Buxheti i kosoves pdf military. Economic indicators for kosovo including actual values, historical data charts, an economic calendar, timeseries statistics. The kosovo security force ksf is a new, professional, multiethnic, middel armed and uniformed security force that is subject to democratic, civilian control. Nowadays our safety as individuals, as members kooves our buxbeti and our state, is threatened not simply from military attacks from outside of the borders, but by other dangers, such as the violation of human rights, dysfunctions of democracy, collapse of state structures, international terrorism, diffusion of wmd, destruction of environment.

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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. This is BEI's first investment in the treatment of black water and environmental protection in Kosovo, which will enable the construction of the plant for the treatment of black water and the interconnected sewage network, and at the same time will improve the main infrastructure in the environmental protection sector.

This project offers improved access to water and water treatment services for more than 90, citizens of the Municipality of Gjilan. Also, in line with the Bank and EU strategy for the Western Balkans, as a result of this investment, local water pollution will reduce and the quality of public health will improve. Investment in Obligations is a safe investment, guaranteed by the Public Debt Law, where market interest is guaranteed for the entire duration 3 years and is completely free from tax.

For details about participation in auction for purchasing securities, interested in contact one of the Commercial Banks operating in the Republic of Kosovo. However, we call on the parties to have maximum and appropriate care as well as to respect the measures and instructions of health institutions during the process of delivering physically to the Treasury archive.

We also ask for understanding that due to the current overload and not full capacity according to the Government's decision on essential staff , the fulfilling your requirements can take more time than usual.

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, local authorities and the Albanian community in Montenegro have been contacted. KosovaPress was live. Fiscal income is falling significantly, and costs are growing to meet health costs and provide economic support. Despite this history, the Ministry of Finance and Transfers organized today a virtual forum to discuss the ongoing and future challenges of Kosovo policy.

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund IMF , and representatives of the business community are attended this forum. Participants shared their views on challenges and policies to ensure the sustainability of public finance, and how private and public sectors can contribute to the start of growth.

Minister of Finance Besnik Bislimi presented the latest performance of income and expenses and forecasts reviewed for There was consensus among participants on the need to determine real expectations for fiscal space available for any additional budget support. IMF mission chief for Kosovo Gabriel Di Bella, agreed that pandemic creates meaningful fiscal challenges and that these challenges are complicated by the major economic turmovements expected for the global economy.

He stressed the need to improve fiscal risks, to strengthen transparency, especially in costs related to COVID and increase the efficiency. Panelists further called for increased labour force formalization and tax compatibility, and discussed the challenges facing companies to ensure business continuity during the blocking and resume operations after the restrictions are removed.

Participants also stressed the importance of continuing dedication to good governance, increasing the private sector, reducing corruption and mobilization of the country's income. They also stressed that it is essential for the government to create a favourable climate for business, but also for the private sector to develop business activities officially and open.

Calls will be accepted from Monday - Friday, during working hours At the same time the email has been opened: ankesa. The deadline for sending complaints is June 15th. Payment begins for the beneficiaries of the Fiscal Package Size 15 21 May The Ministry of Finance and Transfers announces that it has ordered the execution of payments according to the Government's decision on the Emergency Fiscal Package, No. Also, we announce the applicants of measure 15 that it is working intensively to review other applications and payments are being made ongoing.

Beneficiaries who have been notified through phone messages pray that: - the withdrawal of tools to do it in Kosovo's post, in the following and in time when there are not many visits or movement, in order to prevent the distribution of covid; and - During the withdrawal of tools to respect the rules of social distance and to take protective measures, according to the specifications of the Institute of Public Health of Kosovo.

Financial tools will be destined in preventing, discovery and reaction to the threat presented by COVID, allowing among other things, procurement of medical equipment, as well as strengthening the public health system by increasing the testing capacities and capacity expansion of the clinic of infectious diseases. Furthermore, within this loan, social aid schemes and ambacks will be supported under the Emergency Fiscal Package of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.

The International Development Association, otherwise known as the International Development Association - IDA ", as part of the World Bank, is a loan institution, which through loan in more favourable conditions than the financial market, aims to help reduce poverty and improvement of life conditions.

Continue Reading. Equipment will enable the Centre for Social Work QPS to continue their work more effectively even now, during movement restrictions. Social Assistance Division is responsible for implementing the Government's emergency tax package 15, which sets the payment of euros per month for the months of April, May and June for citizens living in serious social conditions, declared as unemployed and who are not beneficiaries of monthly income from the public or private sector and providing other social services to Kosovo citizens.

Currently there are families receiving social assistance and with the added number of services to the beneficiaries of the measure 15, it is of importance that these services are delivered properly and in time. Information technology tools will give officials the opportunity to uninterrupted work from home, will facilitate communication with customers, thus improving the quality and timeline for providing services.

Minister Bislimi during the acceptance of this donation said: " We at the Ministry of Finance and Transfers have worked with reduced staff and have tried to fulfil all our responsibilities, with particular emphasis those related to the implementation of the Fiscal Emergency Package. This time has influenced us to reflect and realize that we have many friends near ourselves.

