Running time: 67 minutes. Shot in HD for a superior picture quality. Multi-Region compatible with any DVD player. I really wish I'd seen you do it before I read it. I'm guessing I would have been really fooled.

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Running time: 67 minutes. Shot in HD for a superior picture quality. Multi-Region compatible with any DVD player. I really wish I'd seen you do it before I read it. I'm guessing I would have been really fooled. Your method is diabolical and completely practical, and you are to be congratulated. You should be proud! It is so good. It's clean and direct. The conditions are the best! Thank you so much for sharing. When I saw him do it, I believed. It is very direct and easy to perform, requiring no memory work.

The birthday angle makes the routine more personal to the spectator. Any Card At Any Birthday is my choice. What's not to like? In this field, people like Paul Fox or Vernon would have loved the subtleties Well done on a great thinking and routine.

Beautifully structured. By working with stringent self-imposed requirements such as never touching the deck and insisting upon complete fairness in number and card selection, Wild has created a solid, real-worker's solution to this "Holy Grail" plot.

Aside from being simple yet devious in execution, A. Wild's routine is well worth considering Mr Wild has hued to the demands of the premise, and has delivered a useable method that he has undoubtedly refined over extensive professional performance This then amounts to a worthy entry into the field. As for the trick itself, it is iron-cast. For those who still hesitate to buy it, do not hesitate anymore and go for it!!!! Back to the Magic Shop.

On this DVD, Boris offers you his amazing version of this mythical routine. Here is the effect: A prediction deck is introduced before anything starts and remains in the card case until the end.

A first spectator freely names any number: his birthday or a number from 1 to 52 depending on the variation you perform.

He can say any number. No restrictions. No force or equivoque. Totally free choice. A second spectator freely names any playing card from a deck of fifty-two. A third spectator takes the prediction deck out of the case and counts down to the named number by turning the cards face up one by one.

The freely named card is in the position of to the freely named number! It is as simple and direct as that! The performer does not touch the cards. He does not even open the card case. The spectator does everything. The card is always revealed at the exact named number Note: In his constant care of giving sense to his routines and emotionally involving the spectators, Boris asks for a number corresponding to the birthday of the spectator but any number from 1 to 52 can be named without any restriction.

The DVD explains it all: working of the routine, set-up, performance, reset, additional ideas, tips, subtleties, etc. All the details are clearly reviewed to make this "Any Card At Any Number" effect accessible to everyone. It is one of Boris Wild's best-kept secrets and it is now available so you can learn it too and perform this amazing routine.

No stooges or even "instant stooges". No assistant required. His choice is totally free. The third spectator does everything: he counts the cards himself by turning them face up one by one until the named number. No table needed. Can be performed anywhere: stage, stand up, close-up and even walk around.

The routine can be performed by anybody even if they never do card tricks. No formulas or sequences to remember. No mental calculations to learn. No sticky cards. No short cards. The spectator can freely handle the cards. They are normal as you use your own cards.


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Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6.


Any Card At Any Birthday by Boris Wild

Posted: Sep 15, am. Has anyone performed this or have any reviews on this routine? This has been out since a long time Quote: On , doriancaudal wrote: This has been out since a long time My main concern is whether you need to wear a coat or jacket to perform this as I am usually not wearing one. Posted: Sep 15, pm. I was very impressed with this, really want to get it to the point of performance.


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