Corporate Restructuring CR , the name itself is a bit scary but this subject can help you get a good score in Group 1. So, even if it may seem scary, you have to deal with it. CR is in fact a vast subject than company law also, containing 21 chapters divided into 3 parts as follows-. Corporate Restructuring is common activity undertaken by companies and thus this subject is going to play an important role when you enter the actual corporate world. Along with conceptual understanding, remembering some of the important sections is also necessary. And most importantly, all the 3 parts are equally important and none of them should be avoided.

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Read below!! The economic roller-coaster necessitates the business organizations to be prepared during prosperity as well as recession. The businesses are required to devise strategies taking into consideration, the changing expectations of stakeholders, increasing regulatory requirement, global competition and the speed of change.

Some business strategies work out well both during economic prosperity and recession which includes restructuring strategies such as Mergers, Acquisitions, takeovers, demergers, revival, restructuring etc. As the subject is tilted towards practical aspects of the business, the specialization of these subjects gives more scope for the students not only in terms of passing the examination but also during their transition from students to members by getting a better start in their professional entry.

Students are advised to read more case studies in mergers and acquisitions to understand the practical aspects of the subject. Here we are providing subject wise guidance to CS Professional students. Click below links :. It is available here.

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How to Prepare CS Professional Corporate Restructuring Valuation and Insolvency



How to Prepare CS Professional Corporate Restructuring | CRVI




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