This donation has been dedicated to facilitating the implementation of the Emergency Fiscal Package measures for those affected. We hope that cooperation with UNDP will continue and we will implement other joint projects in the future ". We are grateful to the ADA for the financial support and partnership that enabled us to distribute these equipment today, as part of our regional cooperation in support of the comprehensive labour market solutions ", said Maria Suokko, UNDP Permanent Representative I don't know.

Christoph Weidinger, Austrian ambassador to Kosovo, expressed his pleasure to participate in this delivery event: " It is a pleasure for me to be here today and observe the help delivered by my country through the Austrian Development Agency - ADA, by the know this donation will help directly to people who help the most affected Kosovars. Through this project funded through the Khalifa Bin Zaned Al Nahjan Foundation, families with food packages have been helped, where over 32 tons of flour have been distributed.

Packages contain basic products like flour, oil, pasta, rice. We are at the end of the project and there are a total of poor families " - Ibrahim Fadlalla said from the Arab Embassy in Podgorica. He also stressed that this project is being implemented every year, starting in On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance and Transfers has taken care that these food packages are made in the Republic of Kosovo, as well as to be given priority to local products.

For more find attached to the video link for activity. In this auction, Obligations with 5-year maturity will be released in the amount of 25 m euros.

Investment in Obligations is a safe investment, guaranteed by the Public Debt Law, where market interest is guaranteed for the entire duration 5 years and is completely free from tax.

During the presentation of MFT's achievements Minister Bislimi, among others stressed that the Ministry of Finance and Transfers in the days of its activity has been engaged with all its capacity, thus making the improvement of the draft law on budget divisions for the budget for , including improving the misclassification of expenditure between capital expenses and goods and services, reducing the fixious number of workers for positions, as well as addressing unpaid obligations by budget organisations.

Imports from Serbia from the beginning of implementation of these measures have brought a tax worth 1,, A special engagement of MFT during this period has also been the design and implementation of the Emergency Fiscal Package for COVID19, which amounts to , million euros, as support to overcome the health emergency situation.

For the implementation of the Emergency Package, the relevant decisions have also been made, where as a result of this work it is worth stressing that until May , 8, , 5,,, 5,,, 5,, euros for two months for all the beneficiaries of social schemes, 4,, euros for pensional and social schemes with monthly payment of up to euros, 13,, euros for salary subsidy worth euros for 80, private sector employees affected by government's decisions to prevent the risk of infection as well as an additional 6,, euros on salary for 21, public sector employees who have been exposed to an added risk to infection during their work.

Work has already begun to design the economic recovery package, which will have a multiply value than the emergency fiscal package.

Also in order to deal with the situation created by pandemiaCOVID19, thousand euros have been divided for the municipalities of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac. See More. During the last month, the World Bank has worked intensively with the Ministry of Finance and Transfers and the Ministry of Health to agree on the objectives and components of the emergency project, which will help Kosovo in preventing, discovery and reaction to the threat presented by COVID, as well as will strengthen the country's public health system.

The project includes urgent procurement of equipment and medical supplies for the health sector, strengthening of testing and early detection capacity of COVID, improvements and expansion of the capacity of Infectious diseases clinic, and mobilization of additional health staff. It also includes temporary support for the beneficiaries of the Social Assistance Scheme and premises qualified for support under the Emergency Fiscal Plan. We expect the strong support of all deputies so that this happens as soon as possible.

The Emergency project for Kosovo is part of a World Bank's activities program, which will probably exceed m euros, to support Kosovo in the management and ease the impact of COVID With an accelerated procedure Kosovo has co-ordinated health sector requirements, and has received approval from the BZHKE for funding in the shortest time allowing the internal procedures of an international financial institution.

Approval of the loan worth 35 million will enable the financing of the health sector in confrontation with COVID At Kosovo's request, the Bank's interest is expected to be submitted by the internal instrument Social Dividenda account in many of 1 million euros. According to the standard rules of the Council of Europe Development Bank, interest rate is determined in the period of negotiating the loan agreement.

After the hit of Europe by pandemic, the bank has reacted to the opening of two extraordinary rounds to support the 41 member states for support and raise health capacity to deal with covid The Ministry of finance and Transfers has worked closely with The Ministry of Health to provide the necessary support to significantly improve the treatment and capacity of the health system to strengthen the sustainability and quality of health services.

BZHKE Governor Rolf Wenzel on the occasion of the approval of the project to support the health system financing, said: " In line with its exclusive social mandate, the Bank has assisted its members in support for dealing with the unprecedented situation that is affecting pandemic COVID in member states. This first sovereign loan to Kosovo authorities provides funding for the health system and marginalized groups.

Furthermore, the BZHKE will support with grant as a subsidy of interest, components which will further improve the financial terms of the loan. The loan becomes possible with accelerated procedures associated with emergency measures of COVID This support will enable rapid implementation of measures and will make available to the resource health system that has not had since the post-war period.





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