The Good Intuitive setup; fantastic sound; swish design. The Bad Over-reliant on remote; jumpy equaliser. The Bottom Line This is one serious beast of a micro component system. The overall build quality and sound are great.

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Thread starter andt Start date Nov 15, What should I be looking for? Thanks for reading. That was something it never occurred to me to check before posting, as the rest of the unit was in mint condition cosmetically and I'd rarely used it for playing CDs. The other issue was with DAB reception. It was OK here but the buyer found it virtually non-existent even though the aerial supplied by Denon was included in the package.

Check for dust inside and also check the DAB reception if that's possible. If funds permit, I'd strongly suggest trying to acquire a newer model in the range. And if you need speakers, I've still got the ones originally supplied and the box they came in. How much are you wanting for your speakers and where are you? I'm in Bournemouth. I'm never going to use the speakers. If you're seriously interested, I'll start a For Sale thread in the Speakers section of the classifieds so that you can start to build up some iTrader feedback.

Did you get the M35DAB or something a bit newer? Edit If you do want the speakers you'll have to ask a mod to enable private messaging. Last edited: Nov 20, Someone else bought the Denon M35DAB before I could make up my mind about it and have since realised that as an entirely new area for me, I'd be well advised to do some homework on finding out about system and sounds I want in my home because when all's said and done even decent 2nd-user kit doesnt come cheap.

Translated in to plain English, that means I need advice before I buy! That's what I was thinking but to be honest, I feel totally overwhelmed by the surfeit of information and just dont know where to start.

What is it that you want? The first question, I guess, is what do you want to listen to? Radio, CDs, a ripped music collection iTunes or otherwise? Do you want something that can give you extra or surround sound with your television?

Do you want to use whatever you get in one room only, or would you like to be able to listen in other rooms too? These are just a few questions to get you started And for what it's worth, you probably did yourself a favour in not getting that M35DAB you were thinking about.

I have a massive collection of voice and music tapes which I want to convert to MP3 plus a small collection of LPs I'd also like to convert to MP3 and then dispose of. I guess that's a ripped music collection??.

However I have a neighbour in the flat above me who hates my radio with a passionate vengeance. As there isnt any sound-proofing we can hear everything in each other's respective flats so belting it out is less important than good quality sound.

Have you thought about how you're going to get your tapes and vinyl converted? I'm no expert at all in this area but I believe there are specialist machines you can buy to do the job. Alternatively, you could always pay to get them done for you.

Anyway, that's one cost consideration. Another is the kit you might buy to listen to your radio, music etc. One suggestion might be a NAS and Sonos setup. You could get something like the Play:3 or Play:5 starter bundle and take it from room to room as you wish. The Play:5 comes with a headphone socket, which might be another consideration if you want to listen at reasonable levels without annoying the neighbour.

This is only one suggestion - there are literally dozens of other solutions that might meet your needs, ranging from pretty cheap to as expensive as you can afford. Do you have a budget in mind? Headphone socket would be useful. NAS is network attached storage - basically, a hard drive on which you store your music etc files and which is linked to your bb router.

If you decided on the Sonos route, you'd buy let's say the Play:5 bundle which includes a Zone bridge that also links to your router. The Play:5 can then stream your music wirelessly from the NAS, as well all internet radio stations.

Look here for a bit more info: All the latest Sonos products and audio equipment SimplySonos I'm not suggesting you should buy there, just go there for an idea of what I'm talking about. Look under accessories on that site for a couple of possibilities for the storage. Another place to look for info is the Sonos site: Sonos Wireless HiFi Music Systems But let me repeat, this is only one suggestion You'd need to do a bit of research and hopefully some listening at a local dealer before doing any buying.

I'm keen to avoid the wireless router route as I've had more than my fair share of problems with connectivity issues. Think I'd like something that's a bit more rooted in older technology pun intended which I reckon is likely to be a fair bit cheaper.

Benefits of this are that I'll still be able to listen to my other tapes because I expect this process is going to take quite a looooooooooong time as there are that many tapes. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads S. In need of an upgrade - speakers and amp Started by Dec1an Jan 26, Replies: 3.

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Advice needed on buying a Denon RCD M35DAB

Absolutely fantastic quality and sound Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Well I'm a very happy Ebayer indeed. What a fantastic little unit, and packs a mighty big punch in the sound department aswell. So many features in such a compact design. That is simple and very well laid out. This litle monster had a tough act to follow as was replacing my previous set of denon seperates,that ive had for aprox 20 years but was to big.


Denon M35DAB micro system

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Denon rcd-m33 cd receiver operating instructions 39 pages. Model No.

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