide refer to the standard system but may vary between countries.

A trunk line is the same as an external line. When Free On 2nd Access is active the lamp lights and you can receive calls while speaking. Page Silent Ringing R7B or higher; for the Dialog Economyplus this function requires the release number R6B or higher, see the underside of your telephone. Press to save the dialled number. Press to redial the saved number.

Page Outgoing Calls Without lifting the handset, just press a Line key, or the Loudspeaker key, or the first digit of the number. The call is in handsfree mode, via the loudspeaker and microphone. Page Automatic Callback You are called back if the called number finishes the ongoing call or the next time the extension finishes a new call. Page 25 Press to pause pre-programmed. Pause auto Press to resume Automatic Redial pre-programmed. Page Busy Extension Intrusion.

Page 28 Notes: This procedure is very useful if you are not using a key panel. If you are using a Dialog Office with the optional key panel, all Abbreviated Numbers that are programmed via the keypad, will be stored on the first 10 programmable Page Common Abbreviated Numbers The number can consist of up to 24 digits.

Note: If your public network requires waiting for a second dial tone, press the key 2nd followed by the key 2. The number can consist of up to 24 digits. Press a programmable key. Press the programmable key again. Page 32 Dial the number. You can use any directory number, e.

Replace the handset. Handsfree conversation. Press to end the call. Press to end the Inquiry call. Line 1 Press to retake the first call. You are now connected to the first party. Page Refer Back Transfer Press. The call is transferred. External calls might only be transferred with the Transfer key, if this state of connection is allowed by the System programming. Page Call Waiting Replace the handset to finish the ongoing call. The waiting call is signalled on your phone.

Lift the handset to answer the new call. Page 37 In this way, you can include up to six parties in a conversation. How many of them can be external callers depends on the programming of the system. Line 1 Press to pick-up on own extension. Pick-up on another extension: Call the extension that put the call on hold.

When the BusinessPhone Communication Platform is provided with metering information from the public net, the call metering function can be used to check the cost of outgoing calls.

The BusinessPhone Communication Platform offers several options to obtain this information. Press to finish the procedure. Page Call Forwarding If your extension is busy and you receive an incoming call internal or external , your system administrator can program your extension to automatically divert the call to a programmed diversion address.

Page Fixed Diversion All calls to your extension are directed to a pre-programmed address. The display shows the actual diversion state. Press to cancel diversion. Diversion Dial new diversion address.

Diversion Individual Diversion is cancelled. The lamp extinguishes. Page 45 You can make outgoing calls as usual. A special dial tone reminds you that Call Forwarding is active. Page 46 Press to finish the procedure.

Dial your number. Select Pre-defined Text or Voice information. Info Enter code. Enter month and day. Information active. Page Change Information Press. Info Press to erase info. Press to deactivate and save for later use. Information is active. Receive information for diverted calls Note: This section only applies to the Dialog Office and the Dialog Standard telephone. A colleague, Andersen, has programmed diversion to your extension. Page Messages Continue with any of the Message functions.

Page Individual Mailbox System Press. When the diversion to your Mailbox is activated, the Diversion lamp shows steady light. Message Press to retrieve a message. Page Outcall External Notification You acknowledge the notification via your Password has to differ from the default value You have full access to the Mailbox system.

Note: Messages are deleted from the system after a certain time. The time depends upon the category of the message. Please ask your system administrator regarding this.

Common Mailbox During the procedure you will be asked for your extension number and your Password. Message Press. Press and speak a Voice message. Press to play-back and listen to your recording. Press and speak to re-record. Press to send. Page Dictaphone Function The maximum recording time is 4 minutes and 15 seconds.


Ericsson Dialog 4222 User Guide PDF

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