If this display is alive, but there is no wind reading, chances are the wind sensor is not working. Test the display by disconnecting the wind sensor and tapping the bare wires of the display together. This should produce a reading. NOTE: new units are provided calibrated to mph clock not set.

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All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Mark Forums Read. Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket? Tacoed wheel? Will I lose odo data on my Cateye Velo 8 when I try to change tire size? Thread Tools. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. The new tires I bought are physically smaller so I am going to measure them and try and change to tire size on the Cateye.

Will I lose the odometer data? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by ricohman. Likes: 3. Liked 28 Times in 20 Posts. Just write your mileage down on a peice of paper, and re-enter it when you are going thru the setup menu - really easy. Find More Posts by Wanderer. I'm pretty sure you have to remove the battery to reset the tire size.

So yes you will reset your mileage. I guess I must be buying the cheaper ones. None of two or three I have can be set to start at the old mileage. Read the instructions, probably availabe on the net. I use the Cateye Astrale and can change tire sizes without losing any data and without removing the battery.

Measuring the tire is not a very accurate way to set the circumference value. Try multiple rollouts with your weight on the bike or ride known distances.

Find More Posts by Al It is hilly around here! Liked Times in Posts. You can change the tire size calibration number anytime or reset the clock for that matter on any Cat-Eye with no effect on the odometer's mileage.

Even replacing the battery doesn't reset the odometer if you do it reasonably quickly. As noted, you can reenter the odometer number during set-up which is useful if your cyclometer head dies and you need a new one.

Find More Posts by HillRider. Nice to know. Mine are not Cateye models so I assumed that they were all the same. Likes: Originally Posted by Al The search for pie in the Midwest. Picking the Scablands. Washington and Oregon, Pie and spiders on the Columbia River!

Days of Wineless Roads. Misadventures in tornado alley. Find More Posts by cyccommute. Can I restore my old odometer reading on a Cateye Velo 8 after changing the battery? Several posters indicated that after changing the battery of a Cateye Velo 8, you can restore the previous odometer reading.

Anyone have the details on how that can be done? Find More Posts by wayj. No, you won't loose the odo data from a wheel diameter change or any other change like clock time. I've even changed batteries with out loosing the odo reading. However, you can reenter the odo value if you do a global reset or are slow with a battery change. Your owners sheet tells how. Restoring the old odometer reading after changing batteries on a Cateye Velo 8. Originally Posted by HillRider. Originally Posted by wayj.

I'm looking at the owner's sheet. I see detailed directions on setting tire size and clock setting but nothing about how to restore the old odometer reading. Other than when changing tire size, the only other time I see the odometer mentioned is in the Operation Flow section detailing the change from one mode to the next.

You cannot restore old odometer data but you should not lose old odometer data from the computer. OK, on this particular model, which is the entry level Cat-Eye, you are correct, the ODO data cannot be reentered during set up. On most other Cat-Eye models Mity, Enduro, etc. The problem the OP had was probably because he did a "global reset" after he changed the battery.

That wiped out everything and wasn't necessary. Had I not done that, would all of the other data - odometer, tire size, etc.

Likes: 1. Liked Times in 96 Posts. You will lose all data and memory. You will not remember who you are. Find More Posts by zacster. On my Cateye Astrales I've never been able to find a way to reenter the cumulative odometer data. Not talking about the trip odometer. After a quick trip to the local bike shop, I was told that the Enduro I already had on my less-used mountain bike would do both things I was looking for--handle two bikes and allow me to manually enter the odometer miles.

A spin of the wheel gave me readings right away. I programmed in both tire sizes and manually entered the old odometer miles. A ride to some of my nearest mile markers makes me believe the Enduro is working accurately for both speed and distance in the Velo 8 hook-up.

By the way, HillRider, your directions for manually entering the odometer miles were much easier to follow than the ones that came with the Enduro. Related Topics. Fcr3 Tire Size. Setting tire size on Sigma BC maybe a simple thing for someone that knows. Tire pressure and size. Bike Computer - Tire size? Cyclocomputer odometer a little off.

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Cateye CC-VL810 Velo 8 Cycling Computer

Always be sure to ride safety. They must be disposed in accordance with local regulations. Never disassemble the main unit. Do not use paint thinner, benzine or alcohol since such chemicals may damage the surface. Correct positions of the sensor and the magnet: A When rotating the front wheel, the magnet's 4 center must be aligned with the sensor's 3 marking line.


CatEye CC-VL510/CC-VL810 [Velo 5/Velo 8] User Manual – Download

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Will I lose odo data on my Cateye Velo 8 when I try to change tire size?



Cateye Velo 8 Cycle Computer


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