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P1 58mmW. PT 58mmW. DR-models except. All DR-models. Standard accessory included with product. Optionally available. HLL E. HS-8L E. Tokyo, Japan.

General Catalogue Packing and. Manual Lists. Accessories and Options. Red numbers indicate new models. DTV DFTV DJ FCV 7. F AUSB. F A GXV 2 3. HLTV HLL -BK. HLL -WE HRTM LCTV SLL DRL HS-8VA JTV MSTV 2 0. SLL 7. DRHD JSTV 1 9. MW-5V -WE MW-5V -BK. MW-8V -BK. DR-T MW-8V -WE MXV 2 4. JZW DW TV OHES OH WDT Scientific Calculator Tools for the classroom, the research laboratory, and everywhere in between. Financial Consultant. Quick solutions to complex financial calculations at your fingertips.

Big Display. Pen Touch Operation. V arious commands can be selected from the pull-down menu using the stylus. Soft Keyboard. The Soft Keyboard is very efficient for entering various commands or entering complex expressions in natural display format, and it makes the input operations remarkably simple. With this function, it is unnecessary to follow the complicated input method unique to conventional scientific calculators.

Math keyboard. Alphabet keyboard. Catalogue keyboard. Natural Input. Geometric Graphing Functions. Geometric Graphing. As shown in the following examples, the students can learn the general theorem by drawing the figures, and they can confirm that the theorem still holds true even when they deform the triangle.

The Animation function enables you to move the drawn geometric figures. With this function, the students can learn visually, for example, how the figure changes when the angles and the values of the coordinates are changed. By dragging and dropping a geometric figure to the main application window, you can obtain the numerical data for the figure. And by dragging and dropping the numerical data to the Geometry window, the data can be reflected in the figure. Geometry Link Function.

The Geometry Link function enables you to dynamically link the eActivity data and the Geometry window data. The eActivity has four advantages over using paper:. Y ou can create and prepare your own original activities for the class with eActivity. Students can work on a problem at their own pace. Students can try out various approaches to solving a problem by themselves.

You can split the display window into 3D Graph Editor window and 3D Graph window, or enlarge the 3D Graph window to see a larger graph. Y ou can rotate the graph as you like by selecting and tapping one of the following commands from the menu. Built-in Software. With this function, you can organize and tabularize the collected data or use it for analysis after drawing a statistical graph.

Of course, it can also be used effectively for table calculations. With the Verify function, you can transform expressions or adopt solutions in your own way. The unit will verify whether the input calculation formula is in an equivalent relation with the adjacent expression. This function is just perfect for learning how to do equation and integration calculations. Graphic Models with Flash Memory. Hardware Features. High-resolution LCD. The fxG series features a sharp, crisp display of the high-resolution LCD with enlarged dot-area, assuring larger and even sharper images of formulas, graphs and graphics.

By employing high-performance, high-speed CPU, the fxG series remarkably accelerated the processing speed. The speed increased dramatically compared to conventional models. With an ample 1. Since USB cable, unit-to-unit cable and Program-Link Software are included in the package, high-speed data communication between PC and the unit, or unit-to-unit data communication and program exchange can be performed immediately from the day of purchase.

Software Features. Natural Input Display. Just like writing in a notebook, fractions, roots, powers and integrals can be input and displayed as written in the textbook. In this way, the Natural Input Display deepens the understandings of the student. Also, it displays the result of the fraction calculation as it is shown in the textbook.

This unit is equipped with the popular eActivity function of the ClassPad The innovative eActivity functions of the fxG series allow the students, not to mention teachers, to create their own problems or study materials. With this function, students can learn at their own pace and study more efficiently at school or at home.

By making full use of the superb features of the eActivity function, motivation for learning and understanding can be greatly improved. T able calculations come easy with the built-in Spreadsheet function.

Since the multi-function Spreadsheet even includes a built-in Graphing Function, it can be used effectively for exercises in table calculation lessons. Peripheral environment.

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Casio HR150TM Calculator User Manual



Casio Printing Calculator HR150TM user manual


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