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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Subsystem MSM Power Block External memory interface Main Features All right reserved. Only for training and service purposes. Circuit Diagram Program Hot Kimchi Phone KS Mobile phone with 2 mp camera, qwerty keyboard, sms, email wizard, and social networking 74 pages.

Therefore, note that unauthorized alternations or repair may affect the regulatory status of the system and may void any remaining warranty. Page Technical Brief 3. Page 16 3. One antenna collects base station forward link signals and radiates handset reverse link signals. The antenna switch module allows multiple operating bands and modes to share the same antenna. Page 18 DC offset corrections.

Page 19 3. This design guideline shows only UMTS applications. Page 22 3. Page 27 3. Page 30 - Other frequencies of particular concern. Page 31 The bluetooth components are an bluetooth module and Antenna. Figure 1. Page 39 The MSM device integrates a universal serial bus USB controller that supports both unidirectional and bidirectional transceiver interfaces.

Page Power Block Interrupt Manager for time-critical information. Another dedicated IC Interface circuit monitors multiple trigger events and controls the power-on sequence. Page 41 3. Page 43 3. The charging current is set to 80mA. Page 50 [Table 1. Page 52 PRSB6. Page End Button [Figure1. Page 54 3. Touch Interface In KS20, 4-wire touch screen panel is used for user input method.

Two resistive layers make up a 4- wire touch screen panel and are separated by insulating dots. The inside surface of each layer is coated with a transparent metal oxide coating that generates a gradient across each layer when voltage is applied. Its interface is dedicated camera interface port in MSM The following figure is KS20 camera block diagram. Page 76 3. Page Trouble Shooting 4. Page Bottom Side 4. Page 82 4. Page Checking Vctcxo Block 0. Page 86 4. Page 91 3. Page 92 1.

Page 93 Signal exist? Page Checking Gsm Block 4. Page 96 4. Page 99 4. Page Checking Bluetooth Block 4. Page Change th Main board Signals exits? Change the X Is clock ok? Page Checking Wlan Block Page C 3. Page Power On Troubleshooting X : Page 4. Page Usb Troubleshooting 4.

Page Sim Detect Troubleshooting Work well? Change SIM card Work well? Change the Main board Work well? R Change the headset or Sine wave appears at Main board and retry. Page Vibrator 1. Page Connecting To Pc PC to the handset, a progressive bar Red box indicating the degree of transmission of data is displayed. Page Display Information is defaultly not selected. Page The folder name indicates the path where the image files are located.

The file name shall be different from that of the file name in the snapshot. Page Click on the No button if this is not the setting you are downloading for. Otherwise click on the Yes button to continue downloading selected image file with options. The handset will go emergency mode.

Page Backing up process. Page Troubleshooting Download Errors 1 When the phone does not work after downloading has been completed. Page The selected image will be downloaded to the handset from the path directory in the PC. After downloading images successfully, it will boot to normal mode. Page 6. Page PRSB6. Page Bga Ic Pin Map 8. Page 8. Page 9. DLL Vsflex7L. Page Tap 3.

Device Test 3. Tap 6. Page Phone Test Mode Memory Break if not, the test is stopped. Enable Handset acoustic loop Test Test 2. Page 2. Page FR-4 ,0. Page ECZH 0. Page MHz,1. Page Accessory V , Hz,4. Page Note Print page 1 Print document pages.

Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.


LG KS20 Service Manual. Www.s Manuals.com. Manual





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