To commemorate the bicentennial of the War of Independence they have an exhibition of torture tools used during the Inquisition, on the banks of the river Or, in the Convento Vista Alegre. The exhibition shows tools used in that time mostly of wood and metal like wild stocks, lathes, spikes, spiked cages and chairs. These gadgets like the Table Roller, Wheel of St. Catherine, crushes heads, Judas Cradle, tongue depressors, etc. But this exhibition is part of the 19th Century Festival held in this town the last weekend of May 22nd to 24th and shows us to what degree of cruelty. My Profile.

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Remember that exposure is spread by the media in the Castro Alobre, where the most important archaeological places of the city are in the heart of town.

A few meters from the park A Xunqueira are many sculptors responsible for this exhibition, including Uxio Lopez, author of the sculpture "bloody" represents the interaction of roses with nature. Francisco Pazos, linking tradition and modernity through steel and granite.

Manolo Chazo, with a piece of polyester and stone recreates the flow of the mountain, while Manolo Paz plays with air and nature. My Profile. Edit your profile. Close session. Write an opinion. Menu Filters. Castro de Alobre Address. See original. Sculptures by Francisco Asorey. Salgadeiras of Moreiras. The Best Beaches in Northern Spain. The Most Enchanting Villages in Galicia. The Camino de Santiago in Galicia. Best Seafood in Pontevedra. Lego Cidade de Vigo. Vigo High Tide. Famous Galicians Paintings 20th Century.

Maruja Mallo. The Nature Photographers. Gallery Art Next. Vista Alegre Convent and Pazo. Santa Eulalia of Arealonga Church. Santa Eulalia. Independencia Square. Market Square. Bodega Pazo Baion. Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz Country Mansion. Gastrotaberna Churruca. Stocolmo 2. A Plaza Restaurant. La Tasca de la Marina. Churrasco Rubianes. El Pitillo. Hotel Playa Compostela.

Hotel Carril. Pazo a Capitana hotel. Parador de Cambados. Casa A Pastora Rural Cottage. Sampedro Hotel. Hotel Spa Norat O Grove.

As Vinas. See something odd?


Six Interventions in O Montiño

Cambados is a municipality in Galicia , Spain in the province of Pontevedra. Fishing is a major industry in this coastal area of Galicia called Rias baixas. In Cambados, fish and seafood sellers sell at what is called La Plaza, which is a great and hallowed installation that is very busy every morning except for Sundays , as fish is usually part of the daily diet. In Cambados, seafood is mostly collected in "O Serrido" or "A Seca", which is an area of water surrounding the San Tome Tower see below emptying out almost completely when the tide is low, leaving the perfect area for seafood collectors. Large groups of them, mostly women, with a few exceptions once in a while go when the tide is low with their buckets and tools to dig up the sand and collect seafood clams, cockles, etc. The culture in Cambados, as well as most coastal villages of Galicia, very much revolves around seafood. It is always eaten at Christmastime, on holidays, and especially at weddings.


The Inquisition´s Torture Instruments


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