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Last updated October 6, Now available in print with additional footnotes: Editor's note: This text has close parallels with book one of Trithemius' Steganographia. Although the abundant spirit seals are not found in Trithemius, those few that can be found match exactly. For example, the four seals are found in Steg. It should be noted that Trithemius' conjurations are actually his examples of hidden writing 'steganography' , and do not correspond with the conjurations found in Theugia Goetia.

Another related text is found in Sl. The title in Sl. There are no corresponding spirit sigils in Sl. T Trithemius, Steganographia [Sl. So Sl. The offices of these spirits is all one, for what one can doe 3 the other [others] can doe the same. These spirits [being aerial] are by nature good and evill That is, one part is good, and the other part Evill.

Note: every prince is to observe his conjuration, yet all [are] of one forme, except the name and place of the spirit [being varied], for in that they must change and differ allso the seal of the spirits is to be changed accordingly.

Carnesiel his Seal. The conjuration is added at the bottom of the page by a second hand. Caspiel his Seal. Amenadiel his Seal. Demoriel his Seal. Note, Each of those Dukes hath Servants whoe attends [to attend] them as need Requireth for when that Duke yee call for have [hast called forth hath] more to doe then ordenary, he hath the more Servants to attend him.

Pamersiel his Seal. The Second Spiritt in order under the Emperor of the East is called Padiel , he Ruleth in the East and by South as King, and governeth spirits by day and , by night, besides severall Thousands under them, They are all good by nature and may be trusted. Salomon sayeth that these spirits have noe power of them selves but [only] what is given unto them by their prince Padiel.

Padiel his Seale. Camuel his Seal. Aseliel his Seale. The Coniuration of Aseliel as followeth. Barmiel his Seale. Maseriel his Seale. Their Names and seals is as followeth: Malgaras his Seale. Their names and seales is as followeth: Dorochiel. These 12 before Mightnight [midnight]: Nahiel, Ofisiel? And the first 8 that belongs to y e night hath forty Servants a piece to attend on them, And the next 4 Dukes 20 servants, And the last 2 [of the night] hath 10 a piece, and they are very obedient and doth willingly appeare when they are called, they have more power to hide or discover Treausures [treasures] then any other spirits saith Salomon that is contained in this Booke, and when you hide, or would not have anything taken away that is hidden, make these four seals.

T Trithemius, Steganographia. Compare Sl. The names and seals of these spirits is as Followeth. Usiel his Seale. The Coniuration of Cabariel as followeth. Armadiel his Seale. Therefore he is to be Invocated alone, but when he is called there cometh a great number [many] of his servants with him, but more or less according to [with] the howre of y e day and hour or night he is called in, for in [the] 2 first hours of the day according to y e planatary motion, and the two second hour [sic] of the night there cometh of his servants with him and in the 2 second hours of y e Day.

The manuscript has Geradiel here, but Garadiel below. See Trithemius. They they [sic] appeare Rugish [roguish] and in the form of a serpent with a virgins head and speak with a mans voice: They are to be called in the night, because they hate the day and in the planetary houres, whereof wee shall mention 12 of the cheefe Dukes that answereth to the 12 planetary houres of the night who [each] have servants to attend on them in the night amongst them their names and seales are as followeth with the name of Buriel.

Buriel his Seale. The first beginneth with the first hour of y e day or night and so succesfully [successively] on till you come to the last, they [also] appeare in the forme of a serpent, with a virgins head and face: yet they are very courteous and willing to obey, they delight most in or about waters and all moist grounds.

There names and Seales are as followeth: Hydriel his Seale. They are all good by nature, and will doe your will willingly.

Theire Names and Seales are as followeth. Pirichiel his Seale. Their names and seales are as followeth, Emoniel his Seale. They are all of a good nature and will doe what they are commanded. They appeare most commonly in houses because The [they] delight most therein.

Their names and Seales are as followeth. Icosiel his Seale. They have under them servants to attend on them they are to be called in the day as well as in the night: according to the planetary hours or motion. Their names and seales are as followeth. Soleviel his Seale. They being all of a good nature and very obedient. They appeare in divers formes but most commonly in y e forme of a dragon with virgins heads: These Dukes are to be called in the day as well as night according to y e planetary order.

Macariel his Seale. They are by nature Evill and will not obey willingly and are very false in their doings. These Dukes change every year their office and place. I conjure Thee N. To the Dukes that governeth the Point of the Compasse with their Prince. I conjure and powerfully command of you N. By him who said the word and it was done: and by all the holy and powerfull names of god and by the name of the only creator of heaven, Earth, and hell and what is contained in them Adonay, El, Elohim, Elohe, Elion, Escerchie [Escherie], Zebaoth, Jah, Tetragrammaton, Saday.

The on1y lord god of the hosts, That you forthwith appearth unto me here in this Cristall stone or here before this circle in a fair and comely humane shape: without doeing any harme to me or any other creature that god Jehovah created or made; But come ye peacibly, vissibly and affably, now without delay manifesting what I desiere, being conjured by the name of y e Eternall Liveing and true god: Helioren, Tetragrammaton, Anephexeton. Adonay, Saday the king of kings commandeth you.

And so ends the second Book called Theurgia Goetia.


ISBN 13: 9780993328411

The Lesser Key of Solomon , also known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis [note 1] or Lemegeton , is an anonymous grimoire or spell book on demonology. It was compiled in the midth century, mostly from materials a couple of centuries older. Goetia is unfortunate, by the commerces of unclean spirits made up of the rites of wicked curiosities, unawful charms, and deprecations, and is abandoned and execrated by all laws. Weyer does not cite, and is unaware of, any other books in the Lemegeton , suggesting that the Lemegeton was derived from his work, not the other way around.


Ars Theurgia Goetia: Book II of the Lemegeton

The Grimoire is divided in five parts called The Books. Note from the Publisher: The illustrations in this book come from enhanced scans of the original seals. The scans have been painted over by hand using black ink and then re-scanned in order to improve the texture and make the lines and letters more legible, as some of the pages and illustrations of the book have deteriorated due to the manuscript's age, and they appear faded or broken. The original manuscript can be found in the British Museum. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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