In the book, Vril is a form of energy possessed by an extremely powerful subterranean race. The book was quite popular in the late 19th century , and for a time the word "Vril" came to be associated with "life-giving elixirs". Indeed, the still-popular English drink Bovril takes its name from the combination of the words " Bovine " and "Vril". Some readers believe the book is non-fiction, and it has become associated with theories about Nazi-piloted "Flugscheiben" Flight Discs , Vril-powered KSK Kraftstrahlkanone, "force-ray cannon" , transmission rods that produce potent energy rays , Jesuit "spiritual exercises", and Atlanteans to name a few. Several authors detailed below have claimed that a Vril Gesellschaft Society existed in the Third Reich as the inner core of the Thule Society. No verifiable evidence of the society's existence has ever been published.

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The Society allegedly taught exercises in concentration designed to awaken the forces of Vril. Theodor Morell?. I'm going to remove the dispute header if I don't hear something shortly. Ok, so maybe we'll just revert war, and have the article protected, since you apparently don't care to research, nor communicate effectively.

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