Akrasia: Thief of Time describes itself as being not a scenario, but a vignette sourcebook, for characters of second through twelfth levels. The sourcebook aspect is an examination of the goddess Akrasia and her faith. The vignettes are a series of five individuals, plots and situations associated with the worship of Akrasia. These are designed to be inserted or woven into an existing campaign, or just plain played in between longer sessions of a DM's game. When the gods divided the world between them, she was napping and so arrived late at the meeting. By this time there was nothing left.

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Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. Shrink Wrapped. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

For example, "SW NM " means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. Near Mint. Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item. Close to perfect, very collectible. Board games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Lightly used, but almost like new. May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear.

Absolutely no tears and no marks, a collectible condition. Very Good. May have medium-sized creases, corner dings, minor tears or scuff marks, small stains, etc. Complete and very useable. Very well used, but complete and useable. May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. Item is complete unless noted. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to contact nobleknight.

Akrasia - Thief of Time. Condition: NM. Category: Role Playing Games. Genre: RPG - Fantasy - d A temple in disrepair looms out of the mist. As you approach, you notice that the debris results not so much from ruin as disinterest.

It appears that grandiose plans have disolved due to insufficient money, time or will. It seems a shame; the structure could have been so beautiful. A nagging thought crosses your mind. Could this be the work of Akrasia, the Goddess of Distraction? Many do not see her as a threat.

Still, her agents have brought down empires, and her influence saps the life from communities until they fall, rotten within, to the slightest threat. Ah, but who cares? There is no doubt little of value or threat within. Might as well find a comfortable spot and turn in early tonight. There's always tomorrow for great deeds… Akrasia, Thief of Time is a vignette sourcebook that can be used in parts or in total to enrich any fantasy campaign using the d20 game system.

Home Back to Results. SW Shrink Wrapped. Mint Perfect. Brand new. NM Near Mint. EX Excellent. VG Very Good. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Poor Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. When only one condition is listed, then the box and contents are in the same condition. A "plus" sign indicates that an item is close to the next highest condition. A "minus" sign indicates the opposite. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted.

Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded. If excessively worn, they will be marked as "card worn. If excessively worn, they will be marked as "tray worn. Publishers use these marks when books are returned to them.


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Akrasia Thief of Time

View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Title: Akrasia: Thief Of Time d A temple in disrepair looms out of the mist.

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