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The Swedish concern AB Electrolux is the world's largest manufacturer of household appliances and professional equipment. Electrolux is a market leader in household appliances in Europe and the third largest market player in this field in the U. For decades, the impeccable quality was the main ingredient of success of Electrolux products. Everything that concern produces submits to the principle formulated at the dawn of its history: the difference in prices of Electrolux products is due to availability or lack of additional functions, rather than the difference in the quality of goods.

This explains the stable and deserved popularity of Electrolux with its customers worldwide. The Ballu Industrial Group is an international holding company uniting the world's leading manufacturers of the climate industry, the high potential of design offices and industrial design labs.

The Holding has been specializing in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for creation of a comfortable human environment. Talented marketing specialists, designers and industrial designers are working to create perfect products facilitating the dreams of ideal consumer comfort. More than models of domestic and industrial climatic equipment marketed under the brand names of Ballu and Ballu Machine have been successfully used by the consumers worldwide.

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Boiler Electrolux EWH 80 SL

It treats type accumulative so it is possible to provide several points with hot water supply, and will have enough volume in 80 liters quite the family of several people to take a shower, to carry out cleaning or to wash the dishes. Connection and small power is simple do the device economic and practical. Besides on the Electrolux EWH 80 SL model the price will please each consumer, it completely corresponds to high quality and functionality. It considerably prolongs service life of the equipment and TENOV, prevents emergence of a scum and salt deposits, so and breakage of the device. Such material is absolutely safe and ecologically pure. The thought-over thermal insulation will allow you will save power consumption, so the equipment will heat less often water.


Heaters Electrolux EWH 80 SL.


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