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All must preserve its workforce - after all, without the collaborators , the organization does not exist. Therefore, it is important to take actions that reinforce the need to prevent accidents and diseases in the environment of work. That event , which is mandatory and made annually according to Regulatory Standard 5 , has the target to guide and raise awareness among workers, as well as to create positive attitudes and correct the possibilities of risks.

In this post, we show you how to organize a Sipat week in your. Come learn how to do it! We must keep in mind that it is essential to start the process organization of Sipat as soon as possible. After all, the idea is that employees is massive - and to do so, organizing and publicizing it in advance is essential.

The complexity of the event will vary according to what the organizer has in mind and with the money available , but the success of the meeting is directly related to the planning prior. Without it, therefore, there are more chances of failures.

Make a survey of costs of the event is essential: this makes it even easier to present the proposal to the , as it demonstrates the care taken with the process of organization. The first step is to define the theme of the meeting.

Here, it is a good idea to employees so that they create phrases and symbols for the event. So they start getting involved well before Sipat takes place - which creates a great climate. A team which will organize the Sipat should be composed with members of Cipa.

It is important for each participant in the group to be given a assignment appropriate to your profile and your talent.

This ensures that it will work with more confidence. It is also essential that a coordinator be chosen to be responsible for the group. He must have a leadership profile, be proactive and dynamic - it is he, by the way, who will follow closely the work of the team , so you should have autonomy to work. When stipulating a place to house Sipat, it is important to keep in mind the necessary structure.

It is worth considering, among others:. For each of these items that do not exist on site is important evaluate the feasibility of installing them. After all, participants need to be comfortable to enjoy the week.

The development of actions prior to Sipat is fundamental to the success of the event. Remember that they must follow a logical order and that everyone should know how the process will unfold and follow the order of actions.

Here, it is essential to target of Sipat is to speak and practice safety in work. Activities should emphasize this behavior. It is always important to ask if a particular action will help target be fulfilled. With everything defined, it is necessary to publicize the meeting and its importance. Advertise it on the channels of communication , by e-mails and internal communicators , place banners on the and abuse the informational posters. During Sipat, keep everything running smoothly.

This will make them feel at home. Remember that Sipat is the result of a job that takes a year to get ready. The meeting itself is the result this process. Ready for organize a great week Sipat? So, continue on the blog and come to understand what the accessory obligations of a company. Good reading! Your email address will not be published.

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Learn how to organize a Sipat week in your company





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