Want to break the ice with an attractive woman immediately with little to no effort? Those of you who have read my other reviews know I'm a fan of David Deangelo, so let me be forthcoming with that. But Cocky Comedy is very different from his other programs and it's one I hadn't gone through up until a few days ago. If you've read my other reviews of his programs, like Sexual Communication my review here or 77 Laws my review here , you'd definitely know that. When I began to look past his poor humor choices and that ugly green shirt , I allowed myself to open up to the core messages he was trying to deliver.

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Yes, there is indeed a big difference between what you have made of me now through the powerful insights expressed in your newsletters, and who I was before I had met you.

I always thought that being nice, sweet, and courteous was an ultimate-irrefutable way to get the girls we long to have, but the irony is that we never make that dream come true.

Thanks my dear David, for showing me the Tao of being a superb success with women, for walking with me hand by hand through this mysterious path when it comes to women, because really, most of the times they make no sense. I owe you my present success with them, and I thank you in advance for the foregoing prosperity that the future holds for me with them.

I have always been funny, and separately, cocky. I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. So far, that formula works.

I am not a chemist, but the components of our table salt, taken separately, is deadly to us. Sodium and Chloride: death to us. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit. Same happens when we use only being Cocky, and just being Funny: no success, and it kills any possibilities of meeting girls. We have named it after you, because you are its founder. It's easy to ignore someone you don't feel attracted to, oh yes, very easy.

It is all the opposite when you do feel attracted to someone. Is there a way to make fun of their beauty? I meet a lot of hot girls, that seem to be perfect. My type are those with Irish ascendance, because they are mostly honest and have freckles. So, when I meet a girl with freckles, eyes like a furious deep blue sea, or green eyes, like the stem of a flower, petite women with attractively dainty build, nice butt we guys like it, come on , and round breasts we like that too.

How can you make fun of that type of sexy girl, when you notice that her body has a harmonious symmetry, that does nothing but inspiring within you pleasure and admiration? I might feel nervous, but I don't show them my nervousness.

You have never told us not to feel nervous, but not to behave nervous. I feel nervous, hell yeah, but they can't tell. As a matter of a fact, one way I could start a conversation with a hot girl is like this Me- "Good, I want you to help me find this book I don't say, 'Can you please help me She- "What book is that," she asked me, as she gave me that wondrous look. Me- "Wow, you are indeed gorgeous See, my problem is that I am a very shy guy, and I am trying to get over it.

She- "What do you mean you are shy? You don't seem shy to me. She- "It depends on the situation, and with the person you are talking to. Whether or not you feel comfortable. Me- "Oh, so, I am the right person, you like this situation, and overall, you feel comfortable. Me- "I gotta go. Me- "You would love it? Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh? She laughed, and I said to my mind, "Kids, so easily getting amused. Geeez, young people these days.

I slightly smiled at her, and said, "What? You like my lips? They are not average You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them. She gave me her e-mail, and I said, "Have a good night. I said, "Wait, are you leaving like that without saying 'it was pleasure meeting you? She laughed, and said, "No, silly She was quiet, staring at me, and said, "I wish all men were like you. They fail in trying to imitate me" I wanted to leave already, even though I was having a good time.

She asked me, "Why you say that? She sighed, in a good way, and wrote it down. To make this short, I called her the same night, and she was, "Wow, I was not expecting your call. She did not want me to, but I did leave. We met again, at her house, and half an hour of me being there, and talking, I said, "Look, I have to go.

I said, "Maybe you want to take a rest, or lay on your bed, and you don't do it because I am here, unless you promise me that if you lay in bed you will take me with you. Needless to say, I swear David, we had sex. It was great. I did not mean to make this e-mail too long, but hey, I could not help it.

Mind me that I get mad when you tell us not to make it over two paragraphs, and I see people like me writing long speeches. I am not sorry, whatsoever, lol. I know you feel great, and proud of yourself when you see people like me being successful by following your techniques.

I told her that I want to have fun with her, and she agreed. I told her that it means that if she wants to see someone else, she can do it. She did not complaint. I will see you soon, David. I won't miss your next seminar! Keep the excellence of your masterpiece works. First I have to tell you But, you know what? I actually like it. I like it because it's the real deal. You did things that I wouldn't have necessarily done Eyes like a furious deep blue sea?

Or green eyes Harmonious symmetry? This is an interesting way of saying it If you use too much of one and too little of the other, things just won't work out. This was funny:. Something tells me that you actually meant the "Power Puff Girls", but hey, close enough. She was laughing so hard that her face turned red, but I never laughed, rather, would smirk. You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them!!!

You started out going down the road of "What? But then you transition into the unique and original "You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them. Again, it's off the wall, but it's funny and it works.

The shift in direction is funny and confusing. Even though it's obvious that you speak English as a second or so language, you get the concept To answer your questions - I really think that you're doing the right things. When that girl hit you, you turned it around and made it funny. Telling a girl that she's cute like a cartoon is a nice touch I'm still hoping that's what you meant.

I realize that this is making you very attracted to me, but please control yourself. NOW, if you're reading this right now, and thinking to yourself "This is great stuff, I need to learn how to use my communication and humor to attract women", then I have something to say to you:.

And what's the very best, fastest, most efficient and effective way to master the art of using humor and communication to attract women? Your Friend, David DeAngelo. I appreciate all of the "Your stuff is great" and "I don't need to tell you how well your stuff works" comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics I read these first.

She- "Oh, my You are too much. Let's revisit some of my favorite quotes: "My type are those with Irish ascendance, because they are mostly honest and have freckles. Interesting fetish. This was funny: "Wow, you are indeed gorgeous And this whole sequence is great: "She hit me on the shoulder, and I accused her, "Hey, that is sexual harassment. If a girl tells you that you're too funny, just say: "That's impossible.


Cocky Funny (What It Is and How to Attract Women with It)

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David Deangelo Cocky Comedy: REVIEW

For those who don't know, the " cocky and funny " approach deals with being humorous and challenging at the verbal level. Some swear by this approach however, the challenge is that not everyone can be funny. Learning humor takes a great deal of work, and timing skill. Learning to be cocky or challenging is another specialized skill the involves innuendo, double entendre, and especially subtlety. I believe this last area is where you're finding the challenge.

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