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For Businesses. Write a Review. Well, I have to say, I love this gym and location. Signed up back in November and couldn't be happier. Nico made the whole sign up process really easy and was super nice.

The front desk staff is always super friendly. I really enjoy the vibe here. There is free parking downstairs or across the street. The Yoga classes here are freakin awesome! The teachers here are some of the best I've encountered and the schedule for classes is great, plenty of staggered Yoga classes of all levels. It does get a bit busy in the morning but gets super empty after 10am or so.

I love working out here or just coming in for a steam. Their juice bar is great as well, with a little tables of you need to get some laptop work done. Always down to hang here. Thanks to all the staff here for making this such a chill and pleasant place! Absolutely horrible experience at this location. She called in 3 times to inquire about the kids club being available and guest passes being accepted at this location.

She was told yes for both on all phone calls. Upon arrival, we were told the kids club was closed by the man at the front with glasses in a very nonchalant and dismissive way. At this point, it wasn't THAT bad as I offered to go walk around with my daughter while she worked out if she wanted to. She said No.

We turned around and she asked where it was. The same guy told her where it was in a hesitant way, I asked if there was something wrong, he said he cant let non members in the bathroom.

Long story short, I took my 3 year old to go use the "potty" at Tendergreens next door, where we didn't have to be patrons to use the toilet. My friend, to say the least was also very disappointed in the experience and treatment of a long standing member and will be contacting corporate was well.

Amazing team at this Equinox now, from the Front Desk, to the PT staff, to the locker room attendants and group fitness instructors! Always a pleasure to workout here. A very neighborhood feel, with mostly locals within walking distance.

While I really liked working out here, the communication between staff and corporate seems to be disjointed at best. I am relocating out of state without an equinox near by, and was told in person that since ive been a member for years, I did not need to give advance notice.

I am moving on Friday and was told by Stephanie at membership services call center that they would still be billing me for the next 45 days. Obviously, because this is a job relocation I knew of in advance, I would have canceled much earlier to avoid these extra charges had I not been told contradicting information at the club.

I completely understand there are policies but I feel tricked by Equinox into staying longer! Staff broke California state law. Demanded a breast feeding mother stop feeding her child. This is not ok!

Mom breast feeding in bathroom was told to stop. There is a LAW in California that protects breastfeeding moms, the law states breastfeeding mothers have a right to breast feed in any public place which they are legally allowed to be. She wasn't breastfeeding out in the open, she was doing it in a semi private room that she had already been granted permission to breast feed in.

Disgusting club staff. I have been a member for 6 years and can only rate this location and do not have any experience regarding their billing tactics. Overall this is a great gym; all the things people here complain about can be said for literally any given gym. I personally like the staff especially the cleaning crew that has such a difficult job but can still manage to smile and say hello.

They work really hard to keep this gym clean. Yes, there are some trainers that are sub par but the majority here are kind and helpful, again you'll find this at any gym. For me I work long hours at a desk so I enjoy the natural light and floor to ceiling windows.

The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is the lack of diversity in classes. Every year I take the time to fill out their survey and ask for a boxing class they used to have but I never receive a response back and boxing classes are never added a lot of other locations have this class.

Love this Equinox! Parking is super easy a rarity on the west side with no time limit allowing me to fully appreciate all the amenities in addition to getting a solid workout in without the rush. All the classes are amazing! Sort of a double-edged sword because they're pretty popular for good reason. The staff is friendly, smoothie bar perfect for that fresh grab-and-go protein shake, even the apparel being sold at the store includes a tastefully curated selection!

I love that people actually come here to work out. Sometimes you might just catch the likes of famous IG fitness model, Karina Elle at the squat rack. Ooo and those fresh, ice cold eucalyptus towels? There are no words. Have yet to try out the toddler babysitting facilities but they appeared clean and that's another HUGE win in my books.

Frederick is it? First and foremost I have been an avid Equinox enthusiast for many years. Marina Del Rey has been and will always remain my club of choice. I have come to know and love ALL of the staff there. Whether front desk staff, admin, personal trainers or kids club staff, each and every one of them have demonstrated nothing short of the utmost in professionalism and tact.

In my experience, the 2 people you reference in your "review", have been unwaveringly professional, conducting themselves appropriately and most importantly personably. I find myself looking forward to seeing their faces and the subsequent warm greetings I receive from them. Let's say you were right and they were "in a warm embrace" I see absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with that. I actually think it speaks to the strength of their respective characters and the subsequent investment in their work.

The world could undoubtedly benefit from more character, kindness and compassion that those 2 front desk staff display tirelessly. I despise this place. I've had nothing but problems here.

I used to be a member when I lived locally and canceled my membership about a year ago. I'm in town for work and called to find out the price for a day pass. They said 35 bucks, so I uber'ed here. Once I showed up the man at the counter said that they only offered day passes to members. I told him that I called earlier, they told me that it was 35 for a day pass; and uber'ed to this location.

Rather than trying to help me with a solution for the day pass he just quizzed me about who I talked to, was it a man or woman, etc. Finally I said, fuck it, I'll activate my account, use it for the 10 days I'm in town, and re-cancel my membership. I should have known better than to come here, and now I know. Was an expensive lesson but I have learned.

Any by the way, it's really annoying and obnoxious that your worthless trainers use up a majority of the free space training clients. Avoid this place like the plague. This equinox isn't worth the money. Seems like a majority not all of the staff have an attitude.

Specifically the late night crew, and trust me I know. I was going twice a day most days for the past few months. There is also a young girl that works there and brought her dog in one night. Little thing would not stop barking kinda killed my workout that night Lastly, there are two staff members that work here and they are constantly all over eachother. Walked in one time and they are just standing there hold eachother in warm embrace Not worth the a month Horrible how they bother their members.

The management is probably not doing overtime bc they clean on your time. Nothing luxurious about equinox, 4 sure just the price. I have been going here for 3 months now and I'm a huge fan. Never have issues parking, no parking validation with max time like other Equinox gyms.

The people that go here and staff have been extremely nice and supportive if I had any questions. Honestly I was expecting them to be a little up tight and that was not the case at all. The showers and steam room is always amazing just like all the other Equinox locations. I have been a equinox member for about 5 years and I love this location. Nick and julia keep me so up beat and motivated!!! The best check in group ever!


Equinox Employee Reviews in Marina del Rey, CA



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