The IEEE std targets easy integration and interoperability for testing startegies addressing many manufacturing defect types, especially when various cores of different sources are brought together in one system chip. Papers whose links are included in this page are extracted from the most prestigious test journals and conference proceedings. The list is completed with references to application case studies. Testing embedded-core-based system chips Zorian, Y. Summary: Recently, designers have been embedding reusable modules to build on-chip systems that form rich libraries of predesigned, preverified building blocks. These embedded cores make it easier to import technology to a new system and differentiate the cor

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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. The increased usage of embedded pre-designed reusable cores necessitates a core-based test strategy, in which cores are tested as separate entities. IEEE P Standard for Embedded Core Test SECT is a standard-under-development that aims at improving ease of reuse and facilitating interoperability with respect to the test of core-based system chips, especially if they contain cores from different sources.

This paper briefly describes IEEE P, and illustrates through a simplified example its scalable wrapper architecture, its test information transfer model described in a standardized Core Test Language, and its two compliance levels. The standard is still under development, and this paper only reflects the view of six active participants of the standardization committee on its current status.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Adham et al. S5—S6, June Google Scholar. Gupta and Y. Iyengar, K. Chakrabarty, and E. Kapur et al. Keating and P. Larsson and Z. Marinissen, S. Goel, and M. Marinissen and Y. Marinissen, Y. Zorian, R. Kapur, T. Taylor, and L. Sugihara, H. Date, and H. Taylor and G. Varma and S. Whetsel and M. Zorian, E.

Marinissen, and S. Download references. Reprints and Permissions. Marinissen, E. Journal of Electronic Testing 18, — Download citation.

Issue Date : August Search SpringerLink Search. Abstract The increased usage of embedded pre-designed reusable cores necessitates a core-based test strategy, in which cores are tested as separate entities. Immediate online access to all issues from Subscription will auto renew annually. References 1. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. View author publications.

Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article Cite this article Marinissen, E.


What is the IEEE 1500 Standard?



On IEEE P1500's Standard for Embedded Core Test


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