Hi there: I'm very happy and I want to share my experience fixing the random reboot while playing games. The BSOD related to the " ati3duag. I have to say for sure, I've finally fixed it, and I want to share the "more official" solution to the problem. At least official for me.

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Join here. Need Hardware Help? Include the Info Requested Here. Can't stop Ati3duag. Thread starter Lunarbob21 Start date Jan 28, Sidebar Sidebar.

Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Lunarbob21 Honorable. Feb 4, 12 0 10, 0. Hi, I am reaching the end of my rope of patience here with my video driver. I tried to overcome this on my own with days of poring over message board posts, but nothing has worked.

My problem is this, I don't know when it started but I really noticed it a month or two ago while playing The Witcher 2. I am playing a game, and it runs just fine, but then out of nowhere 1 of 2 things happen. Either the screen freezes on the image and automatically reboots the computer a few seconds later or the screen goes black and the same thing happens.

I have tried a LOT of things to fix this. I was using a floor fan to keep my computer cool, so I thought the problem was overheating. So I took the cpu apart outside and cleaned it out and applied new thermal paste. So I tried everything I could think of including. Updated CCC to newest drivers, downgraded to older driver, uninstalled and re-installed drivers. Run as Admin, disabled Avast, lowered graphic settings, unplug gamepad, try offline mode.

Tried setting the game. Set the GPU to stock settings, ran Memtest to no errors, ran defrag. Finally I thought I had it figured out and did the following. Then uninstall the adapter through device manager. Look for left over ATI files, Here I had a problem where the computer automatically detected and installed the card ].

I could still see the same old ATI files. Restarted computer normally, installed the driver [I even tried the driver directly from HIS], restarted. Tried gaming, and absolutely nothing has changed.

I have ran WhoCrashed and everytime it is the Ati3duag. So now I have ran out of ideas, and implore the experts out there to help me figure this out please. I have this problem for: The Witcher 2, Dishonored, and Starcraft 2, so I know it is not the game itself.

So far Torchlight 2 has ran without a single video crash. Version: P1. Family: 10 Ext. Dec 27, 2, 25 15, In this case, another XP installation disk could be created and updated to the same service pack as that on the HDD by a process called "Slipstreaming". Slipstreaming requires a bit of work and extra files to be downloaded.

The procedure is here for SP2 upgrading , and procedure is here for SP3 upgrading. Once the new disk has been created with the updated service pack, use that disk to match the service pack installed on the HDD for doing "sfc" procedure, and for doing Windows XP repair also, if required. It is a lot of work! This depends on the actual cause of the system issues. A consideration might be that to save time, a complete HDD wipe and re-format be done now instead of running sfc and trying Windows repair.

Disadvantage is that important files must be backed up first and any files missed will most likely be permanently deleted. Nov 4, 8, 2 55, 2, This will rebuild the hardware database that the BIOS creates and sends to windows. Note: just noticed you have windows xp. It has been a long time since I have run that but my suggestions still might help. Update BIOS from here. Reboot and then load defaults in BIOS and save.

Also try reinstalling chipset drivers. Thank you for the suggestions and help. I have not had time to try any of this yet, but I just disabled the auto restart so I could write down the blue screen error code, might help.

Thank you for replying to help me. I have some logs from GPU-Z of my last two tries gaming. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to borrow or test cpu components off of, nor another computer to test on. I stopped looking at XP bugs 10 years ago Lunarbob21 :. Update BIOS. All default settings should now apply to the system and the PCI bus should not be overclocked now, if it was previously. Chipset drivers should be reinstalled from the optical disk that should have come with the motherboard.

Not having spare components and not having access to another computer does make troubleshooting difficult. However, hopefully the above procedures may have resolved the issues. In the unlikely event the BIOS update fails, or there is some related problem, it is possible the motherboard may be rendered useless due to corrupt BIOS. In this case another motherboard will probably be required to replace the now unusable motherboard.

In the meantime programs and data stored in the HDD will not be accessible. This is more of an inconvenience than anything else, since programs and data still remain untouched on the HDD.

Download the latest BIOS from here. It is suggested that the "Windows" version of the latest BIOS be downloaded as it slightly easier to use. Please read the instructions carefully before attempting BIOS updating and follow instructions precisely. The BIOS updating procedure should only take a minute or so. The chipset drivers for Windows XP 32 bit can be downloaded here. The file you want is named "AMD all in 1 driver ver Run downloaded "Setup. You may have to select appropriate drivers to install from a list.

Once done you may have to reboot computer. I just about gave myself a heart attack here. Thankfully I have a tablet so I was able to google it, and realized that it was trying to boot from the wrong drive so I was able to switch it back. Installed the chipset drivers as well. I am feeling a bit wiped after that scare now, so I'll see if anything works differently later. I just tried to play, it crashed after 30 minutes of game play. Do you have some more ideas to help me, I hope? Procedure is here.


Can't stop Ati3duag.dll BSOD, please help

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Blue Screen Error- ati3duag.dll

The Ati3duag. The download links are current and no negative feedback has been received by users. It has been downloaded times since release. The last version of the Ati3duag. There have been 2 versions previously released.

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